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Wang Tianyu

The key point was that even after absorbing so much life energy, his body could still maintain a balance without imploding. This was simply amazing.

“Seeing this really makes me want to dissect this kid for research. Hurry up, get him out of there and let’s leave.” Ying Luohong said without hesitation.

“Leave ? One hour hasn’t even passed yet.” Tang Zhenhua said.

Ying Luohong said angrily: “You’re really an idiot. Who cares about that ? Don’t tell me you really want to wait for Old Shu to come over? We first get him back, and then negotiate. If he falls into their hands, how do you get him back ?”

Tang Zhenhua suddenly felt enlightened and said, “That’s right ! Let’s go back first and then talk. We can talk about the wasted emblem later.”

“Wasted emblem my ass! With that absorption speed of his, he has absorbed more life energy in one minute than what you can get for three yellow emblems..” Ying Luohong said in an angry tone.

Tang Zhenhua no longer hesitated, and extended his hand to grab Lan Xuanyu.

Right at this moment, from the Sea God Lake’s water, green light suddenly surged, and green light balls drilled out and turned into barriers, blocking Tang Zhenhua’s palm.

“Don’t touch him.” An old voice resounded, and in the next instant, two people walked out of the green light wall.

Their illusory figures solidified and came to the shore silently.

One of them was Tang Yue, while the other was wearing a dark green robe, with white beard and white hair, but with a face as delicate as a baby. His white eyebrows were drooping from the sides, giving off a very amiable impression.

“Old Shu.” Seeing him, Ying Luohong’s face darkened, but she still saluted the man in front of him with Tang Zhenhua.

Old Shu said indifferently: “It’s been a while, little Hong. I heard that you are already the Outer Court dean.”

“Yes.” Ying Luohong replied.

Old Shu did not look towards Lan Xuanyu, and smiled calmly: “You two can go back. You can leave this child to this old man. It’s been a long time since our Life School has recruited a new disciple. I would have never expected to meet a disciple with such a high degree of Life Affinity in my dying years. In the future he can succeed my successor.”

Ying Luohong and Tang Zhenhua’s faces suddenly became very ugly, Tang Zhenhua couldn’t help saying: “Old Shu, how are you dying? With your cultivation base, as long as there are no accidents, you would have no problem living a few more thousands of years. This is my disciple. Our Interstellar Command Department has only one student this year, so can’t you not vie with the younger generation ?”

Old Shu glanced at him, “So you still know that you are a junior?”

With just this sentence, Tang Zhenhua was choked speechless. The old tree had an extremely high seniority in Shrek Academy, let alone him, almost everyone in the Academy was his junior.

So although Tang Yue was a dozen years younger than him, when facing Tang Zhenhua he wasn’t intimidated at all, because he had a teacher with high seniority !

Old Shu was the top dog of Shrek Academy’s Life School, and he was particularly known for his habit of covering his disciples’ shortcomings. According to his original words, there was no third generation, all members of the Life School that were alive were also his disciples.

Therefore, all the descendants of the Life School had a scary seniority and were silently cursed by the other parties in the academy. Old Shu was that kind of selfish existence. But the importance he held for Shrek Academy was beyond any doubts.

Tang Zhenhua glanced at Ying Luohong, and questioned her with his eyes.

Ying Luohong signaled back to him with a look, and then said with a gentle look: “Old Shu, what do you think about this then ? Our academy has its own rules. If you want someone, I can’t object. But there is always a procedure. First, we must cut him off from the Outer Court list. However, this kid is really a bit too excellent. He is the champion among the freshmen of this year, and he has been put on file for the Inner Court. I can’t make any claims by myself, I need to ask for instructions to the Inner Court, only then can he be assigned to you. You see, can you give me some time?”

Old Shu looked at Ying Luohong with an expression that looked like a smile yet not a smile, stroking his white beard with his hand, “No need for that. Regarding the Inner Court, this old man will naturally pass by and talk with them. It’s settled then, you can go. Tang Yue, take your little junior brother and let’s go back to the Inner Court.”

