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Counting while competing

Yuanen Huihui took a moment to think and said: “It should have an impact. The underlying algorithm should be the following : on a two-vs-two match, if there is a person who has already participated in a one-vs-one match, then he counts as half of the team’s overall strength and the other half is the other person.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said, “I see, let’s first calculate the formula. Oh, right, one more question, will the number of bets affect the strength of the opponent?”

Yuanen Huihui stared blankly, “I don’t know about this.”

Lan Xuanyu looked at Lan Mengqin, and she said, “As far as I know, it shouldn’t. But it’s not ruled out that it will be affected if the amount of bets is huge.”

Lan Xuanyu pursued, “How many do you mean by huge amount ?”

Lan Mengqin said impatiently, “I don’t know. Maybe one hundred thousand, maybe one million. Why are you asking so many messy questions? Let’s just go and fight.”

Lan Xuanyu smiled slightly, and said, “Do you think that me asking you 30% of the income was a waste? If we plan it carefully, we might be able to harvest gains far beyond your wildest imagination within these seven days. “

“Odd and Fantastic Squadron please get ready, Odd and Fantastic Squadron please get ready.” An electronic sound suddenly sounded, their first game in the Great Soul Arena was about to begin.

Lan Xuanyu narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Let’s go.”

When the electronic sound resounded, the metal door in front of them had slowly opened, revealing a way to the inside. On the red carpet floor, there was no cheering and noise, everything seemed very quiet.

The five of them stepped inside, and inside was a huge square. Visually, it seemed as huge as the entire Great Soul Arena. There was a very large venue with a diameter of at least 500 meters with a ground made of stone. No one was in the auditorium, giving off a very deserted vibe.

In a passage in the distance across from them, five people also walked out, all looking seventeen or eighteen years old, dressed in fancy clothes, slightly reminiscent of a hip-hop style. They excitedly jumped in.

“Odd and Fantastic Squadron versus Fancy Squadron. Five vs five. The contest is over once one side is wiped out. Start of the countdown : ten, nine, eight…”

Fancy Squadron…

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but roast them in his heart. Without joking, they lived up to that name.

The five guys on the opposite side of the Fancy Squadron obviously saw them too, and they looked surprised. The young man at the front with rainbow-colored short hair laughed and said: “A bunch of little kids are also here to participate in the competition. Do you have too much money to burn ? Hurry up and admit defeat. Big brother will invite you to eat ice cream with the hundred soul coins we have bet.”

“Three, two, one. The match begins.”

Accompanied by the electronic announcement, the Fancy Squadron on the opposite team roared, the five of them then rushed towards Lan Xuanyu and the others without any fighting stance. While running, they also released their Martial Soul.

There were four two-ring, and one three-ring. The leader had three yellow rank soul rings, not even a single purple ring could be seen.

“They dare to ridicule us, let me wipe the floor with them. What’s wrong with our young age!” Yuanen Huihui said as he was about to make a move, but Lan Xuanyu raised his hand to stop him.

“Maddie, go with me. The three of you don’t make a move. I suspect that the calculation method of this Great Soul Arena is related to our soul ring cultivation. But our data had not been collected when registering, which means that It will definitely be collected during the match. We’ll try to not expose ourselves as much as possible. When we start the next round, we will see if our opponent’s strength will be reduced.”

While talking, Lan Xuanyu threw out a golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass from his right hand and wrapped it directly around Liu Feng’s waist. The two rushed out together, releasing their own soul rings.

Although only two people rushed out, the Fancy team was shocked when they saw that Liu Feng actually had two purple soul rings.

The three-ring soul master in the center screamed, then a layer of scales suddenly appeared on his body, his eyes protruding, and his pupils vertically slit. Fiercely opening his mouth, his tongue shot out, aiming straight towards Liu Feng. At the same time, his legs became stout and he bounced up, speeding up sharply.

This was a toad kind of Martial Soul, which was quite rare, but it was definitely not a strong one.

Lan Xuanyu raised his left hand, his second soul ring flashed lightly, and a fireball shot out. In the next instant, his first spirit ring flashed, four ice cones shot out, intercepting the other four people.

The target of the fireball was the toad soul master’s tongue. A “croak” sound came out from his mouth and then his legs suddenly kicked out in the air, accelerating a second time midair and avoiding the fireball. His tongue was about to reach Liu Feng.

The White Dragon Spear shot out, with his first soul ring shining, Rise of the White Dragon !

It collided with the tip of the toad’s tongue and made a “puff” sound.

The tongue was incredibly tough, and was not cut by the spear’s tip. But the floating effect of Rise of the White Dragon was still applied, causing the toad soul master to levitate into the air with his tongue, temporarily losing control of his body.

At this moment, the fireball that the toad soul master thought he had avoided suddenly exploded not far behind him, and small fireballs swarmed up, bombarding his temporarily out of control body in quick succession.

After all that time working together, Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng were definitely in a tacit understanding. This combination attack was quite formidable. Not to mention that Liu Feng’s fighting power was by no means inferior to a three-ring soul master under the golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass’s buff.

The other four soul masters from the Fancy Squadron released their martial soul and used their skills to intercept the ice cones fired by Lan Xuanyu.

But strangely, when the ice cones were within a three meters radius from them, they suddenly fell and stabbed the ground. The ice cones then exploded one after another, creating suddenly a layer of ice on the ground. The attacks of the four two-ring soul grandmasters only hit air. However, their bodies slipped because of the ice as they were rushing forward. They all lost control to varying degrees, and none had the leisure to support the toad soul master.

Along with his spear, Liu Feng’s speed had exploded to the extreme in an instant. The White Dragon Spear in his hand echoed a dragon roar, and a Silver Moon Spear Light that was more than a foot long spouted out.

The toad soul master shrieked miserably from being bombarded by the fireballs and could not do anything else, without even having the time to release his second and third soul skills, the White Dragon Spear pierced his chest. He turned into a light and disappeared from the Great Soul Arena.

The rest of the battle was simple. Liu Feng rushed forward alone. Relying on his super fast speed, it took him a dozen breaths’ time to clean up the battlefield and kill all of the enemies.

“The Odd and Fantastic Squadron won.”

End of the match, as there were no spectators naturally there was no applause.

Yuanen Huihui, Lan Mengqin, and Dong Qianqiu didn’t feel much about the fighting power displayed by Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng. They were from Shrek, it was a normal thing to have such abilities, and nothing to be proud of. The most important thing was that their one thousand Douluo coins had transformed into two thousand.

“Continue? I think consecutively winning seven times wouldn’t be a problem.” Liu Feng said eagerly.

Lan Xuanyu waved his hand and said, “This time was just an attempt, no need to continue. For the rest listen to me. Liu Feng, you go first, do a one-vs-one match.”

Liu Feng was taken aback, “By myself?”

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said: “Yes, by yourself. From the previous matches, it’s easy to guess that most of the junior soul masters under the age of 20 are at a two-ring cultivation level. As your first one-vs-one match, the opponent you will face will almost certainly have a two-ring cultivation, like you. So, this time, the win is yours.”

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