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From the acting department ?

The young man seemed to see through his thoughts and couldn’t help but laugh: “Little brother, ugly or not, it’s still elegant. Wearing a Shrek uniform is an absolute honor. This is a tradition left to us by our ancestors and seniors through tens of thousands of years.”

“Yes.” Little brother? Lan Xuanyu was slightly surprised.

Tang Zhenhua said: “This is your big brother Qin Chang’an. You have six senior brothers and senior sisters still living. Now only your big brother and sixth senior sister are still in the academy. All the others have gone out to perform tasks. As for the exchange, it’s more convenient with him here.”

Lan Xuanyu realized that this was originally the VIP room of the exchange center. And this senior brother himself should be in charge of this place. This was really convenient!

Looking at the wine bottle in the teacher’s hand, he didn’t think of him as unreliable anymore.

“Hello, big brother, my name is Lan Xuanyu. Please take care of me in the future.” With Lan Xuanyu’s beautiful appearance and his well-behaved look, under normal circumstances, he definitely gave people a good impression.

But Qin Chang’an looked at him with a weird expression, “Little brother! With me here, you can be more natural, no need to be so polite.”

“Huh?” Lan Xuanyu was stunned. Was I polite?

Tang Zhenhua said faintly: “None of the disciples I have acknowledged are normal, either two-faced or half-crazy. Your normal behavior is the biggest abnormality here.”

Lan Xuanyu’s mouth twitched, then am I also two-faced or half crazy?

“Teacher, please sit down.” Qin Chang’an said with a smile, and then made a “please” gesture.

Tang Zhenhua walked to the side and sat down, only now did Lan Xuanyu take the time to look at the VIP room.

The VIP room was very large, with a total area of ​​two hundred square meters. The decoration was exquisite and simple, with a very comfortable sofa and a huge table. The entire wall on the side was a soul screen, with rows of words sliding.

Lan Xuanyu looked at it briefly, and the words on it seemed to display tasks. This was probably the task screen.

“Little brother, sit down, too.” Qin Chang’an guided Lan Xuanyu to the sofa, then turned to Tang Zhenhua and said, “Teacher, in a few days, I may also go out to perform a task.”

Tang Zhenhua was stunned for a moment, frowned slightly, “Did you think about it?”

Qin Chang’an nodded, “I’m ready now. I wanted to go earlier, but I always felt that I should prepare more. Now I finally feel that I can do it.”

“Okay. Then go.” Tang Zhenhua said lightly.

Qin Changan’s eyes blushed, “I’m just a little reluctant to separate from you and little six is quite crazy. If I also leave, you won’t even have a person to take care of you.”

“Stop your nonsense, did you wash my clothes, cut my hair, and cook for me? When did you take care of me? If you have something to say, say it.” Tang Zhenhua said irritably.

Qin Chang’an rubbed his hands and said in a somewhat awkward tone: “Teacher, look, your station…”

He just said this, Tang Zhenhua immediately raised his hand and interrupted him, “Don’t try to trick me. I knew it, you were really plotting something. Don’t even think about it. Last time after scrapping my mecha, you came back telling me it was for the sake of doing an experiment. You still have the guts to borrow from me ? Okay! First compensate me for my losses last time. I don’t ask for much, just a black emblem. If you do that I will consider lending it to you.

“Ahem. Let’s talk about the little brother first. Little brother, come, and brother will introduce you to our exchange center.” Qin Chang’an turned to Lan Xuanyu in an instant, and changed back to his previous gentle smile, the speed at which he could change his face was definitely faster than flipping a book.

Lan Xuanyu now especially wanted to express his admiration towards this big brother.

Teacher Tang was teaching the acting department, right?

Qin Chang’an said: “As you have seen it on the first floor, in our exchange center there are different ranks of exchange respective to the emblems’ color. VIP rooms are generally used by disciples and teachers from the Inner Court. Today you were able to come here only because Teacher brought you along. When you are exchanging, you can hand over your emblems to Teacher and get a 20% discount. This is basically the highest discount in the Outer Court.”

Having said that, he glanced at Tang Zhenhua with a bit of resentment, “Teacher, I didn’t have this treatment back then!”

Tang Zhenhua said angrily: “Don’t talk nonsense. Were you aware of your situation at the time ? I didn’t want you at all. You entangled and harassed me every day. I’m already doing you a favor for not kicking you out.”

Qin Chang’an coughed, “But I also didn’t embarrass you right? Anyhow, I am also number one in the academy now…”

“If you continue your nonsense, I will cut you down.” Tang Zhenhua stared.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go back to business.” Lan Xuanyu was convinced by Qin Chang’an’s resentful eyes.

“Little Brother, what are you going to exchange for ?” Qin Chang’an asked.

How could Lan Xuanyu know what he should exchange for, he immediately turned his head to look at Tang Zhenhua. From Qin Chang’an’s previous words, he understood that Teacher really valued him more, not to mention, he was probably the only freshman in this year to have a teacher accompanying him for the exchange. Generally, if the tutors helped the students to know what to exchange for, it was already not bad. But Lan Xuanyu, accompanied by his teacher, could get a 20% discount off !

Tang Zhenhua said : “Show him both the yellow and white ranked stuff and let him have a look.”

“Okay.” Qin Changan promised. After pressing the table a few times, the big screen on the wall suddenly changed.

Dense and tightly packed together strings of words suddenly appeared.

At the top the words white emblem exchange list were written.

Qin Chang’an said: “Little brother, our exchange center, whether it is the task list or the resource list, is constantly updating as some items are scarce and not always available. Another advantage of our VIP exchange office is that you can make a reservation for a particular exchange here. For example, if the exchange center does not have anything you want, then you can make a reservation here, according to the chronological order of VIP reservations, and when the resources arrive, you can get it first.”

Lan Xuanyu said in surprise: “But, isn’t that unfair to ordinary students?”

Qin Changan smiled and said, “There is nothing unfair, everyone has gone through the same thing. Even the teachers of the academy have all cultivated step by step from being an Outer Court disciple to becoming an Inner Court disciple, and then teacher in the school. Everyone has to tread the same path. If you want to get more authority faster, you have to work harder than others, run faster, or have special contributions to the academy, only by doing so can you get it in advance. For example, if you can now complete a black rank mission and obtain one or more black rank emblems, then you can directly be approved to use the VIP room and enjoy a 10% discount equivalent to the Inner Court students.”

The 10% discount could only be enjoyed by completing black rank tasks. Then the Teacher’s 20% discount could be considered quite privileged in the academy. Lan Xuanyu finally gained a deeper understanding of how precious Tang Zhenhua’s help was.

As Lan Xuanyu thought about it, his eyes looked at the screen.

The displayed white rank exchange list was extremely rich, and seemed to contain fantastic oddities of every description.

First exchange item, content : rankings of the Outer Court beauties, price: a white emblem.

There was that kind of thing ? Lan Xuanyu looked dumbfounded, he thought that the exchange catalog of the academy would be full of cultivation resources.

Qin Changan coughed and said, “Little brother, please pay attention. All the exchange lists with green signs in the front are provided by students. Each student can post a certain amount of exchange items, provided that a fee is paid. Posting one white rank item in the list costs five white rank emblems. The yellow rank exchange list is five yellow rank emblems.”

“This is allowed ? Then if I have something to sell, or if I have any news to disclose to everyone, can it be done in this way?” Lan Xuanyu was curious and felt that this seemed to be a way of making a lot of money!

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