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Seven-Star Sword

Lan Mengqin frowned and said, “What’s the point of this? His battle will not bring us more audiences!”

Lan Xuanyu’s mouth twitched. Dong Qianqiu on the side couldn’t listen anymore, touching her lightly, and whispered: “If it’s sure-win, won’t our Douluo coins double again ? For those of us who have yet to participate in the Great Soul Arena competition, the first few matches in the individual category will be easy wins. Then, with every match won, our Douluo coins can be doubled, and as we go on, our gains will become incredible.”

Lan Mengqin suddenly felt enlightened and looked at Lan Xuanyu, saying, “So that’s why you just asked me how much money would lead to an increase in the difficulty of a match ?”

Lan Xuanyu sighed softly, “We are both surnamed Lan, but why is there such a big difference between our brains ? Mengqin ! I hope you’ll learn from this.”

“Lan! Xuan! Yu!” Lan Mengqin was furious and was about to rush up. But she was caught by Dong Qianqiu in a hurry.

Dong Qianqiu held back a smile, and said slightly, “Don’t provoke Mengqin big sister.”

Lan Xuanyu glanced at her deeply, smiled slightly, and said, “Okay.”

Dong Qianqiu was stunned for a moment. When did this guy become so obedient?

Yuanen Huihui looked at Lan Xuanyu, and then at Dong Qianqiu with her long dark blue hair, muttering to himself, “Isn’t that fishy ?”

Lan Xuanyu coughed, “We don’t have any time to waste, let’s start immediately. Maddie, you go first.”

Dong Qianqiu glared at Lan Xuanyu, for some reason, when looking at this guy’s expression, she wanted to kick him.

Liu Feng went to his solo match, with the two thousand Douluo coins bet on him.

Just as Lan Xuanyu had judged, it was easy to win, and two thousand became four thousand. And this confirmation made everyone’s eyes light up.

Liu Feng then went on to win three games in a row. Douluo coins changed from one thousand to sixteen thousand. With the winning streak, he also won a winning streak of fifty Douluo coins but it was negligible.

Lan Xuanyu announced that the winning streak bonus belonged to the one who did it and did not need to be shared among the team. After Liu Feng won his third match, he felt the pressure going up. However he felt that he should have a chance to win five games in a row.

But Lan Xuanyu stopped him at this point. The reason was simple, there was simply too much money, and in an uncertain situation, they had to stop. The most important thing about his method was that they couldn’t afford to lose, or all of their previous efforts would be for naught.

Lan Xuanyu was the second to fight, and they also bet all the money on him. But this time, he adjusted slightly, leaving aside a thousand Douluo coins, their initial investment. The waged amount was 15,000 Douluo coins.

Sure enough, the opponent in the first match also had a two-ring cultivation base. Lan Xuanyu was a Twin Martial Soul master. In the two-ring realm, he was invincible. He easily won and they reached thirty thousand Douluo coins.

In the second match, his opponent directly jumped to a three-ring soul master, perhaps because of him being a twin soul master. Another win.

30,000 becomes 60,000!

Seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but feel their heartbeat quicken.

Lan Xuanyu took out 10,000 Douluo coins and kept them. During his third match, only 50,000 Douluo coins were bet. They no longer had to stake everything, in case something happened. Having ten thousand Douluo coins as a foundation, even if he lost, there was still a chance to make a comeback.

Facts proved that Lan Xuanyu’s judgment was correct. When he entered the Great Soul

Arena again, he suddenly discovered that his opponent had directly become a four-ring soul master.

Whilst Liu Feng’s opponent in the third round had only three rings.

Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath, and he immediately understood that the amount of the bet would also affect the opponent’s strength. Douluo World’s system was undoubtedly very smart.

On the opposite side was a young man, at least seventeen or eighteen years old. When two yellow and two purple soul rings appeared, Lan Xuanyu felt alarmed, but he quickly calmed himself.

Fortunately, the opponent did not have four purple soul rings, or a ten thousand year-level soul ring appeared. If that was the case, his chances would have been really slim.

