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The Will of a God Lord

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“How could this be?” Ancient God Giant Devil was flabbergasted.

Even if Zhao Feng truly was somewhat capable, he couldn’t have possibly produced such astonishing results.

Over the last few days, Ancient Soul Hall had suffered terrible losses. Even though more reinforcements had arrived from the rear, they still failed to penetrate into the heart of the Scorching Underworld.

In contrast, the Giant God Hall members outside were getting stronger and stronger as they gained more experience and honed themselves through battle.

“Lord Wuheng’s friend truly is extraordinary!”

Some of the upper echelon members who had targeted Zhao Feng now smiled. After all, not only was Zhao Feng the hall master’s friend, he was also the real deal, rendering service for Giant God Hall.

With Zhao Feng at the helm, Ancient Soul Hall’s search was unable to make any progress, and its numbers continued to fall.

The Giant God Hall members rejoiced at this, and they utilized this time to cultivate and strengthen themselves to prepare for the greater war to come.

Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng was still cultivating with the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone.

Buzz! Bzzz!

A strange soul energy was constantly flowing out of the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone and into Zhao Feng’s soul body.

By now, Zhao Feng had already absorbed the majority of the essence in the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone. His soul was in the middle of constantly improving.

At this moment, Zhao Wan sent a message.

After the many losses it had suffered, Ancient Soul Hall changed strategies. It decreased the number of teams and increased the number of members in each team. Four teams had been discovered up until now, three of them led by half-step God Lords.

In this situation, Giant God Hall needed to form equally strong teams. Otherwise, they would not be able to do anything.

The three of you will each lead a team….” Zhao Feng transmitted his plan.

The Black Destruction Dragon, which was currently cultivating in the Spacetime Robe, suddenly opened its eyes.

“You just reached peak Rank Nine. Go out and temper yourself!” Zhao Feng’s soul voice resounded in the Black Destruction Dragon’s mind.

“Yes, Master!” The Black Destruction Dragon’s eyes surged with dark flames. Slaughter and destruction were the greatest joys for the Destruction Dragon Race.

In the Scorching Underworld, the Giant God Hall members had formed three teams, each led by one of Zhao Feng’s clones.

“Although we had the advantage in the previous clashes, if we continue to use this method to fight against Ancient Soul Hall, our chances of victory will fall.”

The greater the numbers, the harder it was to lay an ambush. The side that would benefit from this way of fighting was Ancient Soul Hall.

“Leader, what’s our battle strategy?” Quite a few members of the team were confused.

With too many people, it would be much more difficult to heavily injure the enemy. And if they were no match for the enemy, it would also be more difficult to run. In short, they all thought that this new strategy was extremely disadvantageous.

“Don’t ask any more questions. Begin the operation!” Zhao Kong led his team into the distance.

After traveling for some time, they encountered an Ancient Soul Hall team.

“Kill!” Zhao Kong directly ordered.

“What? Leader, that team has a half-step God Lord! In terms of overall strength, it’s stronger than ours!” a Rank Nine Ancient God immediately said.

He originally believed that Zhao Kong had some brilliant plan, but it turned out to be just attacking any enemy they came across.

But there was no going back now, as there were too many people to just turn around and run.

“Hmph, remnants of Giant God Hall, die!” A gray-robed elder of Ancient Soul Hall wickedly chuckled as he led his team forward.

“I’ll have a match with you!” Zhao Kong went to face this half-step God Lord.


A silver-red sword appeared in his hand, which he thrust forward again and again, creating a net of sword images.

This silver-red sword was one of the spoils Zhao Feng had obtained from the war with the Blazing Gold Race. It contained Space Intent and Fire Intent, so he gave it to Zhao Kong.

“Hmph, a petty trick!” The gray-robed elder waved both palms, creating a giant palm made of roiling black clouds that collided with the net of sword images.

“Extreme Space Slash!” Zhao Kong’s Eyes of Spacetime flashed with starry silver light as they thrummed with powerful Spacetime energy.

His Eyes of Spacetime were unusual in that they were already close to the Quasi God Eye level. This was precisely why he was the strongest of Zhao Feng’s clones.


An unreal silver blade formed in front of Zhao Kong, and then it blinked away, next appearing right in front of the gray- robed elder.

“Mm? What powerful Spacetime energy!” The gray-robed elder was startled.

For someone of Zhao Kong’s cultivation to use such a powerful attack was truly unusual.

But the gray-robed elder was still a half-step God Lord, and he vastly exceeded the Rank Nine Zhao Kong in many aspects.


Divine Power exploded out of his body, forming a wall of black energy that blocked Zhao Kong’s attack. The gray-robed elder then swiftly commenced with his counterattack.

In the face of a full-force attack from a half-step God Lord, even Zhao Kong could only dodge.

“Leader, the situation isn’t good. What do we do?” a Rank Nine Ancient God worriedly asked.

“Hmph, the ones in trouble are them.” Zhao Kong coldly sneered.


At this moment, a calamitous energy that desired to destroy all suddenly descended. The bloodlines on both sides inexplicably trembled in fear.


A black-scaled man appeared before everyone.

“Haha, just a disorderly mob! All of you, tremble beneath the flames of the Destruction Dragon Race!”

The moment the Black Destruction Dragon appeared, it shot toward the gray-robed elder.

