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Full-Scale War

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“We owe much of this to Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Giant Devil’s face had a ruddy glow as he firmly gazed at Zhao Feng.

If not for Zhao Feng noticing the enemy without being noticed himself, allowing him to notify the God Lords of Giant God Hall, they would have found it very difficult to kill an enemy God Lord.

But no one knew just how Zhao Feng managed to accomplish this.

“Zhao Feng, many thanks for your coming to assist Giant God Hall!”

“You’ve yet again rendered a great service!”

Those upper echelon members who did not have a good impression of Zhao Feng before began to express their thanks.

The Giant God Hall members all returned to the Divine Kingdom. Even though they had killed a God Lord of Ancient Soul Hall, Ancient Soul Hall was still overall much stronger than Giant God Hall. Moreover, once they left the Scorching Underworld, Ancient Soul Hall would no longer be suppressed by the environment, leaving Giant God Hall in a much worse situation. Thus, they did not continue the pursuit.

Upon returning to the Giant God Race’s Divine Kingdom, the exciting news was spread to all the other members.

“Our side killed a God Lord of Ancient Soul Hall!?”


The war hadn’t even fully begun yet, but Ancient Soul Hall had already lost a God Lord. This made all the Giant God Hall members feel like there was a chance at victory.

Now that he was back at Giant God Hall’s Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng went to find Nan Gongsheng and Kun Yun.

The two of them had both greatly improved since their last meeting. Nan Gongsheng was at Rank Eight while Kun Yun was a Rank Five True God. Besides cultivation, the two of them had also experienced a large shift in personality. As expected, danger and battles could stimulate a warrior’s potential and make them even more powerful.

But Giant God Hall had little chance of winning the coming war, and even if they did, victory was certain to be an extremely bitter one.

He once more gave his two friends several life-protecting objects in the hopes that they could survive through the war.

Meanwhile, God Lord Gloomheaven immediately led the Ancient Soul Hall forces to the perimeter of the Scorching Underworld upon his return.

“Ah, to think things would turn out like this!” God Lord Gloomheaven sorrowfully sighed, somewhat blaming himself. If he had stopped God Lord Evil Spirit back then, the situation would not have turned out like this.

Five days later, another God Lord from Ancient Soul Hall arrived.

“God Lord Gloomheaven, what’s going on here?” This short elder sensed that something was wrong.

“God Lord Ghost Centipede, the situation is like this…” God Lord Gloomheaven explained everything that had happened.

God Lord Ghost Centipede was the Grand Elder of Ancient Soul Hall and a top-class existence among First Heaven God Lords.

“What?” God Lord Ghost Centipede’s face twisted in rage.

The bitter defeat in the clash of Ancient Gods was understandable, as it only meant that Giant God Hall had the advantage in terrain. But God Lord Gloomheaven and God Lord Evil Spirit had ventured alone into the center of enemy territory and ended up being discovered by Giant God Hall, thus causing God Lord Evil Spirit’s death? No matter what, the blame for this clearly rested on the two of them.

This had caused Ancient Soul Hall to lose a God Lord!

God Lords were the supreme fighting forces of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. A single God Lord required a vast amount of time and energy to raise. And now, Ancient Soul Hall had lost a God Lord, and lost it to Giant God Hall. How could God Lord Ghost Centipede not be angry?!

But no matter how angry he was, there was nothing that could be done about this situation.

Another month passed.

“Why hasn’t Hall Master come yet?” God Lord Gloomheaven found this rather strange. The Ancient Soul Hall Master had told him that he would only need half a month to arrive.

He barely finished speaking when a heavy energy suddenly descended, causing the temperature of the Scorching Underworld to drop significantly.


A pitch-black mist manifested in mid-air, and within was an indistinct black figure.

“What’s the situation?” the Ancient Soul Hall Master glanced at God Lord Gloomheaven and coldly asked.

He had arrived half a month later than he had said. This was primarily because various matters had delayed him on the road. Even he found it strange that he would encounter so many mishaps. As a Second Heaven God Lord, he sensed that something strange was going on.

“The situation is disastrous….” God Lord Gloomheaven spoke in a very soft tone as he explained the situation.

“What?! God Lord Evil Spirit is dead?!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master’s furious voice resounded like thunder.

The entire world seemed to grow dark as all living beings in a radius of several hundred thousand li dropped to the ground and trembled. Even God Lord Gloomheaven felt extremely uncomfortable under the pressure of the Ancient Soul Hall Master’s energy.

“Hall Master, forgive me!” God Lord Gloomheaven immediately begged for mercy.

Their hall master had a rather short temper. If the hall master were to lash out in anger, he would be the one who suffered.

“Hall Master, it was not entirely God Lord Gloomheaven’s fault. I sense that there is something strange about Giant God Hall!” God Lord Ghost Centipede stepped forward and commented.

But he was also speaking the truth. In normal circumstances, Ancient Soul Hall would never have lost so badly in the small skirmishes, but in reality, Ancient Soul Hall had suffered a crushing defeat.

“Hmph!” Under the persuasions of God Lord Ghost Centipede, the Ancient Soul Hall Master somewhat calmed.

If these were normal circumstances, he would have severely punished God Lord Gloomheaven. But now was not the time; if God Lord Gloomheaven was rendered incapable of fighting, they would have even more trouble dealing with Giant God Hall.

“Hall Master, although I made a grave error, we also succeeded in learning some secrets of Giant God Hall!” God Lord Gloomheaven coldly sweated as he spoke.

“Talk,” the Ancient Soul Hall Master absentmindedly said.

