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Killing One Half-Step God Lord After Another

The self-detonation of the Molten Gold Beast dealt a destructive blow to the battlefield. The Spiritual Race sustained grievous losses, with two half-step God Lords and ten-some Rank Nine Ancient Gods killed by the explosion. The remaining Spiritual Race experts were almost all heavily wounded. The situation was dire.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Origin Jade was in a daze.


Suddenly, a pitch-black figure approached her.

“Little girl, are you the number one female prodigy of the Spiritual Race’s last generation? Let me play around with you!” A middle-aged man with pitch-black armor and a black horn sprouting from his head rushed at Ancient God Origin Jade.

The shockwaves of the explosion just now had damaged many parts of Ancient God Origin Jade’s clothes, exposing her alluring crystalline skin.

“Half-step God Lord?” Ancient God Origin Jade had a bitter expression.

She was already injured, and the detonation of the Molten Gold Beast had worsened those injuries. Even though this black-horned man was just an ordinary half-step God Lord from a peak four-star faction, she still could not fight against him.

“Hah, relax, I won’t kill you straight away. You’ll just become my hostage.” The black-horned man made no attempts to hide his desires.

“You…! Shameless!” Ancient God Origin Jade’s cheeks blushed in rage as she roared.

“Heh, the fate of the Spiritual Race is decided. Defeat is inevitable. Just obediently be captured. With me, you still have a chance to survive!” The black-horned man wickedly laughed as black flames began to rise from his body.


The black-horned man’s body flashed as he charged toward Ancient God Origin Jade, shrouded in black flames.

“Damn… so powerful!” Ancient God Origin Jade immediately felt an immense pressure on her body, which felt like it had been set aflame by those sinister flames.

At her peak, she naturally wouldn’t have feared this man, but at this time, she was incapable of fighting back.

The black-horned man was about to reach her, but suddenly…

Swish! Plush!

A dark silver sword erupted from the man’s chest, carrying with it a few splashes of black blood.

“Zhao Feng?” Ancient God Origin Jade’s crystal eyes turned to the silver-robed youth behind the man.

Zhao Feng had saved her once again.

“Zhao Feng…?” The black-horned man was startled.

The Spiritual Race had suffered grievous losses and was being overwhelmingly crushed. Thus, he had never imagined that someone would attack him at this time, allowing Zhao Feng’s sneak attack to succeed.

At this moment, the man felt as if all the energy in his body was being disrupted and devoured by a strange force field.


The black-horned man immediately exploded with his bloodline energy and Divine Power, allowing him to break free and make his escape.

Zhao Feng’s feats were far too numerous, and though many of them seemed unbelievable, they were evidence that Zhao Feng was not simple. And Zhao Feng’s sword strike just now made the black-horned man even more sure that Zhao Feng was far stronger than an ordinary half-step God Lord.


After blinking away some distance, the black-horned man stopped and prepared to heal his wounds.

Not good…! Suddenly, he sensed danger approaching and grimaced.


At this moment, two Chaos Origin Divine Swords once more stabbed through his back. The energy Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword had absorbed before made these swords even stronger.

“Chaos Heaven Sword Vacuum!” The Chaos Origin Divine Sword in Zhao Feng’s hand cut upward, at the same time releasing a chaotic flurry of silver sword images that fused together into a Silver Sword Void Vacuum.


At the same time, the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror in Zhao Feng’s other hand released nine lightning chains that wrapped around the black-horned man’s soul.

“Ah…!” The man screamed as his divine body was ground down and devoured. As for his soul, it was dragged into the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

It took less than four seconds to kill the black-horned man.

Zhao Feng already found it enormously easy to kill a powerful half-step God Lord like Ancient God Dark Crow. A mediocre half-step God Lord like the black-horned man was even easier to dispose of.

“Dead?” In the distance, Ancient God Origin Jade was stunned. In Zhao Feng’s hands, an ordinary half-step God Lord was incapable of putting up any resistance whatsoever.

She was even beginning to doubt herself. Was this cold, composed, and mighty Zhao Feng really the person that she had been taking care of all this time?

After killing the black-horned man, Zhao Feng vanished from Ancient God Origin Jade’s sight.

At another place on the battlefield:

“Stubborn woman, I can’t believe that your Blazing Gold Race was really willing to sacrifice such a precious beast.” The Black Destruction Dragon evilly chuckled.


Two dragon claws wreathed in black flame slashed at Ancient God Iceflame.

“Spacetime Blade!” Zhao Kong appeared behind the Black Destruction Dragon, a seemingly endless blade of Spacetime energy shooting out of his eyes.

“Damn, these two scoundrels are actually fine?” Ancient God Iceflame grimaced.

In the face of the combined attacks of Zhao Kong and the Black Destruction Dragon, she could only passively defend.

“Heh, you’re looking down on my Destruction Dragon Race too much!” The Black Destruction Dragon sneered, appearing slightly smug.

Although the Molten Gold Beast’s detonation was powerful, it and Zhao Kong were closely pursuing Ancient God Iceflame and so were rather far away from the center of the explosion. Moreover, the Black Destruction Dragon possessed a type of undying body. This sort of explosion naturally could not inflict any substantive damage to it.

And with its protection, Zhao Kong would naturally not suffer any serious injuries either.

“Ancient God Iceflame, I’ve come to help you!” A handsome peak Rank Nine Ancient God charged toward Ancient God Iceflame.

