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Fighting and Killing a God Lord

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Somewhere in the Scorching Underworld, God Lord Evil Spirit was just in the middle of preparing to conceal himself and investigate the three God Eye descendants and the Destruction Dragon when he felt something.

“A God Lord Will?” Suddenly, God Lord Evil Spirit raised his head in consternation. He could keenly sense that distant God Lord Will.

“Could Giant God Hall have produced another God Lord?” God Lord Evil Spirit was startled.

But if this was true, Giant God Hall should have hidden this God Lord to serve as a trump card that could be taken out during the main war to catch their enemies off guard. It shouldn’t have been so flagrantly revealed like this.

“Who’s there?” God Lord Evil Spirit suddenly sensed something and turned around.

“God Lord Evil Spirit, you’ve truly gotten bold to dare and venture in alone!” A pitch-black figure slowly emerged from the void.

“God Lord Gloomheaven!” God Lord Evil Spirit was delighted.

Almost all the matters of Ancient Soul Hall, big or small, were handled by God Lord Gloomheaven, and God Lord Gloomheaven was much stronger than he was.

“You must have sensed it as well; that sudden God Lord Will,” God Lord Evil Spirit called out.

“Mm. Let’s go and take a look together. We can also use this chance to test the strength of Giant God Hall!” God Lord Gloomheaven’s eyes darkened.

He had just arrived but already knew some of the basics about the situation. However, now there was a new God Lord Will in Giant God Hall.

If they first gathered some information, it would be easier to deal with the threat when the time came. Thus, he decided to follow God Lord Evil Spirit and secretly investigate the enemy. Even if they were discovered by Giant God Hall, they could just immediately withdraw.

Within the Spacetime Robe, with his Soul Intent having reached the God Lord level, Zhao Feng quickly withdrew his power, using this newfound strength to stabilize his cultivation.

With this level of Soul Intent, he became much more proficient in the application of his various kinds of energy.

Several days later, Zhao Feng ended his seclusion.

At this moment, he had completely stabilized his cultivation at the half-step God Lord level, raising his overall strength by yet another level. Zhao Feng could also sense that the God’s Spiritual Eye had changed somewhat with the breakthrough in his Soul Intent.


After leaving the Spacetime Robe’s dimension, he used his God’s Spiritual Eye to observe the situation in the Scorching Underworld.

“Eh?” Zhao Feng softly gasped.

He barely activated his left eye when he discovered that the eye-bloodline energy of the God’s Spiritual Eye had received a major boost. This was clearly something that had been brought about by the God Lord Will.

This boost even made his left eye feel somewhat like it was about to burst. He vaguely sensed that the Origin energy in his left eye had reached an unprecedented tipping point.

“Ancient Soul Hall God Lords!” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused on two blurry figures at the very edge of his vision.

The team led by Zhao Wan was nearby, so Zhao Feng immediately had them retreat. Even with Zhao Wan’s extraordinary strength and supreme-quality divine artifact, he would still be killed in less than a second by a God Lord of Ancient Soul Hall.


A yellow token appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand, which he used to send over this information.

Meanwhile, God Lord Evil Spirit and God Lord Gloomheaven had concealed their auras and were slowly making their way through the Scorching Underworld.

“Something doesn’t feel right.” God Lord Gloomheaven’s expression darkened. They had not encountered any ambush or trails throughout their journey.

God Lord Evil Spirit nodded. Every God Lord possessed immense experience, and he could tell that there was something off about this situation.

But there were no God Lords on this battlefield. How could an ordinary Ancient God see through their concealment methods? Even if a God Lord used their Divine Sense and noticed them, they should have been able to notice the enemy as well.

“Let’s retreat!” God Lord Gloomheaven suddenly had an uneasy feeling.

But he barely finished speaking when two powerful God Lord auras exploded, causing the red mists of the Scorching Underworld to churn and roil.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three figures were rapidly making their way to God Lord Gloomheaven and God Lord Evil Spirit.

“Now that you’re here, there’s no need to go back!” the Grand Elder called out, his expression solemn.

“Not good! We really were discovered!” God Lord Evil Spirit grimaced.

