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The Frenzied Blazing Gold Race


The nine lightning dragons transformed into dazzling chains that tightly bound up Ancient God Dark Crow’s soul.

“No…! No!” Ancient God Dark Crow’s soul was pulled halfway out of his body by the lightning chains.

He had heard about the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror. Although it was not particularly powerful offensively, its binding abilities were top-class. Once one was taken into the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror, one would be refined by endless lightning into Lightning Soul Crystals.

“Get in there!” Zhao Feng’s left eye surged with powerful Soul Intent and Tribulation Lightning energy.


Ancient God Dark Crow’s soul was knocked unconscious. His ability to resist plunged.


The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror pulsed with power, the lightning chains exploding with electricity.

“Ah!” In a burst of thunder, Ancient God Dark Crow’s soul was dragged into the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

The screams soon came to a sudden stop.

“Ancient God Dark Crow… died?” Far, far away, Master Li and the others saw this sight and shivered in terror.

Too frightening! Even half-step God Lords were no match for Zhao Feng.

With the death of Ancient God Dark Crow, many Blazing Gold Race members began to flee in terror to get away from Zhao Feng, instantly causing a rout.

The Spiritual Race members were delighted to see this.

“As expected of Zhao Feng! He broke directly into Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm, and now, in such a short period of time, he’s reached peak Rank Nine!”

“Moreover, he’s even stronger than a typical half-step God Lord…”

The majority of the Spiritual Race members were stunned, while some of the young and beautiful girls had looks of admiration in their eyes.

At the same moment, a deafening explosion came from the God Lord battlefield, which was hundreds of thousands of li away.

Booom! Whoosh!

Streams of ice and water were battling with bizarre flames, their clashes cause space to distort and tremble. In the center of this storm of destruction, a middle-aged man of the Spiritual Race with a body of blue crystal glanced down below and muttered, “That young man isn’t bad.”

With three God Lords on each side, the two races had roughly the same level of strength.

Each bloodline had its own advantages. The Spiritual Race’s was suited for long battles, defense, and recovery, while the Blazing Gold Race’s excelled in explosive power. As the battle dragged on, the Spiritual Race’s bloodline seemed to have the upper hand.

“Irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.” On the other side, an elder with a body of golden glass glanced down at Zhao Feng, a calm and composed expression on his face.

Back on the battlefield down below, while the battle between the God Lords was rather easygoing, the clash between the middle and upper echelon members of the two races was far more intense. The most intense was actually the battle between the high-rank Ancient Gods and half-step God Lords.

“Golden Flame Wave!” Elder Jin swung a massive golden saber, creating a dazzling wave of golden flame that swept toward the Spiritual Race’s Third Elder.

Elder Jin was the strongest of the Blazing Gold Race’s half-step God Lords, and he had even comprehended a hint of Law energy. This, combined with the supreme-quality divine weapon in his hand, made him one of the strongest on this battlefield.

“Earth Crystal Domain!” The Spiritual Race’s Third Elder’s body surged with yellow crystalline Divine Power that mobilized the Earth energy of the world.


One wall of transparent yellow crystal after another piled up around the Third Elder, instantly forming a sturdy crystal fortress to block Elder Jin’s nigh-God-Lord-level attack.

These two were the strongest half-step God Lords of their respective races, and the other Rank Eight or Rank Nine Ancient Gods did not dare to approach.

Nearby, a few half-step God Lords and high-rank Ancient Gods were fighting.

One of them was the still-heavily-wounded Ancient God Origin Jade. She could only work with some other Ancient Gods to deal with a half-step God Lord of the Blazing Gold Race.

Originally, the upper echelon members of the races had a similar level of strength. However, Zhao Feng had killed Ancient God Dark Crow and ten-some Ancient Gods, which was beginning to have an effect on the battlefield.

The balance of power was slowly shifting toward the Spiritual Race. This caused the Spiritual Race God Lords to smile.