In a ring like this, if Lan Xuanyu was facing a strong opponent at Bing Tianliang’s level, he would hardly have any chance with his two-ring cultivation base.

But if it was just an ordinary four-ring soul master, he definitely stood a chance.

When the opponent saw him, he was also stunned for a moment. Obviously, he didn’t expect to stumble upon a random opponent who looked so young.

Lan Xuanyu released the Blue Silver Grass from both hands, with scales covering his palms.

“Twin souls ?” The four-ring soul master on the opposite side narrowed his eyes and smiled: “Interesting. Little brother, do you think your twin soul can fight me who is two whole levels higher ?”

Lan Xuanyu smiled, “Big brother, I’m just trying! Can you let me fight for a while. My teacher said that longer fighting time will help stimulate my potential. I definitely can’t win. Can you let me hold on for a while..”

“Okay.” The young man agreed very happily.

One had to admit this world was kind to pretty faces, Lan Xuanyu was good-looking, and with those big innocent eyes of his, he seemed really innocent.

“You and my little brother are about the same age, and you can already participate in the Great Soul Arena. That’s impressive ! Twin souls, two-ring cultivation base. It’s pretty good. However, generally you should not be too anxious to attach soul rings to your second martial soul. You can discuss this with your teacher when you go back.” The young man was quite well-intentioned, and he gave Lan Xuanyu some pointers.

It was really hard for him to feel threatened seeing Lan Xuanyu two yellow soul rings.

“Okay, thank you big brother. Then here I come Lan Xuanyu said as he ran towards the youth.

The young man smiled slightly, with one hand behind him, and the other hand stretched out, making a “please” gesture to Lan Xuanyu. It indeed looked quite cool.

This young man’s martial soul was a longsword, floating beside him, but he did not raise his hand to hold the sword. He just looked at Lan Xuanyu with a smile, thinking in his heart that the system was not bad to him! This match looked very relaxed and that would make his fifth win in a row. There was a bonus of one hundred Douluo coins for five consecutive victories. Not bad, not bad.

As he pondered, Lan Xuanyu had rushed to a place about 20 meters away from him.

“Little brother, be careful.” The young man reminded him, pointing his right hand. The long sword beside him had already shot towards Lan Xuanyu, but its speed was not too fast.

Lan Xuanyu noticed that on his long sword, there were faint patterns of seven stars. Was his martial soul the Seven-Star Sword?

A flying sword ! He had heard of this Seven Star Sword Martial Soul in the past. The most powerful aspect about the Seven Star Sword was its ability to transform. The Seven Star Sword could transform into seven swords at once, with extraordinary power.

This was a kind of martial soul that seeked the pinnacle. Every time a soul ring was added, the Seven Star Sword could be divided into one more sword. There was no other special effect, but with the increase in the number of Seven Star Swords, its attack power increased. Its specific power relied on the personal control ability of the wielder.

A soul master with this kind of martial soul was generally not weak in terms of spiritual power.

Having four rings would allow him to separate into four swords.

A Seven-Star Sword Soul Master’s first skill was Float, allowing the Seven-Star Sword to attack and defend, and starting from the second soul skill, the number of longswords would increase. Every additional sword doubled the attack power.

This was a very powerful lineage of martial soul sword, but because it was too strong, similarly to the Seven-Glazed Pagoda, after reaching the seventh ring, it was difficult to continue to improve further.

Seeing the Seven Star Sword slashing towards him, Lan Xuanyu seemed to be frightened. He leaped vertically to avoid it and at the same time, the silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass with his left hand flung out, trying to entangle the Seven Star Sword.

In fact, Lan Xuanyu himself felt relieved at this moment. He didn’t recognize this as the Seven-Star Sword martial soul until it was close up. This was clearly a martial soul who excelled at mid-range combat! If he was fifty meters away, the opponent would attack with his four swords at once, and he would hardly have any chance. Even his Martial Soul Fusion technique was useless, because the opponent was too far away !

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