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“yes sir I escaped cause I need to tell you something” martins said. ‘something about what?’ Mr Cole asked. ‘about my boss Mr George’ Collins replied.

‘your boss you mean George?’ Mr cole asked. ‘go ahead am listening’ Mr cole replied.

‘my boss isn’t the thief here it your friend Mr Collins, Mr Collins ambush us and killed the whole boys, he didn’t killed me cause he wanna used me for his selfish interest.

the goods is with mr Collins. he took my phone from him and gave it to one of his guards to call Mr George. the goods is with Mr Collins’ martins said.

‘martins are you sure about what you just said?’ Mr cole asked. ‘yes am very sure Mr George is innocent’ Collins said.

‘why don’t you tell me earlier. today is the day we planned to killed him’ Mr Cole said Angrily.

he took one of his phone and input new simcard inside it, he sent Mr George a message.

’if you still value your life and that of your family run far away from that house immediately’ Mr Cole said. ‘i pray he sees it’ Mr Cole said.

you take him to the boys quarter and you guys shouldn’t tell anyone that he is here Mr Cole said to his boys.”

‘Mr George was in his house with his family when he saw a message from a strange number,’if you still value your life and that of your family run away from that house’ Mr George read aloud.

‘darling can you please repeat that message’ Mrs George said and collect the phone from his husband.

‘but who could be after me and family?’ Mr George asked. ‘darling their is no time for questioning and none of us know the reason the best thing is that we should leave this house right away’ Mrs George said.

‘go and get the children immediately’Mr George said. Mrs George rush inside the room to get the children. ‘where are we going all to?’ little Alora asked.

‘dear let go Mr George said and they all rushed outside and enter one of the car.

the security man saw the way they rushed outside and went to meet them. ‘boss what happened?’ he asked. ‘am leaving this house you take care, everything here is yours now’

why boss?’ James the security man asked. ‘we are relocating, I bought a house in another place make sure you leave this house also you should come back in a week times.

“go and opened the gate’ Mrs George shouted. the security man rushed to open the gate and they drove up with speed.

Few hours later Mr Collins drive into Mr George house with Mr Cole sitting by his side. they were surprised or should I say Mr Collins was surprised to see the door open. ‘what’s happening here? why is the door open’ Mr cole asked mr George pretending to be surprised. ‘let check inside they might be inside the house who knows’ Mr Collins said. they went inside the house they search and search all to know avail. ‘i think George have ran away and I knew who told him to run’ Mr Collins said. and Mr Cole heart skip ‘who did you you suspect’ Mr Cole asked with a shaking voice. ‘who else if not for that bastard. martins. he escape from where I locked him’ Mr Collins said and Mr Cole breathe out in relief. ‘how could you and your boys be so foolish to allow him ran away you have spoilt my plan now’ Mr Cole said pretending to be angry. ‘dont worry I will find another way trust me we will kill him before the end of this year’ Mr Collins said. ‘are you sure?’ Mr Cole asked. ‘very sure Mr Collins replied.

some months later

‘Cole it has been months now, that we have been looking for George so can Kill him and share the property’ Mr Collins said.

‘ we need to continue searching till we find him’ mr Cole said.

‘fool you will never come across him till you die’ Mr Cole thought. ‘good evening brother’ Mr cole younger brother Dennis greet. ‘Dennis it has been long I saw you didn’t tell me you are coming?’ Mr Cole asked.

‘am sorry brother I came to do some important things and before I forget I saw your friend Mr George some days ago’ Dennis said.

‘you mean George where did you see?’ Mr Collins asked.

Mr Cole try to signal Dennis not to say anything but he didn’t look at him and continue talking.

‘God which kind of brother is this and why did he come by this time when Collins is around I need to do something Mr Cole thought.

‘Dennis what did you come to do? you need to gist me cause I have missed you alot’ Mr Cole asked to distract him but he didn’t answered him and continue talking.

‘this boys is unbelievable’ Mr Cole thought.

some days later

Mr Collins collect mr George house contact from Dennis Mr Cole younger brother. he went to there house and temper with there car tire.

unfortunately for mr George and his wife they didn’t check the car before they take it out.

‘Cole I made it, I killed them both, I killed George and his wife by disconnecting the battery wire and connect it on the wrong wire’ Mr Collins said happily. ‘so it time to share the property’ Mr Collins added.

‘whattt!!!!!’ Mr cole shouted. ‘why are you shouting aren’t you going I have killed our worst enemy the only thing remaining is to share his properties’ Mr collins said.

‘i never knew you are this heartless I was afraid to confront you before not anymore.

George have been nothing but a good friends to us, or did you think I don’t know you’re the one that stole the goods your secret have been exposed.

I won’t give you one thing out of George properties cause it’s not ours. am going to return the properties to his children’ Mr Cole said.

‘you must be joking, if you don’t bring out the file with you right I will kill you and still take the properties with me’ Mr Collins said. ‘you aren’t talking anything away from this place cause am also ready for you’ Mr cole said.

‘cole you’re daring me’ Mr Collins said and bring out gun from his baby pocket.

he was about to shot the gun but Mr Cole outsmart him and hit a stood in his head Mr cole bounce on him and struggle him to death. Xander enter the house at that moment and scream.

‘Dad what have you done’ Xander shouted and ran to his room. Mrs Cole was also surprised to see her husband in that way. Mrs Cole and there security rushed Mr Collins to the hospital

Mrs Cole waited for an hour pacing to and fro in the hospital before the doctor come outside and announce the death of Mr Collins.

the doctors told Mrs Cole to go home that he has called his family members to come and Carry his corpse.

end of flashback

‘The only thing I regret is i believed Collins and I never regretted killing Collins. and as for the properties.

your properties are with me I didn’t touched it I only help you guys to look after it am very sorry Please forgive me’ Mr Cole said

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