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Exterminating All

The slaughter Zhao Feng had inflicted left people trembling in fear and the upper echelon members of the Blazing Gold Race reeling in shock.

As for the Spiritual Race, it was ecstatic.

“Zhao Feng is already this powerful?” The Third Elder had a rather complicated expression, but he was still quite happy.

Zhao Feng’s assault had raised the morale of the Spiritual Race and dampened the courage of the Blazing Gold Race. And Zhao Feng’s assault also meant that the Spiritual Race was receiving much less pressure from enemy attacks.

“So powerful! He completely disregarded the Blazing Gold Race’s encirclement!”

Many members of the Spiritual Race were stunned by the carnage Zhao Feng had wrought.

“Damn! This kid can’t be left alive!” Elder Jin had an extremely sinister expression.

He had seen Zhao Feng constantly get stronger and stronger. This growth speed made even him feel some fear.

“Ancient God Blood Eagle, come with me and let’s kill Zhao Feng!” Elder Jin suddenly called over another half-step God Lord.

The Blazing Gold Race still had the upper hand in the battle with the upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race, but if Zhao Feng was allowed to continue, the battle might experience a reversal.

“Okay!” a slender Ancient God wrapped in dark red blood replied.

Ancient God Blood Eagle was a half-step God Lord renowned for his speed in the Blazing Gold Race.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two flashes of light shot toward Zhao Feng in the rear of the battlefield.

“Not good! Elder Jin is going to personally deal with Zhao Feng!” The Third Elder grimaced.

Elder Jin was the strongest half-step God Lord of the Blazing Gold Race and had grasped a sliver of Law energy. He could be considered the peak expert on this battlefield among the experts beneath the God Lord level.

Alas, the Third Elder had been badly wounded by the explosion of the Molten Gold Beast and was helpless to stop him. And he could not leave this place regardless. Otherwise, the remaining members of the Spiritual Race would be in great peril.

“Zhao Feng, watch out!” Ancient God Origin Jade yelled into the distance.

On the other side, Zhao Feng’s eyes gleamed as he turned his gaze to Elder Jin and Ancient God Blood Eagle.

“You also can’t do anything to me.” Zhao Feng chuckled as he swung his Chaos Origin Divine Sword once again.


A nearby Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race who was trying to flee had his soul exterminated.

“Impudent! Ignorant junior!” Elder Jin cursed, his body seething with rage.

Zhao Feng said such words before Elder Jin had even attacked. This was nothing more than a direct challenge and humiliation to Elder Jin.

High up in the sky, on the God Lord battlefield:

“Good kid!” The Spiritual Race Patriarch’s brow relaxed as he faintly smiled.

Although the detonation of the Molten Gold Beast had dealt a heavy blow to the Spiritual Race and plunged it into an unprecedented crisis, the carnage inflicted by Zhao Feng had somewhat salvaged the situation. The Spiritual Race still had a chance. It still had not been defeated!

“Useless things!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch growled.

“Exterminate Zhao Feng!” Elder Jin loudly called out.

Quite a few Rank Nine Ancient God experts began to gather around.

Zhao Feng’s killing spree made them fearful and timid, but now that Elder Jin was personally taking action and had given the order, they did not dare to disobey. Besides, Elder Jin was a peak half-step God Lord while Ancient God Blood Eagle was renowned in the Blazing Gold Race for his speed. Zhao Feng would not be able to continue being so unbridled.

“A good move!” In this situation, Zhao Feng laughed and instantly charged forward.

The more that came, the more he would kill!

“Kill!” Zhao Feng had a Chaos Origin Divine Sword in his right hand and the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror in his left hand.

Sword bolts and lightning crisscrossed the battlefield.

Swish! Boom! Hiss!

Zhao Feng cut through the battlefield, leaving chaos and death in his wake. A Rank Nine Ancient God was exterminated with a single slash. Peak Rank Nine Ancient Gods were also speedily dealt with. They were either slain by the sword or had their souls absorbed into the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

“Junior, if you’ve got the ability, come and attack me!” Elder Jin’s eyes blazed with golden fire as he roared.

In terms of speed, even Elder Jin and Ancient God Blood Eagle were still a little lacking compared to Zhao Feng. At this moment, while Zhao Feng was killing his way through the battlefield, the two of them could not catch up.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Elder Jin and Ancient God Blood Eagle led two teams consisting of many Rank Nine experts to intercept Zhao Feng. A single Rank Nine or peak Rank Nine Ancient God wouldn’t even be able to last a few seconds against Zhao Feng. For this reason, they all followed the half-step God Lord, making absolutely sure that they didn’t get separated.


Zhao Feng, with his Chaos Origin Divine Sword and Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror, descended upon a Rank Nine and Rank Eight.

“Nooo…!” The two of them burned their Divine Power to desperately escape.

“Don’t even think about it!” A massive bolt of bloody energy shot out from the distance, causing an oppressive and bloody stench to engulf Zhao Feng.


Ancient God Blood Eagle shot forward in a bolt of dark red energy. As he flew forward, he absorbed vast quantities of blood, further increasing his speed.

In a flash, Ancient God Blood Eagle approached Zhao Feng.

“Bloodfiend Bind!” Ancient God Blood Eagle stretched out two claws, and then an enormous stream of Divine Power of the Blood Dao appeared around Zhao Feng.


A demonic pool of dark red blood appeared around Zhao Feng, and countless savage hands and claws were reaching out of this pool to snatch at Zhao Feng.

“Great!” Many of the Blazing Gold Race members rejoiced at this sight.

Zhao Feng’s killing spree had struck fear into everyone’s hearts, and all the members of the Blazing Gold Race ardently hoped that he would be killed.

“Since you’ve sent yourself to death, I’ll fulfill your wish!” Zhao Feng’s gaze chilled as he stared at Ancient God Blood Eagle.