He also had some understanding of Giant God Hall’s secrets. In his view, Giant God Hall had no chance of victory. But in this short clash, Ancient Soul Hall had suffered severe losses. This made him wonder just how Giant God Hall had managed to do this.

“Not long ago, I sensed a newly-emerged God Lord Will near Giant God Hall, but during the battle, Giant God Hall only sent two God Lords – Giant God Hall’s Grand Elder and Xin Wuheng!” God Lord Gloomheaven had a stern expression. “As for the upper echelon members, Giant God Hall is naturally far inferior to us. Based on my estimation, we have six more half-step God Lords than they do!”

“A new God Lord Will?” The Ancient Soul Hall Master was startled. He didn’t care about the rest of what was said, but a single God Lord could have a large effect on this war. If they incorrectly estimated the God Lord strength of the enemy side, they would suffer dire consequences.

“Even if Giant God Hall has a new God Lord, they wouldn’t be able to last long against old God Lords like us,” God Lord Ghost Centipede slowly said.

Although God Lord Evil Spirit was dead, Ancient Soul Hall still had three God Lords. And Giant God Hall only had two God Lords previously. Even a new God Lord would only even the numbers.

In both God Lords and upper echelon members, Giant God Hall was inferior to Ancient Soul Hall.

“Hall Master, when will we attack?” God Lord Gloomheaven asked.

“Wait until all our forces are gathered. I want to exterminate Giant God Hall in a single swoop!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master’s eyes coldly gleamed. When he personally took action, he would always crush his foe with overwhelming strength.

Half a month later, the Ancient Soul Hall Master who had entered seclusion suddenly opened his eyes, took out a message token, and studied the information within.

You’re finally here!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master stood up and exited seclusion.

“Attack! Destroy Giant God Hall!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master’s chilling and tyrannical voice resounded through the world, causing the temperature of the Scorching Underworld to drop several degrees.

Elsewhere in the Scorching Underworld, two figures were having a leisurely stroll.

“You are sure that Yu Heng died at the hands of Giant God Hall?” a white-haired middle-aged man asked.

Next to him was a tall old man, his body covered in ancient tattoos. His white beard extended to the ground while his hand gripped a silver cane, and his eyes were like the vast starry sky. This old man was none other than God Lord Stellar Aspect.

“Although this old man was unable to determine just which person Heng’er died to, this old man was able to conclude that Heng’er did not encounter a God Lord level expert in the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom.” God Lord Stellar Aspect’s eyes were extremely grim.

He placed a great deal of blame on himself for Yu Heng’s death. He was Yu Heng’s master and a Second Heaven God Lord, but he had allowed Yu Heng, a holder of the Ancient Race bloodline, to die. And he didn’t even know how Yu Heng died.

Thus, God Lord Stellar Aspect’s primary goal this time was to find out how Yu Heng died. The war between Ancient Soul Hall and Giant God Hall was secondary.

Yu Heng had possessed twenty to thirty percent of the Ancient Race’s bloodline power, making him capable of even fighting an ordinary God Lord. But in the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom, Yu Heng had not encountered a God Lord, yet he still died. If it wasn’t a God Lord, just who would have the skill to kill Yu Heng with his Ancient Race bloodline?

Moreover, only the members of Giant God Hall had entered the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom, so they were most likely to be the killers.

“I will definitely identify the murderer and avenge Heng’er!” God Lord Stellar Aspect’s eyes turned cold and harsh.

In the Giant God Hall Divine Kingdom:

The Ancient Soul Hall Master has already arrived, and they’ve gathered most of their forces. They’ll probably begin their attack soon!” The Grand Elder was very concerned.

Although they had killed an Ancient Soul Hall God Lord earlier, Giant God Hall was still much weaker overall.

“If we put all our energy into protecting this place, we still have some hope!” Ancient God Giant Devil sternly said.

In a direct confrontation, Giant God Hall was bound to suffer a bitter defeat, but if they fought defensively, they still had hope.

At this moment, the entire Giant God Hall Divine Kingdom trembled.

“Ancient Soul Hall is coming!” Xin Wuheng grimaced as he charged out.

All the other members of Giant God Hall began to move, leaving the Divine Kingdom.

Right after leaving, they could see the members of Ancient Soul Hall all around them.

In terms of numbers, Ancient Soul Hall seemed to be outnumbered. But this was only because the weakest member of the Ancient Soul Hall army at the center of the Scorching Underworld was a Rank Six Ancient God. They had the smaller army, but they were all high-ranked experts, their total strength far surpassing Giant God Hall’s.

“Keke, Giant God Hall has developed rather well!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master wickedly chuckled as he jeered.

The moment he saw Giant God Hall’s army, he completely relaxed.

The members of Giant God Hall turned glum. Their members beneath the Ancient God level could only remain safe under the protection of the high-ranked Ancient Gods.

“Kill!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master gave the order.

All the experts of Ancient Soul Hall charged forward.

“Activate the hall-protecting array!” Xin Wuheng called out.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Countless white rays of light shot out from underground, forming an extremely complicated array.


A barrier made of countless words and inscriptions gradually formed, enclosing all the Giant God Hall members within it. Four dark yellow sculptures appeared on the four sides of this barrier, gripping saber, sword, spear, and cudgel, all parts of their bodies covered with the mysterious words of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

Everyone within the array was now free from the effects of the poisonous flame mist.

Xin Wuheng had obtained this array from the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom. After some modifications, he was able to activate it as he pleased.

“As expected, a Heaven’s Legacy Race array.” The Ancient Soul Hall Master was not very surprised.

This was because God Lord Stellar Aspect had told him of all the possible trump cards Giant God Hall might possess.

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