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Issuing an item

Translator : GoldenLung

Qin Changan laughed suddenly, “Little brother, when I see your face now, it reminds me of when I was your age. However, as a brother, I must remind you that you must not play too much with fire. Whether a mission or an exchange item, everything has to be reviewed by the academy. Once the review fails, the paid fees will not be refunded and your loss. Therefore, do not try any methods that are related to the academy’s secrets or unethical.”

Seeing his gradually forming bitter smile, Lan Xuanyu understood that his senior brother was talking from experience.

Tang Zhenhua said quietly: “Indeed ! In the past, a certain had released a certain exchange item. The color of the top ten Outer Court beauties’ underwear. It managed to go through the review step by error. As a result, hundreds of people exchanged for that item. That person thought that he had made a fortune, but in the end everything was seized by the academy and he was doubly fined. One wonders how long it took him to pay back everything.”

Lan Xuanyu was dumbfounded, looked at Tang Zhenhua, then at Qin Chang’an. He couldn’t help but think this big brother was that “kind” of person !

The smile on Qin Chang’an’s face couldn’t be maintained anymore, and he said a little embarrassed: “Teacher, are you really okay with this ? You might lose me as your disciple.”

Tang Zhenhua rolled his eyes and didn’t answer.

Lan Xuanyu hurriedly continued to look at the screen, pretending not to hear anything.

Then he saw the second exchange item on the screen : Brief analysis of the key points of Soul Fusion skills, through the case of a sword-type Soul Fusion skill. Exchange price: one white emblem.

“It’s possible to also exchange your cultivation insights?” Lan Xuanyu looked at Qin Chang’an.

Currently, his senior brother’s face was already back to normal, he nodded, and said: “Of course you can. The exchange and the task centers are also a platform for communication. The academy actively encourages that kind of sharing, if one wants to learn from others’ experience, one must pay a corresponding price. That kind of exchange item only requires the payment of one white emblem. The premise is that there is no similar content on the existing list.”

“Then I will post one.” Lan Xuanyu said cheerfully.

“Huh?” Qin Chang’an was a little startled, this little junior was already releasing an exchange item the first time he came?

“Little brother, let me hear it first, and see if it’s worth publishing. Let me remind you that there are often items who don’t sell well. If no exchange happens for more than ten days, it will be removed from the list. “Qin Chang’an didn’t directly criticize him, but just told the consequences.

Lan Xuanyu nodded, and said, “Teacher, can you also tell me what you think of this ? The exchange content I want to publish is: How to solve conflicts between twin souls and cultivate with the help of life energy. ‘Notice : not applicable to all twin souls.’ “

After listening to him, the VIP room suddenly became strangely quiet, Tang Zhenhua and Qin Changan looked at him with weird eyes.

Lan Xuanyu felt a little uncomfortable by them, scratching his head, a little embarrassed: “Is it no good ? Senior brother.”

Qin Changan coughed, “Little Brother, do you really want to issue this? Which rank do you want to post this for ?”

Lan Xuanyu was taken aback for a moment, “Isn’t it white rank? Can I do this?”

Qin Changan said: “Little Brother, what I want to tell you is that any training method related to twin souls is a great secret for a soul master, even if other twin souls masters cannot use it, it can still be used as a great reference. No one would easily reveal their secrets. You have to think about it twice. This is not a question of whether you can do it or not, it’s a very precious piece of information ! Under the premise that your method is true.”

Lan Xuanyu hurriedly nodded and said: “Of course it is true. But it may be a little difficult for others to practice. But if you use it for reference, then it still makes sense.”

Qin Changan looked at Tang Zhenhua, and Tang Zhenhua said: “He has an innate affinity with life energy, it is possible.”

Qin Changan looked up to the sky and sighed, “Why is it so unfair? How come I don’t also have an innate life affinity. In other words, little brother’s method can only be used by people with life affinity ?”

Lan Xuanyu thought for a while and said: “Might be so. At least with life affinity, cultivation will be easier.” In fact, he knew very well in his heart that his situation was unique, and that probably no one else could use his cultivation method. But for the price of just one white emblem, he might as well give it a try. If two or more people were to exchange for it, it was already profitable.

Qin Changan said: “Little Brother, I will ask again, are you sure that this method can really be used for cultivation, right? At least you can use it personally?”

“I’m sure.” Lan Xuanyu said without hesitation.

Qin Chang’an glanced at him profoundly, and said, “That’s good, then I suggest you try it. However don’t put it as white rank, it would be better if it is a yellow rank.”

“Yellow rank? Will anyone buy it?” Lan Xuanyu said in surprise.

Qin Changan smiled, “Sometimes, the more expensive it is, the more believable it becomes. If it’s too cheap, nobody will care about it.”

Tang Zhenhua said: “You can listen to him in that aspect. He is second to none when it comes to fooling people. First in the whole academy.”

Lan Xuanyu was in a daze. Could it be that this Big Brother was referencing to this when he mentioned being first in the academy ? The academy’s biggest conman?

Qin Chang’an said resentfully: “Teacher, if you do this again, find someone else next time. This is the first time I have met with Junior Brother, how am I going to get along with him in the future!”

Tang Zhenhua didn’t respond and turned his head aside.

Lan Xuanyu said: “Big brother, what should I do now?”

Qin Changan said: “Write down the details of the cultivation methods here and it will be in a special file, I will submit it for you for review. Once approved, it will be displayed on the yellow exchange list. After you just wait.”

“Okay.” Lan Xuanyu began to fill in the specific content on the special exchange item registration form Qin Changan opened. Qin Changan deliberately went to the side, avoiding to look.

“Save it when finished.”

The Soul Computer was already very modern. No need to hand write anything at all, just complete it on it.

In a short while, Lan Xuanyu finished writing. It was something he had invented just the day before, it was naturally easy to write the content.

“Little Brother, are you sure? Don’t forget that you need to pay a yellow emblem. It’s not a small price.” Qin Chang’an reminded him again. Emblems were very precious for freshmen.

How could he know that the current Lan Xuanyu could already be described as stinking rich, with nearly 20 yellow emblems on him, and that was after distributing some emblems to Qian Lei and Liu Feng.

After paying a yellow emblem to Qin Chang’an, Lan Xuanyu went to look at the exchange list again.

In addition to the cultivation method and some weird news related exchange, the rest was cultivation resources.

Including rare metals, rare food materials, all kinds of hundred-year or above Heaven and Earth treasures, and so on. On the white rank exchange list, the best stuff was the thousand-year-old Heaven and Earth treasures, with a detailed introduction of its effect for each.

Page after page, Lan Xuanyu felt his head spinning from the variety of choices. There were so many good things!

Suddenly, Lan Xuanyu saw the following item : one liter of the Sea God Lake’s water, exchange price: one white emblem. Note : the Sea God Lake’s water contains unrivalled rich and pure life energy under the baptism of the Eternal Tree’s vitality through tens of thousands of years of development. It is almost life energy liquefied. Whether it is for drinking or cleaning the body, it will help a lot to improve a soul master’s body. Recommended for drinking, with wonderful properties of cleaning up impurities in the body and improving physical fitness.

One liter of Sea God Lake’s water needed a white emblem?

This was way too expensive. One couldn’t see the edge of the Sea God Lake at a glance, it was hard to say how deep it was. The quantity of water was unmeasurable, and a liter of that cost a white emblem. This was simply too easy for making money.

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