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Unequaled Advantage

Once Zhao Feng held nothing back and used all his power, he could casually kill anyone beneath the half-step God Lord level.

Swoosh! Swish!

Wherever he went, blood would spill, paving a road of red.


Screams filled the air as all the nearby experts fled in panic and consternation.


Zhao Feng’s speed made him impossible to react to, and he instantly caught up to the escapees.

“Die!” With a swing of the Chaos Origin Divine Sword and a silver flash, a Rank Nine Ancient God was cleaved apart, dead in both body and soul.

A few moments later, all the Ancient Gods who had been preparing to help Ancient God Iceflame had all been killed. This broke the nerve of the nearby Blazing Gold Race members.

“It’s too terrifying! It’s a killing god!”


Although Zhao Feng was in the middle of the Blazing Gold Race army, the ordinary True Gods and Ancient Gods around him all retreated in terror.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng roared, a vicious killing intent spreading outward and seeping into everyone’s souls.

“Commence the slaughter!” The Black Destruction Dragon’s eyes blazed with draconic fire, its blood awakened by Zhao Feng.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Black Destruction Dragon and Zhao Kong charged forward.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The three of them wreaked havoc among the Blazing Gold Race soldiers, dominating all in their path. Zhao Feng, in particular, was like a ghost, instantly killing everyone he encountered.

In the distance, the upper echelon members of the Blazing Gold Race army that were charging at the Spiritual Race were alarmed by this sight.

“What’s going on in the rear?” Elder Jin was rather confused.

The Spiritual Race had suffered a tragic defeat, and he was leading the upper echelon members of the Blazing Gold Race in continuing the pursuit so that they could completely annihilate the Spiritual Race. But something had apparently gone wrong in the rear.

As they sent out their Divine Senses, all the upper echelon members of the Blazing Gold Race paled.

“Damn! This brat…! How arrogant, slaughtering my Blazing Gold Race members like this! Elder Chen, organize some experts and eliminate him!” Elder Jin bellowed.

Although Zhao Feng had to be killed, in this war, exterminating the Spiritual Race took priority.

“Yes!” A black-robed elder lowered his head, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

In front of the Blazing Gold Race, the remnants of the Spiritual Race army had reorganized and were engaged in a fighting retreat.

“What’s going on? Some of the Blazing Gold Race members have withdrawn!” Ancient God Floating Spirit asked in confusion.

“It’s Zhao Feng! He’s still inside the Blazing Gold Race army!” Ancient God Origin Jade immediately said.

“That’s right, it’s Zhao Feng. He is tearing through the Blazing Gold Race. Rank Nine Ancient Gods… even peak Rank Nine Ancient Gods, he’s crushing them all!” the Third Elder scanned with his Divine Sense and slowly said, his eyes unfocused.

All the nearby Spiritual Race members were given a jolt by this news. Zhao Feng had still not given up and was fighting in the middle of the Blazing Gold Race army, taking the pressure off of them.

“Elder, we have to hold on!” Ancient God Origin Jade tightly grasped her jade sword, her eyes shining with determination as she fired off several green crystal sword waves.

In the rear of the Blazing Gold Race army, Zhao Feng, the Black Destruction Dragon, and Zhao Kong were still slaughtering the Blazing Gold Race soldiers.

Suddenly, powerful energies began to approach.

“What a large force!” The Black Destruction Dragon’s eyes turned grave.

The black-robed elder was a half-step God Lord, and he was accompanied by another half-step God Lord, five peak Rank Nine Ancient Gods, and eight ordinary Rank Nine Ancient Gods. Such a powerful force caused even the Black Destruction Dragon to turn serious.

But at this moment, Zhao Feng called out, “Leave this place to me. The two of you, go and help the Spiritual Race.”

“What?” The Black Destruction Dragon was stunned.

The Blazing Gold Race had dispatched such a powerful force, but Zhao Feng was having the two of them leave? Was he preparing to fight them all on his own?

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two of them charged out from another side.

The black-robed elder glanced at the Black Destruction Dragon and Zhao Kong before once more staring at Zhao Feng.

“Junior, today is the day you die!” the elder called out.

“Surround and kill!” the middle-aged half-step God Lord with a fiery robe ordered.

In a flash, the peak Rank Nine and Rank Nine Ancient Gods scattered so that they could surround Zhao Feng. At the same time, a translucent silver chain appeared in the black-robed elder’s hand.

“Lock!” the elder roared, and then the silver chain rose into the air and began to get larger and larger.


An incredibly long silver chain circled around in the sky and finally began to exude a powerful Space energy. At this moment, this area of the world was sealed, and Space Intent became unusable.

“Junior, you won’t be able to escape now.” The black-robed elder laughed.

Zhao Feng was so fast that not even a half-step God Lord could compare. The Blazing Gold Race knew this. Thus, in order to deal with Zhao Feng, they had to restrain his speed.

“You’ve sent yourselves to die, so I won’t be polite.” Zhao Feng was unperturbed, his emotionless voice tinged with frigid killing intent.

Right after speaking:


He shot forward in a faint golden streak of lightning.

Even without using Space Intent, Zhao Feng still had Wind, Lightning, and Metal Intents to boost his speed. And besides that, he still had the powerful Time Intent!

“Oh no!” the black-robed elder called out in alarm upon seeing that Zhao Feng was still as fast as ever.

The seal on Space Intent didn’t just affect Zhao Feng, but them as well.

Even with Space Intent unusable, their speeds were still inferior to Zhao Feng’s.

Bzzz! Hwoom!