“Reinforcements!” The Giant God Hall members sighed in relief upon seeing this.

“No… this bloodline energy! Could it be the Destruction Dragon Race?” The gray-robed elder’s face froze in fear.

The Destruction Dragon Race was one of the mythical top ten ancient races!

“Spacetime Shackle!” Zhao Kong was apparently ready, and his eyes immediately unleashed supreme Spacetime energy.

Suddenly, this powerful Spacetime energy formed a barrier around the gray-robed elder and sealed him within. Even inside his body, the gray-robed elder was suppressed by Spacetime energy.

“Break for me!” The elder erupted with all his Divine Power, and the Spacetime energy around him became disorderly and showed signs of cracking.

But at this moment, the Black Destruction Dragon arrived.

“Destruction Dragon Blast!” The Black Destruction Dragon’s arms transformed into black dragons that hurtled forward. Boom! Bang!

The gray-robed elder was sent flying by the Black Destruction Dragon, vomiting blood as his body crashed toward the ground.

Thwish! Thwish!

Zhao Kong and the Black Destruction Dragon immediately pursued. Both of them took out supreme-quality divine artifacts and beat down on the gray-robed elder. Incapable of countering, the elder was swiftly slain.

After all, this gray-robed elder was an extremely mediocre half-step God Lord while the Black Destruction Dragon contained the mythical blood of the 9th ranked race. It possessed incredible offensive capabilities and could challenge opponents above its level. Given that it also had the help of Zhao Kong, it was not unreasonable for the gray-robed elder to be killed.

With the death of the half-step God Lord, the remaining members of the Ancient Soul Hall team lost any ability to fight back. In the end, more than half of the Ancient Soul Hall team was killed, with the survivors scattering.

In the Ancient Soul Hall base within the Scorching Underworld:

Damn, how did this happen!?” God Lord Evil Spirit’s expression was savage and seething with rage.

Ancient Soul Hall had lost every clash with Giant God Hall up until now, and the other side hadn’t even used any halfstep God Lords. This left God Lord Evil Spirit feeling utterly humiliated.

The Ancient God experts of Ancient Soul Hall around him were trembling in fear.

“In the previous clashes, it was primarily the three God Eye descendants who had outstanding performances and frequently defeated teams from our faction. But now, a Destruction Dragon Race expert has suddenly appeared!” A half-step God Lord reported the newest intelligence.

Given what they knew from the previous clashes between the two factions, they could see that these three God Eye descendants and the Destruction Dragon Race expert had only very recently appeared.

Destruction Dragon Race!?

The mention of this race had all the members shivering.

“In addition, all four of them have supreme-quality divine artifacts!” another person added.

“What?” God Lord Evil Spirit was taken aback.

The three God Eye descendants and the Destruction Dragon who had suddenly appeared were already strange enough. He even suspected that some powerful faction was helping Giant God Hall from the shadows. And now that he knew that they all had supreme-quality divine artifacts, he was even more sure of this theory.

But even so, could the faction behind the Giant God Hall be as powerful as the faction behind theirs?

I’ll personally take action and find out where these people came from, God Lord Evil Spirit quietly said to himself.

The reason he had not taken action previously was that he was the only God Lord present. If he recklessly took action and ended up surrounded by the God Lords of Giant God Hall, the losses would be even worse.

But now, he was determined to take action and investigate the matter for himself. Nothing would be better than running into those three God Eye descendants or the Destruction Dragon. By capturing them, he could not only obtain precious information but also a supreme-quality divine artifact.

Within the Spacetime Robe:

Cling! Crack!

The Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone in front of Zhao Feng suddenly crumbled into powder.

His Soul Intent was still in an unreal and illusory state. Gradually, Zhao Feng’s Soul intent began to expand and break free from his body, escaping the bounds of the Spacetime Robe Dimension and fusing into the even larger world beyond.


The world slightly trembled, and an occasional peal of thunder could be heard.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent exceeded all, seeming to become a representative for the heavens and earth. Brrrooom!

The searing poisonous mist fell into turmoil, further increasing the danger of the Scorching Underworld. The people traveling through the Scorching Underworld immediately stopped and put all their efforts into resisting the flame poison.


A will that could shake the world seemed to break through a barrier, exuding an inextinguishable pressure that could suppress all things.

At this moment, the countless creatures living in a radius of a hundred thousand-some li felt like their souls were struck by a lightning bolt, that immense will causing all of them to drop down and bow.

Within Giant God Hall’s Divine Kingdom:

“Mm? The Will of a God Lord?” Xin Wuheng immediately opened his eyes.

Swish! Swish!

In the surrounding halls, several powerful Ancient Gods and half-step God Lords flew out with solemn expressions.

“Could Ancient Soul Hall have produced another God Lord?” The Grand Elder was greatly concerned.

This God Lord Will had come from outside. It was definitely because a new God Lord had emerged within Ancient Soul Hall!

The others thought the same, and this was undoubtedly a severe blow to the Giant God Race’s morale. Giant God Hall had far fewer God Lords than Ancient Soul Hall, and if Ancient Soul Hall had another God Lord…

“That’s not for certain….” Xin Wuheng muttered to himself, a silver-haired figure emerging in his mind.

At this moment, the God Lord Will that had so suddenly appeared began to slowly recede.

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