Although the Spiritual Race bloodline was not the best at fighting, when it came to long-term fighting, survival, and defense, it was superior to the Blazing Gold Race. The current trends greatly favored the Spiritual Race.

But at this moment, the situation down below suddenly shifted.

“Come! Mobilize the Molten Gold Beast!” Elder Jin loudly called out.


He barely finished speaking when a great quaking came from the Blazing Gold Race camp, and then a searing and frenzied energy exploded into the skies. An ancient beast as large as a mountain started charging toward the battlefield.

This beast was almost one hundred thousand feet tall, and its eyes were like the blazing golden light of the Golden Crows. Its entire body was covered in golden fur that seemed to be aflame. From a distance, it seemed like a massive mountain spewing flame, and its every step shook the earth.

“Not good! It’s the Molten Gold Beast!”

“This is the Blazing Gold Race’s Molten Gold Beast? I heard that the Blazing Gold Race has gone to great lengths to raise it and was even preparing to train it into a God Beast to protect their race!”

Many of the Spiritual Race’s older generation members became tense. They heard long ago that the Blazing Gold Race had obtained a mutant ancient beast and had been using a secret technique to raise, allowing this Molten Gold Beast to obtain all kinds of unique abilities.

It was said that the Molten Gold Beast’s Molten Gold Flame energy was extremely in tune with the bloodline of the Blazing Gold Race. It could even transfer this energy to the Blazing Gold Race members to greatly boost their fighting power.

“Hurry and kill the Molten Gold Beast!” the Third Elder sent this order to the entire battlefield.

They could not allow the Molten Gold Beast to meet up with the upper echelon members of the Blazing Gold Race, which would grant them a massive boost in strength.

Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!

Several powerful Ancient Gods of the Spiritual Race, including a half-step God Lord, began to approach the Molten Gold Beast.

The Blazing Gold Race immediately sent several half-step God Lords to lead a few Ancient Gods to reinforce the Molten Gold Beast.

“Send more soldiers! We have to destroy the Molten Gold Beast!” the Third Elder worriedly said as he ordered around the soldiers.

Whoosh! Kaboom!

The upper echelon fighting forces of the two races clashed around the Molten Gold Beast.


The Molten Gold Beast’s roar resounded through the heavens, and its golden Divine Power fused with the bloodline Divine Power of the Blazing Gold Race, creating a golden hurricane that destroyed everything in its path.



A few moments later, many Ancient Gods on the Spiritual Race side were slain by this golden hurricane. Even the Rank Seven Ancient Gods and the True Gods fighting on the perimeter were affected, with True God casualties numbering in the tens of thousands.

“We can’t let them succeed! Everyone, get ready!” the Third Elder bellowed.

Bzzz! Hisss!

With him as the center, the nearby half-step God Lords, Rank Nines, and Rank Eights activated their Spiritual Race bloodlines.

“Celestial Spirit Crystal Fortress!”

In a flash, multicolored blood crystals formed together into a massive crystal wall that covered the nearby battlefield.


The terrifying golden hurricane battered against the crystal wall but failed to get through.

The six God Lords high above all glanced down below.

“Interesting…. The Spiritual Race’s trump card technique?”

“As expected of the Celestial Spirit Crystal Fortress. Using bloodline energy to crystallize even space itself. Not even an ordinary God Lord would be able to break through this defense….”

“It’s said that the Celestial Spirit Crystal Fortress can also be used for offense. No one weaker than a God Lord would be able to hold against those attacks.”

The three God Lords of the Blazing Gold Race smiled at each other as they conversed.

This sight made the three God Lords of the Spiritual Race uneasy.

At this moment:

“Although my race planned to turn the Molten Gold Beast into a God Beast to protect our race, in order to win this war, any sacrifice is worth it!” Down below, Elder Jin sighed.


“Oh no!” The Third Elder’s face twisted.

