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“Senior Brother, is that Sea God Lake’s water worth it? It is right next to the academy, can’t you go and get some by yourself?” Lan Xuanyu asked Qin Changan.

Qin Changan said: “Then you go try it. The Sea God Lake is guarded by an array of soul barriers and improved gods know how many times. Even the Federal Space Fleet’s mothership might not be comparable. Without the academy’s permission, you won’t get even one drop of the Sea God Lake’s water ! This explanation is not exaggerated at all. After tens of thousands of years, the life aura secreted by the Eternal Tree has long been permeated the Sea God Lake. Sea God Lake’s water is also known as the Water of Life. Do you know how much this thing is worth outside? One liter of Sea God Lake’s water is worth ten thousand federal coins or one thousand douluo coins, with more demand than supply. The academy simply does not allow exporting it. These benefits are for our students. This is also an item I recommend you to get. If you have an affinity to life energy, the benefits will be even greater if you drink it, because there will be no waste. Anyway, I am drinking this nowadays. One liter a day will definitely help to further improve your body.”

Speaking of this, he said with some envy: “Some of the particularly wealthy seniors even use the Sea God Lake’s water to take a bath, THAT is really luxury !”

Lan Xuanyu blinked, glanced at Tang Zhenhua, and said, “Then should I try to exchange one liter?”

“Don’t do this. Get instead the one in the yellow rank list, and medidate in the Sea God Lake for an hour.” Tang Zhenhua said suddenly.

“Huh?” Qin Chang’an was stunned, “Teacher, that is the yellow rank exchange item that is hailed as the least worthy ! It takes three yellow rank emblems to meditate for only one hour. How many liters can you get instead, although not enough for a bath but it’s still at least for drinking a whole month.”

“You don’t understand anything, he has an affinity for life energy. Whether it is worth cultivating in the Sea God Lake depends on how much life energy one can absorb. If he can absorb enough, it is worth it.” Tang Zhenhua said lightly.

“I will exchange this.” Lan Xuanyu said almost without hesitation.

Was it worth it ? Of course it was worth it! No matter how bad his maths was, this was too easy to understand.

During his cultivation session last night, it didn’t take long for him to absorb the life energy contained in a black rank emblem. Certainly not an hour.

Although that did not represent the full value of a black emblem, it definitely far exceeded the value of three yellow emblems. Moreover, if the life energy in the Sea God Lake was infinite, he could completely absorb as much as he wanted to. Although it was not clear how much he could absorb in an hour, it would definitely exceed the amount of a black rank emblem. This opportunity came right at the time he was worried that he couldn’t find enough life energy.

Qin Changan suddenly said, “So that’s how it works. If little brother’s life affinity is high enough, you can indeed give it a try. Little brother, then do you exchange for this?”

“Yes I’ll get this. Teacher, is there a big difference in the concentration of life energy between cultivating in the Sea God Lake and cultivating next to a black emblem?” Lan Xuanyu asked Tang Zhenhua.

The corner of Tang Zhenhua’s mouth twitched, and he glanced at Qin Chang’an, whose eyes widened in an instant, and coughed, “Of course it is better in the Sea God Lake. A black emblem is just a small piece of a branch from the Eternal Tree. The Sea God Lake is directly connected to the Eternal Tree, its nickname as the Water of life is not just for show.

Qin Chang’an now felt like ​​strangling the little brother in front of him, a black emblem ? Where did he get a black emblem to assist in his cultivation? How could a freshman have that stuff, no doubt it was the teacher who gave it ! He wanted to cry. The difference of treatment was too big.

Tang Zhenhua felt that he was about to be overwhelmed by the little resentful eyes of his first disciple, coughed, and said, “After going back I’ll lend you the mecha. But this time if it is damaged, you fix it before sending it back. Otherwise, humph.”

“Yes, thank you teacher.” Qin Chang’an was overjoyed and looking at Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt more pleasing to his eyes.

