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Self-created skill : Ice and Fire Yin Yang Pearl

The youth had obviously let down his guard, and this gave Lan Xuanyu a chance to get close. Twenty meters was not too far.

The silver-patterned Blue Silver Brass was about to hit the Seven-Star Sword, but the longsword suddenly paused in the air, and then flipped ingeniously. It actually got through a gap and stabbed Lan Xuanyu’s left arm..

The young man was controlling the sword with his right hand with swift and smooth movements. Although it was floating in the air, he gave off a feeling of the Seven-Star Sword being a part of his body.

This opponent seems to be stronger than I thought ! Lan Xuanyu was taken aback. This feeling of unity between his body and sword couldn’t be faked, in any case he couldn’t let him the time to fight at his full potential.

“Oh!” As if panicked, he suddenly turned around and swat towards the Seven-Star Sword with his right hand.

When the palm of his hand touched the sword, a “ding” sound resounded, and Lan Xuanyu yelled, as if he had been hit hard, his body bouncing towards the youth from the recoil.

The young man froze for a moment, and thought to himself, I didn’t use my full strength! I didn’t even use the star power from the Seven-Star Sword, I hope I didn’t inflict him any serious injuries. Moreover, the sound just now was more like metal clanging together.

During the short span where he was stunned, Lan Xuanyu had fallen to the ground and even rolled two times. After flying and rolling from the “recoil”, he covered a distance close to seven or eight meters, and only twelve or thirteen meters separated him from the youth.

Lan Xuanyu put his right hand on the ground and ran towards the youth when he got up, still shouting, “Big brother, you are so amazing! Why can your sword fly ?”

The young man smiled slightly and pulled with his right hand. The Seven-Star Sword flew back in an instant, drawing a beautiful arc in the air and slashing eight meters in front of him. This was not to hurt Lan Xuanyu, but to prevent him from getting closer. After all, his fighting style couldn’t let his opponent get too close.

However, something unexpected then happened. The first yellow soul ring on Lan Xuanyu’s right hand suddenly lit up, and a layer of pale golden light suddenly emerged from the surface of his skin, with some dragonic patterns faintly visible, and the golden scales on his right hand also became clearer. A golden light shone brightly and suddenly slapped towards the Seven-Star Sword.

“Huh?” The young man finally felt something was wrong, his eyes flashed, and his right index finger lightly tapped, the first star on the Seven-Star Sword instantly lit up, and the sword glowed, colliding with Lan Xuanyu’s right hand.

“Clang!” The dragon claw shot out. With the increase in power from Golden Dragon Body and the power of his dragon claw, he grasped the Seven Star Sword firmly in his hand. At the same time, the two yellow soul rings on Lan Xuanyu’s left hand lit up at the same time, and a faint brilliance surged up from his palm.

Holding the Seven-Star Sword in his hand, Lan Xuanyu’s legs fully exerted themselves, and in an instant, he got himself in one stride within a range of five meters of the youth.

Only then did the young man fully react, slipping on his feet, and quickly backed away. At the same time, the second soul ring on his body bloomed, and the hilt of the Seven-Star Sword that Lan Xuanyu held in his hand made a “clang” sound, and another Seven-Star Sword immediately appeared.

As soon as the other Seven-Star Sword appeared, a disk of light was drawn in the air and slashed towards Lan Xuanyu from a very close range.

However, at this time, Lan Xuanyu’s true combat power had completely erupted, he slammed the Seven-Star Sword in his right hand towards the other Seven Star Sword coming at him. At the same time, with a wave of his left hand, a crystal clear ice ball flew out towards the youth.

The iceball exuded a bizarre color, with blue and red intertwined. As the two were very close and the young man’s Seven Star Sword already aiming for Lan Xuanyu, he could only use a footstep technique in an attempt to dodge, making his speed increase sharply, and his figure suddenly became illusory.

However, Lan Xuanyu’s ice ball did not attack him at all.

