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Willingly Throwing Himself into the Net ?

Tang Yue came to Tang Zhenhua’s side in one stride. No longer having the leisure to care about not dirtying himself, he grabbed his collar and roared, “How much is this kid’s Life Affinity ?”

Tang Zhenhua was stunned, “I don’t know! Shouldn’t you know better than me in this regard?”

Tang Yue’s eyes widened suddenly, “You don’t know? Would you dare to bring him to me if you didn’t know? Did you know that he almost killed himself just now. If he directly exploded from absorbing too much life energy, then that would have made you a sinner. My teacher will never let you go. Judging from the reaction just now, this child’s Life Affinity is at least 90% or more. Do you know what this means? It means the degree of his Life Affinity is higher than mine, and it is likely to reach the level of my teacher.”

“Ah? Can it reach the level of Old Shu? This is impossible, right?” Tang Zhenhua was left a little dazed.

“What’s impossible. You must watch over him closely, in case something goes south. I will go to Teacher now. Great, great, we will finally have a successor.” while saying this, Tang Yue was about to leave.

Tang Zhenhua hurriedly grabbed Tang Yue, and said eagerly, “Brother Yue, don’t do this ! What should I do if your teacher comes here ? This is my disciple, you guys can’t steal him from me !”

Tang Yue said angrily: “Don’t talk nonsense. Do you know the meaning of having a Life

Affinity over ninety? Let me tell you, this is an event major enough for organizing a Sea God Pavillion Conference. Even if you call your teacher for help, it’s useless, this child can only belong to our Life School.” After he said that he slapped Tang Zhenhua’s hand away, and soul rings successively lit up from his feet, six black and three red, a total of nine soul rings emerged. The next moment, he shot out like an arrow, and went straight in the direction of the Eternal Tree.

As he was flying, layers of green halo rose from below and surrounded his body, taking the shape of green and gold wings on his back.

Seeing his leaving figure, Tang Zhenhua didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Did I just lift a rock and hit my foot with it ? I wanted to take advantage of him, but now the situation is out of control. What can I do? No, I must not let this happen. I absolutely can’t let them snatch him away like this.”

While talking, he quickly raised his left hand and pressed his soul communicator to dial a number.

Soon, there was a cold voice from the other side, “What ?”

“Honey. Ah, don’t hang up!” Right after Tang Zhenhua’s first word, the other side hung up.

He hurriedly dialed again, but was not connected at all and was hung up again.

Tang Zhenhua looked speechless, but the matter was so important that he could only call it over and over again.

Finally, on the seventh time, the other side was connected, “Tang Zhenhua, what do you want ?” An angry roar came from the other side.

Qian Lei, who was kneeling in the office of the Outer Court’s dean, his body completely stiff and brain half-conscious, was suddenly awakened by the roar. He shuddered and blurted out: “I, I didn’t do anything!”

“I wasn’t talking about you.” Ying Luohong said in an angry tone.

On the other side, Tang Zhenhua said eagerly: “Dean, something bad happened. You have to help me in this matter.” This time he didn’t dare to call her “honey”.

The anger on Ying Luohong’s face slightly lowered, and was replaced by one of suspicion. She knew Tang Zhenhua too well. This guy was proud to an unbelievable degree. He seldom begged her like this.

“What happened?”

Tang Zhenhua said solemnly: “There is something I have to tell you. You remember this kid, Lan Xuanyu ? He has a Life Affinity Physique.”

“Huh?” Ying Luohong was stunned, “Life Affinity Physique? Are you not mistaken? During the physical examination, nothing was found concerning this. Wait, if I remember his blood test seemed to have a peculiar response to life energy. It seemed to be able to swallow life energy. What’s wrong? Do you plan to contact the Life School to test his affinity? I suggest you not. Nowadays, students with Life Affinity are rare. Once discovered, they will probably steal them from you.”

Tang Zhenhua smiled bitterly: “That’s the problem. I didn’t expect his Life Affinity to be that high, so I told him to exchange for a session of cultivation at Sea God Lake, originally intending to take advantage of that fact. Who would have thought that once this kid entered the Sea God Lake, this happened…”

He then described what happened just now.

Listening to his narration, Ying Luohong’s eyes suddenly widened. Finally, she erupted, her shrill voice could be heard almost throughout the entire teaching building.

“Are you a pig? You’re a pig right ?” Ying Luohong roared at her Shrek communicator, her anger completely out of control.

“I don’t understand, how can a person’s mind become like this? You can even do this kind of thing? If he gets snatched away, I will never let you off the hook. Stay where you are now, even if Old Shu comes, we can’t let him take our people away. I’ll go over now.” Ying Luohong was about to die from anger because of a certain person.

“Don’t lose your cool.” Keeping his communicator as far away as possible from his ears. Tang Zhenhua said helplessly: “I didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Tang Yue earlier said just now that when you meet someone with such a high affinity, they would even call upon a Sea God Pavilion Conference to take him away. What should we do?”

Ying Luohong said angrily: “Fart, let me see who can snatch my Outer Court students. I’ll call Teacher. You wait for me there!” After finishing speaking, she hung up the communication and rushed out like a gust of wind.

Qian Lei was still kneeling there. At this moment, he was much more sober, muttering to himself: “Their conversion just now, was it about Xuanyu?”

Lan Xuanyu knew nothing of what was happening outside. He was currently completely immersed in an ocean of life.

After last night’s probing, when he started to feel full, he immediately used yesterday’s cultivation method to transform the excessive life energy into his own soul power, through the seven-colored energy in his bloodline vortex. His soul power followed the cultivation path of Mysterious Heavenly Skill to form a cycle.

Soon, he felt that his body had completely entered a wonderful state under the cleansing of an incomparable amount of life energy.

His bloodline was greedily absorbing these life energies to replenish itself, but its speed of digestion was limited. The overflowing life energy was converted into soul power. Although the effects were quite good in this conversion process, the soul power that came from this was quite basic and a bit impure. Under his control, before merging with his soul power, he had to go through another process of compression.

But even so, it was much, much faster than when he was cultivating before.

He deliberately focused his attention on the seven-colored rays of light in the center of his bloodline vortex. This time he was completely sure that it was imperceptibly growing stronger. Although very slow, it was indeed accumulating more energy ! Just knowing this was enough.

The life energy in the Sea God Lake was almost infinite, he didn’t need to worry about having not enough life energy to absorb. His self-made cultivation method finally went through a whole cycle, and this feeling was really wonderful. His soul power was increasing almost at a speed visible to the naked eye.

With a flash of light, another person appeared beside Tang Zhenhua, it was Ying Luohong.

As soon as the she arrived, Ying Luohong lifted her leg and kicked Tang Zhenhua in the buttocks, “Are you stupid? Tell me are you stupid? Do you know that you just willingly threw yourself into the net ?”

Tang Zhenhua made a bitter face and didn’t fight back. “How could I know this would happen? Why didn’t you check his Life Affinity during the physical examination?”

Ying Luohong said angrily: “That would be checked only after enrollment. Who knew that you brought him to the Sea God Lake so soon to cultivate?” As she said, she also cast her eyes on Lan Xuanyu, and she saw that, sitting in the lake, Lan Xuanyu’s whole body was shining with a green halo. Standing on the shore she could feel this kid greedily taking in life energy, although for their level of cultivation, it didn’t count as a lot. However, for a two-rings soul master, he was absorbing too much!

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