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Cultivating in the Sea God Lake

Translator : GoldenLung

“He is my new disciple, Xuanyu. Greet Teacher Tang Yue.” Tang Zhenhua pointed to Lan Xuanyu next to him.

Lan Xuanyu hurriedly took two steps forward, “Hello teacher.”

Tang Yue cast his gaze on him, his eyes immediately brightened up. Lan Xuanyu immediately left a good impression on him. He liked clean things and also good-looking people. He immediately took a liking to him, “Not bad, not bad at all. I didn’t expect sloppy ghost to have such great eyes for people. However, this child and you don’t mesh very well. How about transferring him to me ?”

Hearing his words, Tang Zhenhua surprisingly didn’t get angry, but said with a surprised look: “What? Are you ready to go out of your hole to accept a disciple ?”

Tang Yue waved his fan, “I was just blabbering, it’s a pity for this kid to be with you. Forget about accepting disciples. Don’t you know my personality ? I’m used to this lazy lifestyle, how can I have any time for teaching students ! Drinking some wine every day, looking after this Sea God Lake, it’s the kind of lifestyle that even immortals would yearn for.

Tang Zhenhua’s mouth twitched, “You are the embodiment unambitious. Alright, my disciple exchanged for an hour of cultivation in the Sea God Lake, hurry up and lead the way, don’t waste our time.”

Tang Yue looked at Lan Xuanyu in surprise, “Three yellow emblems? This kid is a freshman right. Where do they come from? Not from you, right? Let me remind you that you can’t break the rules.”

Tang Zhenhua righteously said: “Am I that kind of person? I was afraid that a suspicious guy like you would doubt him, so I personally brought him here. The emblems are all his own harvest, my disciple, is the champion of this year’s new batch. Now do you understand ?”

Tang Yue glanced at him and said, “Can the champion student go to your place? Did that person from your house also agree ?”

Tang Zhenhua seemed to be very satisfied with the words “that person from your house”, his eyes lightened a lot, and he said proudly: “Of course. Although we are not officially together, our hearts are still together. How could she not listen? Not favoring me ?”

Tang Yue curled his lips, “Try to have the guts to say those words again in her presence. Come with me.”

While talking, he turned and walked into the wooden house, Tang Zhenhua and Lan Xuanyu also walked in.

Inside, Lan Xuanyu found that the decorations were all mainly wood, giving off an elegant and fresh atmosphere. There were some flower arrangements on the wooden table. The utensils on the table were all blue porcelain, and a faint fragrance of wine floated in the air.

What surprised him the most was that when he walked into this wooden house, he suddenly felt like he was in another world. Everything here seemed to be different from the outside world. There seemed to be some soul power fluctuation, but he couldn’t really feel it.

“Don’t feel too in detail, your level is not high enough, or you’ll get a backlash. The energy level of the protective barriers here is too high.” Tang Zhenhua raised his hand and patted his shoulder, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt a flow of heat spreading throughout his body. The weird feeling dissipated by a lot.

Tang Yue looked back at them, but said nothing, and walked to the innermost part of the wooden house, and raised his hand to push. Lan Xuanyu realized that there was still a door inside the wooden house. The moment it opened, an extremely strong torrent of Life energy rushed out, making even breathing hard.

While Lan Xuanyu was feeling sluggish, a green halo suddenly lit up on his body. The bloodline vortex in his chest seemed to have woken up. It trembled violently, and then began to greedily absorb the Life energy on its own.

Tang Yue was really surprised this time, “Life Affinity Physique?” As he said, he raised his hand towards Lan Xuanyu.

Tang Zhenhua immediately slapped his hand apart, “A gentleman speaks with his mouth and not with his fists. This is my disciple, what are you doing?”

Tang Yue looked at Tang Zhenhua, and then at Lan Xuanyu, his face turning a little gloomy, “Why wasn’t I noticed that there were students with a Life Affinity Physique among the freshmen this year? Why didn’t the Outer Court report to me ? “

Tang Zhenhua said pleased with himself: “There are many things you don’t know. If the Outer Court didn’t report then go ask why on your own. Hurry up and stop blocking the way, follow the rules.”

Tang Yue didn’t say much, but frowned and gave way.

Tang Zhenhua pulled Lan Xuanyu and led him out of the wooden house.

Outside the wooden house, the moment Lan Xuanyu stepped out of the wooden door, he felt that the whole world seemed to be different. Everything in front of him seemed to have turned green jade. Even the Sea God Lake’s water that was originally dark blue. In his vision, there was a thick green halo floating on the surface of Sea God Lake, and this halo was surging like a tide and seemed to be substantial.

Farther away, the Eternal Tree in his sight also turned emerald green. Its huge trunk was extremely transparent, shining with a green halo, as if it was carved from a top-class jade. But how could such a huge jade exist in this world?

The strong life aura made him feel a little difficult to breathe, but his whole body seemed to be cheering. Just standing here, he got the same sensation as during last night’s cultivation. Although not as pure as the Life energy emitted by the black rank emblem, the total amount of life energy here was really huge.

No wonder, it was no wonder that senior brother said that the Sea God Lake’s water was the Water of Life, it was truly THE Water of Life! Now Lan Xuanyu felt that it was definitely not expensive to exchange a white emblem for a liter of Water of Life. After going back, he would suggest Qian Lei and Liu Feng to get some of it.

Tang Zhenhua ignored Tang Yue, pulling Lan Xuanyu to the lake. Pointing to the water lily’s leaves on the lake, he said: “Choose one and get on it, don’t worry about the leaf sinking, it will let your body soak in the lake’s water, and then cultivate at once. I will watch over you, don’t worry about anything. Try to absorb as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you feel saturated, after going back you can take your time to digest it again, understood?”

While talking, he took out the blue emblem from Lan Xuanyu’s hand and threw it to Tang Yue.

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t hold back anymore, and immediately stepped out after hearing this, jumping directly onto a water lily’s leaf. Suddenly, the entire huge leaf slowly sank, and a feeling of coldness spread across his body instantly.

In an instant, Lan Xuanyu’s entire body and even his eyes were rendered green. He only felt that an extremely rich Life energy instantly surrounded him. Last night’s feeling came back in an instant, and the bloodline vortex in his chest turned wild, devouring all the life energy around him fiercely.

Lan Xuanyu’s body also began to swell rapidly, making him tremble unconsciously.

Tang Yue cried out: “Not good, make him come back soon. This kid’s Life Affinity is too strong, how can he absorb so much at once? He is going to blow up.”

He was not the only to feel that something was wrong, when Tang Zhenhua saw Lan Xuanyu’s body swell up, he was also shocked and raised his hand to grab him.

But the moment his palm touched the top of Lan Xuanyu’s head, suddenly, a deep dragon roar sounded from Lan Xuanyu’s body, and both Tang Zhenhua and Tang Yue suddenly felt a palpitation, causing Tang Zhenhua’s palm to pause.

Then they discovered that Lan Xuanyu’s body was no longer swelling, a faint gold and silver halo emerged from his body. On his chest, a whirlpool of gold and silver colors appeared. While spinning at high speed, silky white threads of air began to emerge and was then absorbed by him through the pores of his body.

The trembling disappeared, his body stabilized, and only then did he completely sink into the Sea God Lake’s water.

“Is the situation under control ?” Tang Zhenhua turned to look at Tang Yue.

Although he guessed that cultivating in the Sea God Lake would be of great benefit for Lan Xuanyu with his Life Affinity Physique, he did not expect the effects to be so good.

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