Despite Lan Xuanyu’s young age, he had plenty of combat experience ! He knew very well that it was very difficult to land a hit on a four-ring opponent, but it was not so difficult for the ground.

The ice ball landed instantly and directly hit the ground near the youth.

“Boom——” A violent explosion instantly roared, and a mass of blue and red light burst out.

Self-created skill, Ice and Fire Yin Yang Pearl !

Almost instantly, a mass of blue and red light exploded under the feet of the youth. How could one describe that feeling ? A hot and cold feeling were endlessly succeeding each other. These two diametrically opposed elements were raging crazily.

The explosion covered a huge area, making avoiding it impossible for the young man. He was immediately affected, and a layer of frost spread under his feet, stiffening his whole body. But what invaded his body on the inside was an extremely violent fire elemental aura. Stimulated by the ice element, those fire elements that had penetrated into his body were extremely violent, and immediately made the young man’s skin appear red.

What the hell is this…

At this moment, he obviously realized that he had been tricked, but his Seven-Star Sword couldn’t act without his command. After being hit so suddenly by such an attack, he was unable to wield his sword.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Pearl was essentially a soul fusion skill, weaker than a martial soul fusion technique, but even that was enough to create a shocking enough combination of energy. Ice and fire were diametrically opposed. They either annihilated each other, or were complementing each other.

Under Ji Hongbin’s guidance, Lan Xuanyu didn’t know how many attempts he made to find a delicate balance. Once detonated, the power that burst out greatly exceeded his own cultivation base. This was the power of two opposite elements.

This was the first time he applied it on the battlefield, and it achieved surprisingly good results.

Pinning down a Seven-Star Sword in his hand, and slamming away another Seven-Star Sword, Lan Xuanyu took advantage of the explosion to rush toward his opponents.Using an illusory footwork, he instantly closed up the distance.

If someone could see the way both of them moved at this time, they would definitely feel a resemblance. After getting close, Lan Xuanyu didn’t hesitate, and suddenly threw away the Seven-Star Sword in his hand, and his palms with golden scales and silver scales slammed together.

His first soul ring shone in his left hand, and a dazzling blue light combined with a golden halo.

Martial Soul Fusion skills. Unyielding spirit in the middle of extreme cold, Golden Dragon Ice Spear!

Amid a deep dragon roar, a long spear was instantly pierced forward, and the young man only felt that an extremely violent shock rushed into his brain instantly, causing his spiritual power to run amok. The next moment, an extremely sharp ice spear had already pierced into his burning body, right at the location of his heart.

As a four-ring soul master, how could he not have any means to protect himself? But in front of that Martial Soul skill, it was not just his body that was affected, he was also oppressed at the spiritual level. All in all, that attack was too fierce, too explosive and too sudden.


The young man’s eyes widened, and until this moment, he was still unable to believe that he had actually lost to a two-ring soul master. He had lost.

A light flashed, and his body disappeared out of thin air. Game over.

Lan Xuanyu landed on the ground, holding the Golden Dragon Ice Spear. This Martial Soul Fusion skill had to be materialized. With his current cultivation base, he could use it to fight for about ten seconds.

He silently felt the changes in his body, the bloodline vortex in his chest was obviously weakened a bit, and the seven-colored halo shrank inward.

When releasing the Golden Dragon Ice Spear, he controlled and contracted his bloodline vortex as much as possible, so that the energy released would not be wasted too much.

After inspecting himself for a moment in silence, the Golden Dragon Ice Spear in his hand disappeared out of thin air.

Two rings vs four rings, he won !

Being able to overcome two whole levels of cultivation and winning the battle, Lan Xuanyu definitely had the right to be proud of his achievements ! This was a combination of strength and strategy. It was also a demonstration of his true full strength.

Douluo coins went up from 50,000 to 100,000. Coupled with the original 10,000 Douluo coins, the current amount of Douluo coins for the Odd and Fantastic Squadron had increased to 110,000.

After leaving the ring, Lan Xuanyu’s expression became a bit solemn.

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