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The Shivering Dong Qianqiu

TL : GoldenLung

What was that? Why did he react so violently while it was still so far away ? Lan Xuanyu was breathing heavily, and his whole body began to heat up. He could even feel his hands trembling slightly, and the golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass and silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass even had an urge to come out by themselves.

What’s wrong with me? What is going on? He felt as if all the hairs on his body stood up. Why do I feel like this ? Lan Xuanyu was shocked. But what surprised him most was the thirst that suddenly appeared in his heart, an unprecedented thirst.

He seemed to have become extremely hungry in an instant. What was this mysterious nine-colored gem? Why did it cause such a strong reaction in him? Even when he was in the Sea God Lake, immersed in the rich life energy, Lan Xuanyu had never had such a strong thirst !

On the stage, Ling Yiyi slowly lifted the red cloth, revealing the black display shelf below. The frame was imitating the shape of a person’s neck and chest, and a colored gem was inlaid in it, exuding a faint colored light.

The size of the gemstone was not too big, its light not too strong, and it looked far less attractive than the one displayed on the screen.

“Okay, enough introduction. Let’s start the bidding below. Starting price: 200,000 federal coins. Each increase can not be less than 10,000.” Ling Yiyi said with a smile.

Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath, adjusted his soul power and bloodline power, calming his mood as much as possible, and glanced back quickly at the same time.

It seemed that there were not many people willing to bid. Indeed, the value of federal coins was quite high. If it was only a decorative gem, 200,000 Federal Coins were too expensive.

Lan Xuanyu stared at the mysterious nine-colored gem, almost at the moment when Ling Yiyi’s voice fell, he raised the number plate in his hand.

“Number 33, 200,000 federal coins.” Ling Yiyi looked at Lan Xuanyu with some surprise. In her opinion, although this gem was very beautiful, the price was too high. Two hundred thousand federal coins can buy quite good Heaven and Earth treasures to aid in cultivation. For students from Shrek Academy, was there anything more important than cultivation? At this time, if you spent money on an ornament that was of no use at all, either you were very rich or there was a problem with your brain.

According to her knowledge of Lan Xuanyu, Ling Yiyi knew that he was not a particularly rich child, so what was he doing? She had made it very clear already ! This mysterious nine-colored gem had been tested by the latest and most sophisticated equipment of the Federation, and no practical use had been found in conclusion. In fact, no matter if it was a metal or a gemstone, as long as there was no energy inside, it could only be used as decoration.

Not only Ling Yiyi, but even Lan Xuanyu’s companions were taken aback by his sudden gesture.

Qian Lei blinked before he looked at the gem carefully. He knew Lan Xuanyu best. Lan Xuanyu had raised his plate very quickly, and he was right next to him. He could clearly see that Lan Xuanyu was currently a little anxious.

In Qian Lei’s memory, Lan Xuanyu never did meaningless things. If he wanted something, there had to be a reason behind it.

Lan Mengqin gently bumped Dong Qianqiu, and whispered, “He bought it for you?”

Dong Qianqiu blushed: “Don’t talk nonsense. Maybe he knows what this gem is for.”

Lan Mengqin curled her lips and said: “The most sophisticated instruments can’t detect anything, what can he know? Two hundred thousand federal coins, twenty white emblems. He’s really willing to spend !”

Dong Qianqiu didn’t say a word again, but the way she looked that gem changed slightly, and she thought to herself that she didn’t like rainbow-colored things very much. What she liked was white and blue. Should I tell him not to spend money recklessly ? But if I said that, and that he was buying it for himself, that would be so embarrassing !

She hesitated, and still did not say a word.


Suddenly, Dong Qianqiu’s body stiffened, and memories from the depths of her soul suddenly emerged. In an instant, her whole person shuddered slightly, her eyes suddenly became focused, and she stared at the multicolored tear-shaped gemstone on the stage.

Rainbow-colored, tear-shaped, she had seen it, she seemed to have seen it before. A long long time ago……

She quickly cast her gaze to Lan Xuanyu, and at this time Lan Xuanyu’s eyes were just staring at the gem on the stage, without even noticing her gaze.

On his right hand holding the number plate high, golden diamond-shaped scales loomed.

Golden scales, rainbow-colored tear-shaped gem, and his face that made her feel so familiar when they first met.

He has grown a little bit since, his childishness has faded a bit, and the familiarity she felt from him only seemed to have become stronger.

Who is he? Who is he?

In an instant, the shivering Dong Qianqiu fell in a state of confusion.

Lan Mengqin was by her side, she immediately noticed her sudden changes, and she couldn’t help but wonder: “It’s just a gem of unknown origin, Qianqiu, you shouldn’t be so moved.”

Dong Qianqiu didn’t say a word, and she bit her lower lip. She suddenly felt a splitting headache. Something hidden deep in the corner of her mind seemed to start surging, and those memories that had been buried by herself seemed about to burst out to the surface. Her face suddenly turned pale, and she shook her head gently.

“Two hundred thousand, two hundred thousand for number 33, once.” Ling Yiyi customarily reported the number directly.

This rainbow-colored gem did not attract much attention from the bidders, so the rear stayed quiet.

Lan Xuanyu felt nervous in his heart, he had to get it. He knew that he had to get this gem no matter what, this was what the deepest part of his heart had been eagerly shouting to him, no matter what, he could not let it go.

Hopefully I can win directly like Tang Yuge did previously ! Lan Xuanyu waited expectantly in his heart.

Things did not go as he wished, at this moment, a voice came from the side.

“Two hundred ten thousand!”

Lan Xuanyu suddenly turned his head to look, and in the corner on the other side of the Shrek Academy area, a number plate was raised.

Ling Yiyi raised her eyebrows slightly: “Forty-three, 210,000, once.”

A Shrek Academy internal fight ? The bidders who did not participate in the back also suddenly became interested. Such a seemingly useless multicolored gem actually caused a competition between two students of Shrek Academy? Did that mean that this gem was good stuff?

Instantly, some low voices sounded among the bidding seats.

Lan Xuanyu looked towards the voice, and the owner of the number plate forty-three was a young man who looked sixteen or seventeen. The young man was looking back at Lan Xuanyu with a smile, and said with a smile : “My friend likes these multicolored things, how about letting it go, my junior brother?”

Next to him was a fellow girl student of his age. Because of his body covering her, he couldn’t see her appearance.

“Sorry, senior, my friend likes this gem too.” Lan Xuanyu said as he looked in the direction of Dong Qianqiu and signalled to her.

At such a moment, he would never reveal how important this gem was to him. A discussion was already ongoing in the rear. If he acted too anxiously, everyone would be aware of this gem’s importance. Even with the implicit rules of Shrek Academy, it was easy to attract other participants’ attention to the auction.

With Lan Xuanyu’s modest money, how could he compete against so many rich and influential bidders?

The young man couldn’t help but laugh when he heard the words: “Junior brother, we are fellow students, don’t do this to me!”

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