The explosion of the Molten Gold Beast had dealt such severe damage to the Spiritual Race that the Blazing Gold Race had much more manpower available now. Moreover, Ancient God Iceflame was the Blazing Gold Race’s number one female prodigy of the previous generation and still the goddess in the hearts of countless men. If she was in difficult straits, countless people would be willing to aid her.

Not long after the handsome man arrived, two more joined him.

At this moment, a voice resounded in the Black Destruction Dragon’s mind; “Attack with full power and kill Ancient God Iceflame.”

“Haha, stubborn woman, we’ll stop playing with you here!” The Black Destruction Dragon chuckled.

“Want to escape?” Ancient God Iceflame scornfully giggled. How could she possibly let Zhao Kong and the Black Destruction Dragon go so easily?

“What a joke!” The Black Destruction Dragon growled, and then it spat out a pearl covered in carvings of draconic flames. This was none other than the supreme-quality divine artifact Dragonflame Pearl.

Zhao Kong’s Eyes of Spacetime also began to fully activate, and Spacetime energy began to revolve around his body.

“Work together and kill them!” Ancient God Iceflame’s expression chilled as she harshly called out.

The men around her rejoiced and began to use powerful secret skills so that they could kill the Black Destruction Dragon and Zhao Kong.

But at this moment, a powerful aura began to approach.

“Mm?” Ancient God Iceflame’s brow creased.

Even though the Spiritual Race was the weaker side at this time, a half-step God Lord had somehow still decided to come and attack her.

But a moment later, Ancient God Iceflame grimaced.


A silver figure appeared right in front of Ancient God Iceflame.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword, slash!” Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power madly surged, forming an enormous Chaos Origin Divine Sword that swept across.

“Ah…!” In a flash, the peak Rank Nine and regular Rank Nine Ancient Gods were cut in half.

“Destruction Dragon Breath!” The Black Destruction Dragon roared, unleashing a blast of forbidden Destructive energy from its mouth. This Destructive energy was unleashed through the Dragonflame Pearl, making it even stronger.


A massive black sun suddenly appeared in the sky, unleashing forbidden Destructive flames that destroyed everything they touched.

“Oh no!” Ancient God Iceflame’s face froze as she immediately activated her body’s defenses. Her exquisite and icy body was immediately covered in a layer of tough ice.


The Chaos Origin Divine Sword and the Destruction Dragon Breath struck. A moment later, two peak Rank Nine Ancient Gods and three Rank Nine Ancient Gods were slain. Only Ancient God Iceflame, with her formidable defenses and incredible strength, was able to escape.

“Space-Destroying Blade!” Zhao Kong’s Eyes of Spacetime fired off an unreal white blade.

Although Zhao Kong was only a Rank Nine Ancient God, his Eyes of Spacetime were nearly at the Quasi God Eye level and were incredibly powerful.


With an unfathomable speed, this white blade pierced through space.

After barely escaping the attacks of Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Dragon, Ancient God Iceflame was struck once more.

Thump! Thump!

Ancient God Iceflame’s charming body swayed in the air as she vomited blood. But she continued to try her utmost to remain conscious as she circulated her Blazing Gold Race bloodline and attempted to retreat.

“Zhao Feng is here! Hurry and kill him!” Ancient God Iceflame called out.

But in truth, she was seeking help, and her pride kept her from directly saying it. If no one came to her aid, Zhao Feng, the Black Destruction Dragon, and Zhao Kong would kill her.

“No one can save you!” Zhao Feng roared as he charged forward.

“Hurry and save me!” This time, Ancient God Iceflame was prompted by her lethal crisis to directly cry for help.

“Die!” Zhao Feng swiftly swung the Chaos Origin Divine Sword, slashing at Ancient God Iceflame’s body and leaving a gruesome wound.

But Ancient God Iceflame’s special bloodline allowed her to rapidly heal from these wounds, and those powerful chilling flames were even able to affect Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword!

“I’ll have you try out my Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword.” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused.


Tribulation Lightning energy began to surge out of his Lightning Soul Body. In a flash, Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword began to crackle with lightning, transforming it into a Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword!

Boom! Hisss!

A powerful Destructive energy passed through the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword and onto Ancient God Iceflame’s body. The combination of Tribulation Lightning energy and Chaos Origin Divine Power allowed the power of the sword to rise to a whole new level.

This enormous energy immediately encroached upon and shattered Ancient God Iceflame’s divine body. With the divine body shattered, it was even easier for the Chaos Origin Divine Sword to absorb energy and increase its power.

“Nooo…!” This dreadful energy caused Ancient God Iceflame to shed tears as she cried out in terror.

But all her struggles were meaningless.


Ancient God Iceflame’s body and soul were distorted and shattered until nothing was left.

“To think it would be this powerful…” Zhao Feng was pleasantly surprised.

“What move is that!?” The Black Destruction Dragon was stunned.

A single sword was able to attack both body and soul, killing Ancient God Iceflame.

The Blazing Gold Race experts who had just arrived saw this sight and immediately fled in fear.

“Too terrifying! Ancient God Iceflame was killed with no chance to resist!” A peak Rank Nine Ancient God had his courage shattered by this sight.

“Master, next, we should…?” the Black Destruction Dragon asked.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng said only one word.

After saying this, his body blinked away.


A moment later, his figure began to carve a bloody path through the Blazing Gold Race as he unstoppably pressed through.

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