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*your properties are with me I didn’t touched it I only help you guys to look after it am very sorry Please forgive me’ Mr Cole said.

“why don’t you tell me all this before now?” Mrs Cole asked her husband.

“am sorry am just ashamed of my self cause I was a fool to believe Collins then” Mr cole said.

“you should have told me you killed him for self defense before now” Xander said and Mr Cole scoffed.

“did you even listen to me you don’t want to give me a listening ear then” Mr Cole said.

“Am very sorry dad” Xander said.

“Alora you have no choice than to forgive him, he is not at fault. Collins is the greedy and wicked one here” Mrs Houston said.

“I won’t watch you insult my father” Tonia said. “look here Tonia I will revenge my parents dead, your father killed my parents what if I kill you too” Alora said smiling.

“you dare not Tonia said and ran out. “Am very sorry dear” Mr Cole plead.

“you don’t need to be sorry sir you’re a good friend. I don’t know why you said you killed him when you didn’t kill him” Alora said.

“I killed him cause I and Collins once planned against him” Mr cole said. “you did what many human being will do” I have forgiven you” Alora said and hug Mr cole.

“thank you my daughter” Mr cole said patting Alora back. “Dad that back is mine not yours” Xander said and Alora scoff.

“so he is now your father” Mrs Cole said. “yeah that’s let by gone be by gone” Xander said.

“I can’t let bygone be bygone I need to punish you for disrespecting my husband then” Mrs Cole said and nod Xander on his head.

“ouch” Xander wince in pain. “mum did you want to killed my love for me?” Alora asked.

“Alora let me teach him a lesson for disrespecting my husband” Mrs Cole said.

Mr Houston clear his throat and they all keep quiet. “oh is the president” Andrew shouted.

Mr Cole and Mrs cole look closely and realize is the president sitting with them. “your Excellency sir” Mr cole greeted with a bow.

“we are very sorry sir we never knew you are here” Mrs Cole said.

“what’s he doing here and who’s he to you” Mrs Cole whisper to Alora. “he is my uncle” Alora replied.

“oh” Mrs Cole muttered. “we are very sorry sir” Andrew said.

“no problem thank God you have solved the problem and I hope you have learnt your lessons, you shouldn’t trust your friends” Mr Houston said.

“I don’t even have friends again. thank you is Excellency” Mr Cole replied.

“Alora we will be on our way are you coming with us?” Mr Houston asked.

“no sir she’s not coming with you” Xander said and Mr Houston smile.

“anyway take good care of her if anything happens to her, am sure you know what am capable of doing” Mr Houston said.

“Sandra baby let go” Mr Houston said. Andrew signal Sandra not to go and she smiled.

“Dad am not ready to go I will come to the house later” Sandra said and Mrs Houston gave her a knowing look.

“honey her boyfriend is here” Mrs Houston whisper to her husband. “really where is he?” Mr Houston asked and Mrs Houston point to Andrew.

Andrew ran and hide at the back of his mother. “hey what happen get out of my back” Mrs Cole said.

“mum stay still please” Andrew beg. Sandra went and drag him out. “are you ashamed of me?” Sandra asked.

“No never am just afraid I don’t know what your father have in stall for me” Andrew said.

“you’re my favorite musician, so I can’t do anything to you” Mr Houston said and spread his arm Open.

Andrew went and hug him. “take care of my daughter. and you Mr cole tell your son’s to take care of my daughters” Mr Houston said and went out.

Andrew breathe out in relief. “lazy ass” Xander said.

“hey watch your tongue before I bite it” Andrew said. “says who?” Alora asked.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here can someone please explain to me” Mrs Cole said and put her hands on her waist.

“mum this is Andrew girlfriend” Xander said. “finally I thought you will die a virgin” Mrs Cole said and they all burst into laughter.

“mum you’re embarrassing me” Andrew said and cover his face with his hands.

“ERM aunt did you like me?” Sandra asked. “why not” Mrs cole said. I mean did you remember me?” Sandra asked.

“very well as far as you guys love each other and okay with that” Mrs Cole said.

“I told you” Andrew said.

“Hey boys nothing most happen to this beautiful girls his Excellency gave you, most especially you Xander, I don’t trust you” Mr Cole said.

“you gat to trust me man cause I am now a change person” Xander said.

“you don’t need to warn him I am capable of him” Alora said.

“Am thinking we should go on another date since you ruin the first one” Xander said.

“no we can go on a date later, we need to go home Everett haven’t eaten and I didn’t trust Tonia with the boy” Alora said.

“alright let me go and sign the discharge papers so we can go home with father” Xander said.


They went back to Xander mansion and was surprised to see Tonia sitting down with a bowl of popcorn on her head.

“I thought you ran away what are you still doing here?” Alora asked.

“Am not ready to leave, if am going am going with my son” Tonia said. you dare not, which son did you wanna go with, you don’t have any right on that boy cause you don’t deserve to be called a mother” Alora said.

Everett heard Alora voice and he come out of the room happily.

“aunt welcome, am hungry” Everett whisper to Alora.

“can you imagine you are here with a bowl of popcorn and this little boy haven’t eaten” Alora said and collect the popcorn from and she empty it on Tonia head.

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