Chaos Origin Divine Power surged around his body, instantly creating a dark silver barrier. The moment these bloody hands and claws touched the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, their strength was halved. At the same time, Zhao Feng’s Chaos Heaven Void Ring also began to absorb the energy of the pool of blood.

“Chaos Origin Conversion!” The Chaos Heaven Void Ring suddenly transformed into countless silver streams of energy that flowed into the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.


The Chaos Origin Divine Sword immediately expanded to become several thousand feet long, pulsing with heaven-shaking energy. Ancient God Blood Eagle and the other nearby Rank Nine Ancient Gods trembled in fear and shock.

“Oh no!” Ancient God Blood Eagle paled. Sensing danger, he immediately turned around and ran.

He had already managed to delay Zhao Feng for a few moments. Elder Jin was making his way over, and once they joined forces, Zhao Feng would be finished. Thus, he did not need to continue fighting with Zhao Feng.

“Die!” Zhao Feng gripped the sword with both hands and slashed.

The gigantic Chaos Origin Divine Sword proceeded with unstoppable momentum, instantly destroying several nearby Ancient Gods. As for Ancient God Blood Eagle, he was affected by Time Intent, preventing him from promptly escaping the range of Zhao Feng’s attack, causing him to be struck by the ripples of energy released by this enormous sword.

“How could he… be this powerful!?” Ancient God Blood Eagle was ghastly pale. Half of his body had been instantly destroyed, blood pouring out of it.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng focused his left eye on Ancient God Blood Eagle, a miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword shooting out of it.

“Ah…!” With a scream, Ancient God Blood Eagle’s soul was obliterated.

The entire battlefield was left stunned. The team led by Ancient God Blood Eagle had been almost completely wiped out by Zhao Feng!

“No! Zhao Feng, this old man will torture you to death!” A furious roar resounded through the air.

Elder Jin, his eyes bloodshot, had arrived.

“Then let’s see if you have that ability.” After killing Ancient God Blood Eagle, Zhao Feng did not continue to slaughter the others, instead choosing to directly confront Elder Jin.

“Good! You’ve finally stopped running! Let this old man bring an end to you!” Elder Jin had a savage expression that seethed with killing intent.


Elder Jin’s body erupted with frightening flames, and he shot forward like a scorching meteor. At this moment, the area for tens of thousands of li around Zhao Feng was affected by an enormous searing pressure. The average Rank Nine Ancient God would be rendered motionless by this pressure.


Zhao Feng rushed forward, his Chaos Origin Divine Sword increasing in size once more as he slashed at Elder Jin.

Boom! Bang!

Elder Jin swung a steely fist, blocking Zhao Feng’s attack.

“Junior, this level of attack has no effect on me!” Elder Jin bellowed as he gripped the Chaos Origin Divine Sword, sending frenzied surges of Divine Power into it so that could pulverize the sword.

“Is that so?” Zhao Feng chuckled.


His Lightning Soul Body exploded with lightning. A moment later, countless bolts of Tribulation Lightning traveled from one end of the sword to other, creating a Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword!

Boom! Bang!

The immense Destructive power of the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword traveled into Elder Jin’s palm. At the same time, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword’s devouring ability also received a massive boost.

“Die!” Zhao Feng vigorously swung.

Swish! Plush!

The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword cut off Elder Jin’s right hand.

“Tribulation Lightning power!?” Elder Jin’s expression darkened.

The already-powerful Chaos Origin Divine Power was even more damaging now that it had been combined with Tribulation Lightning power. Even the defenses of his physical body found it hard to resist.

“Anyone beneath a God Lord will be exterminated!” Zhao Feng icily stared at Elder Jin.

These words left everyone stunned and caused an intangible sense of danger to hang over their hearts. Even Elder Jin’s hand had been cut off by Zhao Feng.

“Good, good! This old man will let you experience the power of a Law!” Elder Jin furiously smiled.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had the advantage in speed and the power of Chaos Origin Divine Power and Tribulation Lightning. Even Elder Jin found it rather difficult to cope with all this. If he wanted to kill Zhao Feng, he would have to use the power of a Law.


Elder Jin’s body suddenly began to exude a strange and unfathomable power. The golden flames on his divine body grew to four times their original size.

The entire world was awash in golden flames, all other energies suppressed. Even Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword was greatly weakened.

“Boasting child, die!” Elder Jin’s eyes shone with disdain.


A massive golden saber appeared in his hand and immediately began to burn with dazzling golden flames.

“Burn to nothing amid endless flame!” Elder Jin bellowed, charging forward as he swung the blazing saber at Zhao Feng.

This dreadful power had all the Ancient Gods and half-step God Lords quaking in fear. Even the Spiritual Race’s Third Elder seemed helpless.


The endless flames seemed about to engulf Zhao Feng, but suddenly, a profound and mysterious light began to emit from Zhao Feng’s body!

“You aren’t the only one with a Law!” Zhao Feng barked.

“How… could this…?” Elder Jin paled.

At this moment, the world around him had come to a standstill. Even his Flame Law was suppressed, his attack instantly dropping a level.

Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword in Zhao Feng’s hand began to shine with white light.


The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword imbued with the Time Law slashed down. Everything in the world came to a halt, the sword the only moving object. Elder Jin could only watch, unable to dodge as the sword descended!

Ding! Plush!

The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword slashed at Elder Jin’s chest, cutting open an enormous wound. Blood surged out, which was immediately absorbed by the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword to strengthen its power.

Its power swelled even more! Another slash!

Zhao Feng gripped the sword with both hands, sending in all his Chaos Origin Divine Power, and then the sword continued to slash down.

Swish! Plush!

The flames dispersed, and Elder Jin’s body was cut in two.

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