“Retreat!” The Third Elder’s voice resounded over the battlefield.

“Too late!” Elder Jin’s voice carried a lethal chill.

Bzzz! Boom!

The massive Molten Gold Beast’s body suddenly surged with a forbidden power. The Spiritual Race experts near the Molten Gold Beast immediately sensed danger and began to retreat.


With low and plaintive howls, the Molten Gold Beast’s body began to swell, the flames on its golden fur blazing even more fiercely. A moment later, countless small cracks appeared on the Molten Gold Beast’s body, and then endless explosive power erupted outward.


Like a sun exploding, a destructive shockwave of golden flame swept over the battlefield, turning everything it passed over into ash. Even the Celestial Spirit Crystal Fortress was blasted to smithereens.

The Spiritual Race Ancient Gods closer to the Molten Gold Beast were simply disintegrated.


At this instant, the Spiritual Race lost ten-some Rank Nine Ancient Gods. Even two half-step God Lords who were too close were killed on the spot!

The Blazing Gold Race had long expected this move, so its nearby experts had used secret techniques to retreat before the Molten Gold Beast detonated. Moreover, the golden Divine Power of the Molten Gold Beast could be absorbed by the Blazing Gold Race’s bloodline, so the explosion did much less damage to the Blazing Gold Race.

“The Blazing Gold Race… to think it would use this move!” Zhao Feng somewhat paled as silver ripples appeared on the Spacetime Robe. Even at this distance, he was somewhat affected by the shockwave.

Sacrificing a half-step God Lord ancient beast… wasn’t that a little too ruthless?

After a long while:


The dazzling golden light began to fade.

The scene was revealed; the Spiritual Race had suffered devastating losses.


The Spiritual Race’s Third Elder still stood in the same spot where he stood before the explosion and suddenly vomited blood.

The Molten Gold Beast’s self-detonation had caused the Spiritual Race to lose two half-step God Lords and ten-some Rank Nine Ancient Gods. Besides that, several half-step God Lords were severely wounded, and there were some Ancient Gods who had been temporarily rendered incapable of fighting.

In the sky:

“What!?” The Spiritual Race Patriarch trembled in shock.

“Haha, before the battle, we messed around with the Molten Gold Beast’s body so that its self-detonation would have a power far exceeding that of a First Heaven God Lord.”

“Tsk, tsk, if not for the Celestial Spirit Crystal Fortress, they wouldn’t have only lost two half-step God Lords.”

The God Lords of the Blazing Gold Race couldn’t help but laugh.

The three God Lords of the Spiritual Race all had nasty grimaces. None of them had expected the Blazing Gold Race to sacrifice their future God Beast in a self-detonation.

“Hahaha…. Kill them all!” Elder Jin heartily laughed at the sky, a hint of savagery in his eyes.

Swoosh! Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!

Under Elder Jin’s command, the countless experts of the Blazing Gold Race charged at the badly wounded Spiritual Race army.


“This battle is our Blazing Gold Race’s certain victory!”

“Hah, Spiritual Race brats, obediently accept your deaths!”

Two vast waves collided against each other, but the Spiritual Race immediately lost ground and was pushed back again and again.

Ancient God Origin Jade was in the middle of this battle.

“Little girl, are you the number one female prodigy of the Spiritual Race’s last generation? Let me play around with you!” A middle-aged man with pitch-black armor and a black horn sprouting from his head rushed at Ancient God Origin Jade.

“Half-step God Lord?” Ancient God Origin Jade had a bitter expression.

She was already injured, and the detonation of the Molten Gold Beast had worsened those injuries. Even though this black-horned man was just an ordinary half-step God Lord from a peak four-star faction, she still could not fight against him.

On the other end of the battlefield:

It seems like I can no longer hold anything back….

As he saw all these tragic and gruesome sights play out on the battlefield, Zhao Feng’s expression turned cold. His silver hair danced in the wind as a dreamy luster began to shine from it.

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