But he was still confused over how Giant God Hall had managed to notice the two of them.

Yellow Heavens, Solid Earth!” The Grand Elder’s body surged with Divine Power as he unleashed his formidable Law of Earth.


The world quaked and turned dark. Immense weight pressed down on the two Ancient Soul Hall God Lords, causing their bodies to sink down and their speed to drop.


The Grand Elder waved his right hand. The ground trembled, and then a dark red mountain erupted from the earth and collided with the Ancient Soul Hall God Lords.

“Retreat!” God Lord Gloomheaven called out.

The two of them were both First Heaven God Lords while Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder both stood among the very best First Heaven God Lords. Moreover, this place was still the territory of Giant God Hall.

The two of them immediately harnessed the power of their Laws to resist the Grand Elder’s pressure.

“Bone-Devouring Ghost Claw!” God Lord Evil Spirit called out, unleashing countless black-robed skeleton spirits from his robes.

The countless evil spirits extended their claws, forming a massive sinister ghost claw that tore at the mountain breaking out of the earth.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The claw and mountain were both pulverized. After blocking the first attack, the two of them prepared to retreat.

But Xin Wuheng’s attack chose this moment to arrive.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Two massive palms made of five-colored light descended with a momentum that could obliterate all in their path. The sliver of Fire Law in the attack immediately drew in all the Fire energy in the world, bolstering its power.

“Xin Wuheng’s strength is also far greater than ours!” God Lord Gloomheaven’s eyes darkened.

In addition, Xin Wuheng’s sliver of Fire Law gave him an advantage in this battlefield.

God Lord Evil Spirit immediately activated the white bone necklace around his neck. This was a supreme-quality defensive divine artifact. In a flash of light, it created layers of bone walls in front of him.


Xin Wuheng’s attack crashed into God Lord Evil Spirit’s defensive divine artifact. The layers of bone walls began to crack and crumble and were ultimately pulverized.

But Xin Wuheng’s attack had also been severely weakened. The remnants of the attack were easily blocked by the two God Lords.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng’s left eye pulsed with Eye Intent, the Chaos Origin Divine Power within transforming into two Chaos Origin Divine Swords.

But at this moment, he felt a swelling pain from his eye. The dreamy silver ball in his God Eye Dimension trembled as if it had reached its limit, unable to tolerate the Origin energy within.

Thwish! Thwish!

Two miniature Chaos Origin Divine Swords erupted toward the two enemy God Lords, devouring the energy in their path and getting stronger and stronger.

“Mm? What powerful energy!” The Grand Elder was taken aback as he gazed at those two small Chaos Origin Divine Swords.

“This kid… hurry and dodge! His attack isn’t as simple as it looks!” God Lord Gloomheaven immediately recognized Zhao Feng and grimaced as he spoke.

In their eyes, Zhao Feng was only a half-step God Lord, and given that they were focused on escaping, they had not paid Zhao Feng much attention. But Zhao Feng suddenly using such a powerful eye-bloodline technique caused God Lord Gloomheaven to take Zhao Feng much more seriously.


Those two Chaos Origin Divine Swords moved with incredible speed and also had the power of Time Intent, so they were able to instantly cross the distance.

“Ah…!” God Lord Evil Spirit screamed as a hole appeared in his chest, black blood pouring out.

The other Chaos Origin Divine Sword only swept past God Lord Gloomheaven’s shoulder.

“Eh? Just now…” God Lord Gloomheaven was alarmed as he broke out in a cold sweat.

Under the weight of the Grand Elder’s pressure and the effects of Time Intent, it should have been impossible for him to dodge, but Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique failed to hit him.

“It was off?” Zhao Feng also creased his brow.

He was sure now that his Soul Intent reaching the God Lord level had increased the power of his God’s Spiritual Eye and boosted the power of his eye-bloodline technique, allowing them to deal severe damage to a God Lord. But while using eye-bloodline techniques, he would feel discomfort in his left eye that caused him to make mistakes like this.

But in the eyes of Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder, it was already incredible enough for Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique to injure God Lord Evil Spirit. Perhaps this was Zhao Feng’s killing move, so it was normal for him to not be able to control it that well.