Zhao Feng formed a Chaos Origin Divine Sword in his hand, and an invisible force field began to absorb the surrounding energy.

“Watch out!” the black-robed elder and fiery-robed man called out in warning.

But it was too late. Time Intent spread out, and Zhao Feng flashed to and fro as if he was using Spatial Blink.


He immediately appeared next to a Rank Nine Ancient God. With a swing of his sword, he obliterated the Ancient God’s body and soul.

“Kill him!” the black-robed elder roared, and everyone converged on Zhao Feng.

But after killing one person, Zhao Feng shot toward a peak Rank Nine Ancient God.

“Not good! He wants to kill me!” The peak Rank Nine knew just how powerful Zhao Feng was and immediately tried to flee.

But strange white ripples appeared on his body, instantly causing everything around him to slow down.

“No, no…!” The Blazing Gold Race member could only watch and desperately cry out as Zhao Feng approached.

“Die!” Zhao Feng’s sword descended, turning all into dust and bringing those desperate cries to a sudden stop.


All fell deathly still. All the Blazing Gold Race members who had come stood in a daze. They had gathered such a terrifying force to surround and kill Zhao Feng, but all they could do was watch as Zhao Feng killed two Rank Nine Ancient Gods.

Even an old school peak Rank Nine Ancient God had no chance against Zhao Feng.

“Hurry! Surround him!” the black-robed elder roared.

As long as they were able to close the circle enough, they could assist anyone that Zhao Feng tried to attack.

“Truly ignorant.” Zhao Feng sneered, and then he vanished in a streak of Wind Lightning.

“Over there!” the fiery-robed middle-aged man called out.

Everyone turned and saw that Zhao Feng had escaped their encirclement!

“How could this be? How is he so fast!?” A fearful look appeared on the face of a Rank Nine Ancient God.

Zhao Feng had an unequaled advantage in speed and was capable of easily leaving their encirclement.


Zhao Feng moved once more. He did not retreat, but attacked the Blazing Gold Race members.

“Junior, cease this impudence!” The middle-aged man wasn’t that far from Zhao Feng and immediately rushed over.

Zhao Feng had used his own speed to escape their encirclement, but now he was coming back. This was nothing more than challenging them – humiliating them.


But Zhao Feng truly was too quick. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before two Blazing Gold Race members and swung his Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

“Aaaah! Aaaah…!”

Two screams resounded through the air, signifying the deaths of two more powerful Ancient Gods.

“Damn, brat…!” The fiery-robed man flew into a rage.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng coldly snorted. Glancing at the middle-aged man, he rushed over to attack him.

“Okay!” The fiery-robed man rejoiced. Zhao Feng was far too arrogant; despite his advantage in speed, he was attacking a half-step God Lord directly.

In terms of strength, the man knew that he was no match for Zhao Feng, but he only needed to hold down Zhao Feng for a little while.


The man’s body immediately erupted with endless flames, working together with that fiery robe to send searing flames soaring into the sky. He waved both palms around to control the flames, turning them into beasts of fire, and in the sky, a cloud of flame took the form of a giant net.

“Hmph!” Unafraid, Zhao Feng continued to charge at the fiery-robed man.


His Chaos Origin Divine Sword thrummed with astonishing Divine Power. The Chaos Origin Divine Sword had absorbed a great deal of energy from killing all those Ancient Gods, and it was now stronger than ever before.

At this moment, an arc of electricity suddenly flitted across the Chaos Origin Divine Sword. In a flash, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword was covered completely in surging lightning.

Boom! Hisss!

Formidable Chaos Origin Divine Power formed a force field that either absorbed or destroyed everything around Zhao Feng, clearing his surroundings. And the Chaos Origin Divine Sword continued to soar in power, upon which the fiery-robed man suddenly realized that he was facing a mortal peril.

“Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword!” Zhao Feng gripped the sword with both hands and slashed.

Boom! Bang!

The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword was unstoppable, slashing straight through the flames and then stabbing toward the fiery-robed man’s chest.

“Oh no!” The man’s soul trembled as he began to flee.

But a formidable Time energy suddenly engulfed his body.

Boom! Bang!

The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword pierced through him, destroying him in both body and soul. The surrounding flames also vanished.

Of course, the killing was not over just yet.


After killing the fiery-robed man, Zhao Feng set his eyes on the black-robed elder, his Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword pulsing with dreadful energy.

“No…” As the leader of this team, he was stricken with fear, his body beginning to shiver.


This was the only thought left in his mind. Not even he would have been able to survive that immensely powerful attack just now.

But at this moment, there was a silver flash near him, and then a lethal chill stabbed into his chest.


After making this strike, the little thieving cat fled.

“Damn! That lowly cat…!” The black-robed elder cursed, but a moment later, his face twisted.

A powerful Time energy had descended, making his thoughts, movements, Divine Power, and everything else move with extremely slow speed. And then a domineering and gigantic Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword came down.

Boom! Hisss!

The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword was even stronger now, and all of this enormous strength poured down onto the black-robed elder.

The black-robed elder’s body quivered, countless tiny cracks appearing on its surface.

Boom! Bang!

Suddenly, the black-robed elder’s body exploded, leaving nothing behind.

“What…? How could this be!?”

The remaining Ancient God experts had ashen expressions, their minds crumbling in despair.

On the front line, Elder Jin scanned with his Divine Sense and paled. He had sent over Elder Chen, but a few moments later, Elder Chen and the other half-step God Lord had both been slain by Zhao Feng, as had nearly half of the Ancient Gods sent with them.

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