Tang Zhenhua felt that 10,000 horses of various races were running past in his heart…, since when did he become Tang Yue’s little junior brother, wouldn’t that mean that his disciple would have the same seniority as himself ? He now felt that Ying Luohong’s words of scolding him before were not wrong at all, he was an idiot, the especially stupid kind.

At this moment, a low voice suddenly resounded, “Old Shu please wait.”

As the voice came out, the surrounding green mist suddenly dispersed, replaced by a roar akin to thunder. Hearing this sound, even Old Shu’s face changed slightly.

In the next instant, a blue-violet light fell from the sky, and another person was already beside Ying Luohong.

When this person came, whether it was Ying Luohong or Tang Zhenhua, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Finally they had a backbone.

“Teacher.” Ying Luohong bowed respectfully, Tang Zhenhua also hurriedly bowed and said respectfully: “Dean Wang.”

The visitor gave a cold snort, glancing at Tang Zhenhua, “Good-for-nothing trash.”

Tang Zhenhua’s expression stiffened, but he didn’t dare to refute it.

This person was two meters tall, with wide shoulders and broad back. His face was as stalwart as a knife, with sword-shaped brows. He looked like he was about forty years old, with a strong body standing like a mountain. As soon as he appeared, the surrounding life energy dissipated as if collapsing, and only Lan Xuanyu still had obvious life energy remaining.

Looking at him, Old Shu coldly snorted, “Wang Tianyu, are you trying to intimidate this old man?”

Wang Tianyu said with a calm expression: “Old Shu, you are making such a big fuss over this. As the vice-dean of the Inner Court, the Vice Master of the Sea God Pavilion, what’s wrong with me coming to see?”

Old Shu’s expression changed, “Wang Tianyu, what are you implying ?”

Wang Tianyu said coldly, “The rules of the academy cannot be broken. Since this child is already an Outer Court student, even if he joins your Life School, it should be a matter to talk about only after he graduates from the outer school, and he has to make his own choice. How can you take him away as you want ? Without basic teaching, a strong foundation, how can he become in the future a true talent ?”

Old Shu said with an ugly expression: “You mean that this old man can’t teach good apprentices?”

“I didn’t say that, don’t extrapole by yourself.” Wang Tianyu said powerfully.

Ying Luohong stood behind her teacher obediently, her strong bearing nowhere to be seen when she was rebuking Tang Zhenhua earlier. Secretly giving the teacher a thumbs up in her heart, he was really mighty and domineering !

In the whole academy, there were really not many people who dared to not give face to Old Shu. Her teacher was one of the few exceptions. Whose fault was it that their respective attributes restricted each other ? The attribute Old Shu’s wood attribute was most afraid of was her teacher’s, hehe.

Of course she wouldn’t come unprepared, she knew that she couldn’t persuade Old Shu just by herself, so she had called reinforcements.

Old Shu narrowed his eyes, “Wang Tianyu, do you still know what it means to respect the old and follow their wisdom ?”

Wang Tianyu said faintly, “Since a certain person has swindled my stuff, I have not regarded you as an old man anymore.”

Old Shu became furious, raised his hands, fingers almost touching the nose of Wang Tianyu, “Little brat, even your teacher doesn’t dare talk to me in that tone. Even if I beat you up, try to fight back if you dare !”

Wang Tianyu nodded and said, “Yes, of course I won’t fight back. You are an elder. But if there is any self-rebound injury or something, you should also be careful not to hurt your old arms and legs.”

Old Shu was so angry that his beard was crooked, turning his head to Tang Yue: “Look, look at that, young people these days what have they become? Poor me, I have worked hard for Shrek for thousands of years, and the results are these unscrupulous people. I’m going to call for a Sea God Pavilion Conference, Wang Tianyu, you wait for me.”

After speaking, a green light flashed under his feet and disappeared in an instant.

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