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Assets growing explosively

TL : GoldenLung

According to his plan, everyone would first fight a few individual matches, and each one would have all or most of the Douluo coins at stake. Doing so would allow them to make their gains grow exponentially and harvest a huge sum.

But after these few matches, Lan Xuanyu found out that the Douluo World’s system did not have any loopholes. The strength of the opponent he faced in individual matches was obviously different from those Liu Feng had faced.

They couldn’t afford to lose. With this betting method, a loss meant losing everything.

The five of them gathered together, Lan Xuanyu explained that he had already faced an opponent at a four-ring cultivation base, and one that was quite strong even among his peers.

“Then what should we do next?” Yuanen Huihui asked.

Liu Feng said: “We have gained quite a lot already. One hundred and ten thousand Douluo coins can exchange for 110 white emblems.”

“Qianqiu, your turn for the next one.” Lan Xuanyu looked at Dong Qianqiu.

Dong Qianqiu nodded, she had never participated yet in a match. Lan Mengqin said: “How much do we bet ?”

Lan Xuanyu narrowed his eyes, “Ten thousand.”

“So little ?” Lan Mengqin was puzzled.

Lan Xuanyu said: “Let’s try it first. We still have you after that. We have to test how precise Douluo World’s system analyzing abilities can reach. After all, this is Qianqiu’s first time participating in the individual category. We need to confirm whether she’ll face a particularly powerful opponent or not. If, like me, she fights against an opponent with one or even the two greater levels of cultivation, we can go back home and sleep.”

“Okay, let me try.”

Dong Qianqiu’s turn to fight. Amount of coins bet : ten thousand Douluo coins.

This time, Lan Xuanyu specially bought tickets to watch the battle.

A light flickered, Dong Qianqiu and her opponent appeared on the battlefield at the same time.

When both sides released their Martial Souls, Lan Xuanyu’s pupils who were sitting in the stands suddenly shrank. Four rings, Dong Qianqiu’s opponent, was a four-ring soul master.

Fortunately, it was not a five-ring. Lan Xuanyu thought to himself.

Could Dong Qianqiu win?

After releasing her martial soul, seeing three soul rings rise up from Dong Qianqiu’s feet, all purple, made her opponent on the opposite side seem stunned.

Seeing that her opponent’s four soul rings consisted of two yellow and two purple ones Lan Xuanyu breathed a sigh of relief. Judging from the soul rings’ colors, this soul ancestor wasn’t a particularly powerful one.

The opponent’s martial soul was a battle sword, an assault type battle soul master. Its attack power was not weak. However, Dong Qianqiu’s figure moved nimbly and he did not try to fight through raw strength, relying on the control of her second soul skill, Ice Tide, she gradually weakened her opponent.

In the end, she traded an injury for his life and successfully defeated her opponent that was a whole level higher.

Ten thousand Douluo coins thus became twenty thousand.

At the end of the match, after Dong Qianqiu came out, she frowned slightly. Although she won this battle, her opponent was a four-ring soul master after all, which still brought her considerable pressure.

“We’ve got one hundred twenty thousand now.”

“Qianqiu don’t continue anymore. Mengqin, your turn for a match. This time, we’ll stake everything, the one hundred and twenty thousand coins are all on you. You must be mentally prepared. The opponent you will face will surely be a five-ring soul master, but it shouldn’t be a particularly powerful one. It’s just that it’s possible he might have a martial soul that counters yours. From Qianqiu’s battle, although the system will find a stronger opponent because of the amount of bet coins, it should still be controlled within a certain range. Especially if you are competing for the first time.”

Lan Mengqin looked at Lan Xuanyu in surprise, “You trust me that much ?”

Lan Xuanyu smiled slightly, and said, “High risk high rewards. You have twin souls, both focused on controlling. Relatively speaking, a control system spirit master is the most all-around kind of soul master. With your controlling abilities, your opponent should be a strong assault type battle soul master, and may be good at long-range attacks. I suggest you directly use your self Martial Soul Fusion skill once you find a good opportunity. Win in one swoop. Whether we become millionaires or beggars it’s up to you now.”