Tang Zhenhua turned his head to look at Lan Xuanyu and said, “You have a life Affinity Physique, so you don’t need to exchange for other treasures for the time being. All treasures under ten thousand years can actually only serve a supplement of energy, not enough to affect one’s cultivation. So there is little meaning in getting them. It’s better to just absorb life energy to help you in your cultivation. First try to cultivate in the Sea God Lake for an hour. If the effects are good, every once in a while, you can try again after all the life energy you have absorbed before is completely consumed.”

“Yes, thank you teacher.” Lan Xuanyu did not hesitate to take out two yellow emblems and four white emblems. He wasn’t going to forget his teacher’s 20% discount.

Qin Chang’an helped him go through the exchange procedures, and gave him an emblem that looked like a blue crystal with the words Sea God on it. Thanks to it, he could enter the Sea God Lake through a special entrance, under the condition that he was only cultivating at the lake banks and did not swim in the lake. There was a special training site at the lake banks.

After Lan Xuanyu looked closely at the white and yellow exchange lists one last time, he left the exchange center with Tang Zhenhua.

“Teacher, what shall we study in the afternoon?” Lan Xuanyu asked Tang Zhenhua.

Tang Zhenhua said faintly: “For you, the top priority is to improve your cultivation. Let’s go directly to the Sea God Lake to cultivate. I will accompany you to take a look at your cultivation results and make sure if it is worth the exchange. I will watch over you in case a problem arises.”

“Thank you teacher for your care.” Lan Xuanyu was really grateful from the bottom of his heart. Although it’s been only one day since he became his disciple, Tang Zhenhua was really kind to him.

Tang Zhenhua curled his lips and said: “Don’t be too happy too early. I am expecting you to pay me back. Teacher’s face will count on you in the future. At the end-of-the-year assessment, if you don’t get first place, don’t call me as your teacher anymore.”

“Yes.” The pressure was a bit strong, but it could also serve as motivation. Especially after cultivating last night, Lan Xuanyu was now full of motivation.

He felt that after last night, his soul power increased by nearly a whole rank. If he could keep cultivating at this speed, it wouldn’t take many days to reach rank 30!

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt the surrounding lights dim a little. The next moment, the surrounding scenery “swished” and he didn’t understand what happened. After dozens of seconds, he was taken by Tang Zhenhua to another place.

A strong and dense life aura rushed towards his face, in front of him was a forest, with light steam permeating the air. Obviously, behind the forest was the Sea God Lake.

Tang Zhenhua walked in front, Lan Xuanyu hurriedly followed and walked through the woods. What appeared in front of him was a small wooden house with a courtyard, followed by the boundless Sea God Lake and the Eternal Tree towering into the clouds.

The clear lake, the huge Eternal Tree, and the simple wooden house combined to form a peculiar sense of beauty.

The door of the wooden house opened, and a clear voice came from inside, “Some friends are coming from afar, what a pleasant surprise. Sloppy ghost, how come you have the time to come here !”

While talking, a person walked out of the wooden house.

He wore a white coat, which was the exact opposite of Tang Zhenhua’s sloppy clothes. These clothes could be described as slender and clean. His long black hair was neatly combed and hung down behind his head, with dashing eyebrows, bright eyes, straight nose and mouth. He looked very dignified.

He seemed to be about the same age as Qin Chang’an, but his deep eyes were as profound as the ocean, making them hard to forget.

“Tang Yue, do you want to die?” Tang Zhenhua said coldly.

“Still so irritable, no wonder…” At this point, the man who was called Tang Yue by Tang Zhenhua stopped his words, because he had clearly felt that the man in front of him was about to explode like a volcanic eruption.

“Ahem, what is Brother Zhenhua doing here?” Tang Yue waved his hand. Without knowing when, he was already holding a fan, and as he fanned, he looked like he was enjoying himself leisurely.

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