“Ancient Soul Hall God Lords! Kill them!”

At this moment, three half-step God Lords from Giant God Hall’s Divine Kingdom arrived.

“Furious Heaven Slash!” A savage black axe appeared in Ancient God Giant Devil’s hand. Swinging it, he created an axe of black energy that was several thousand feet long and possessed a domineering momentum.

The other two half-step God Lords used their own powerful moves to surround and kill the two Ancient Soul Hall God Lords.

“Retreat!” God Lord Gloomheaven frantically said.

With the arrival of the half-step God Lords of Giant God Hall, the situation had gotten even worse.

Buzz! Bzzz!

God Lord Gloomheaven immediately activated a secret art. His body twinkled with black energy as he shot through the air with incredible speed.

God Lord Evil Spirit also began to use a secret art so that he could escape.

“Spacetime Seal!” Zhao Feng focused his left eye on God Lord Evil Spirit and sent out a wave of formidable Spacetime energy.

In a flash, layers of unreal energy descended on God Lord Evil Spirit. His thoughts and movements slowed down, and he was not able to use his secret art in time.

Nice!” The Giant God Hall forces rejoiced.

“Giant God Finger!” Xin Wuheng immediately circulated his bloodline energy and thrust out a finger.

Boom! Bang!

Under the effects of the Spacetime energy, God Lord Evil Spirit had a much slower reaction time, causing him to be flung away several li by Xin Wuheng’s attack.

“God Lord Evil Spirit…!” God Lord Gloomheaven turned his head and shouted.

But God Lord Evil Spirit had already been completely surrounded by the members of Giant God Hall, giving him little hope of escaping. And another batch of peak Rank Nine experts was arriving from the Divine Kingdom of Giant God Hall. If God Lord Gloomheaven went back, he would also have little chance of surviving.

God Lord Gloomheaven clenched his teeth and decided to retreat alone.

“Ancient Soul Hall God Lord, die!” The Giant God Hall members sealed off God Lord Evil Spirit’s paths of retreat and launched an endless barrage of attacks.

“No…!” God Lord Evil Spirit’s body was in tatters as he howled in despair.

In the face of two top-class First Heaven God Lords in Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder, he had no chance of escaping.

“If I’m going to die, I’m bringing you with me!” God Lord Evil Spirit’s eyes seethed with loathing as he decided to self- detonate.

“He’s going to self-detonate!” Zhao Feng called out upon noticing that God Lord Evil Spirit was going to self-detonate.

Xin Wuheng grimaced and immediately fired off a palm of five-colored energy to force God Lord Evil Spirit back several li.

“Divine Earth Suppression!” The Grand Elder brought his palms together, harnessing his Law of Earth.


A massive sheet of golden earth appeared above God Lord Evil Spirit and descended over him. God Lord Evil Spirit was under immense pressure in this zone of golden earth, and his serious injuries made him incapable of resisting.

“Underworld Thorn!” Dark red and scorching spikes shot out of the ground and pierced through God Lord Evil Spirit’s body.

“Die!” Finally, Xin Wuheng unleashed a powerful palm and obliterated God Lord Evil Spirit’s soul.

“Haha, Ancient Soul Hall lost a God Lord!”

“How reckless! With only two God Lords, they dared to come close to Giant God Hall?”

The Giant God Hall members were celebrating.

Before the war had even fully begun, the Ancient Soul Hall God Lords had made a terrible error, allowing one of their number to be killed by Giant God Hall. The gap in strength between the two sides was made even smaller.

“We owe much of this to Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Giant Devil’s face had a ruddy glow as he firmly gazed at Zhao Feng.

If not for Zhao Feng noticing the enemy without being noticed himself, allowing him to notify the God Lords of Giant God Hall, they would have found it very difficult to kill an enemy God Lord.

Ancient God Giant Devil had targeted Zhao Feng before, but this was because too many lives were at stake in this war. Now, however, Zhao Feng had yet again rendered great service. He was expressing his gratitude this time as an apology for his previous conduct.

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