Lan Mengqin rolled her eyes, “I will definitely win.” After saying that, she went to bet the coins.

120,000 Douluo coins, all bet on Lan Mengqin.

This time, everyone else watched the match.

When the four of them saw Lan Mengqin’s opponent in the battlefield, the eyes of the other three were almost immediately on Lan Xuanyu.

His judgement was right in the bull’s eye.

Lan Mengqin’s opponent was impressively a five-ring assault type battle soul king who specialized in long-range attacks. His martial soul was related to the fire element, it was a fire stick that summoned various kinds of fire elementals to fight, with an ability to control to some extent the field.

Especially at the beginning where a fire cloud was released, it greatly weakened the control range of Lan Mengqin’s Heavenly Snow Woman skill Snow Mist. Amid the fire cloud, there was a constant deluge of fireballs, the opponent’s control skill was by no means weak.

But Lan Mengqin did not disappoint her partners, she fully demonstrated her fighting wisdom. She didn’t release her second martial soul right at the beginning, and acted as if she was overwhelmed by her opponent, like a poor tortoise shrinking into the corner, only relying on Snow Mist to barely resist the attacks.

At the moment her opponent thought he won, the Martial Soul Fusion Technique Ice Phoenix Dance appeared. At the same time, there was Jade Phoenix Guqin’s first soul skill, that terrifying tumultuous note interfered with her opponent’s spiritual power, and he failed to explode with all his strength. He was instantly frozen by Ice Phoenix Dance.

How could Lan Mengqin let such an opportunity pass? Heavenly Snow Woman’s fourth soul skill, Deep Blue Frost Sword, wiped her opponent in one strike.

Their assets rose from one hundred twenty thousands to two hundred forty thousand. They really became rich overnight!

When Lan Mengqin came out, Dong Qianqiu immediately rushed forward and gave her a big hug.

“Mengqin big sis, you are amazing.” Dong Qianqiu said excitedly.

At this moment, everyone was a little excited. What did 240,000 Douluo coins mean? They could already exchange for dozens of yellow emblems ! As for white emblems they could get as much as 240. If this was done through tasks, how many would they have needed to do !

Lan Mengqin looked at Lan Xuanyu somewhat triumphantly, her eyes seemed to be saying, awesome right ?

But Lan Xuanyu’s face at the moment did not look so good.

“Xuanyu, what’s the matter?” Liu Feng couldn’t help asking when seeing his expression. They had already gained a lot!

Lan Xuanyu said helplessly: “It’s a little bit worse than I expected. It seems that there is no more chance.”

Lan Mengqin didn’t sing against him again this time, “Well, I was not absolutely sure I could win just now. That guy’s fifth soul skill was extremely powerful, if it weren’t for me interfering his spiritual power, I might not have won. If the opponent was stronger, I definitely would not have stood a chance.”

Dong Qianqiu said: “Two hundred and forty thousand, it’s already not bad. And with the remaining seven days, we can also try to think of another way to earn some more Douluo coins.”

Lan Xuanyu narrowed his eyes and said, “One last, and then we will stop.”

“Another again ?” Dong Qianqiu looked at him in surprise.

Lan Xuanyu smiled slightly, “We only had one five-vs-five team battle. Because of Liu Feng and me having two rings, even taking into account that the system will prepare us stronger opponents, there shouldn’t be a six-ring soul master. At most, one or two five-ring and the others being four-ring. Moreover, our odds of winning should be relatively big.”

“Okay, I agree. Worst case we do everything all over again.” Yuanen Huihui said eagerly.

“Don’t jinx it!” Lan Mengqin said in an exasperated tone.

Lan Xuanyu said: “If we win this game again, we will be able to have 480,000 Douluo coins. We will then find other ways to earn some more in the remaining time.”

“Let’s talk about that after winning.” Lan Mengqin said. Actually, she was a little worried. After all, judging from the opponent she had just faced, they must have been noticed by the system. If they bet 240,000 coins, their opponents would definitely be very strong. Winning would not be easy.

But she also had to admit that Lan Xuanyu was right, they did have some chances of winning.

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