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Class leader

As soon as he said this, Lan Xuanyu’s eyes suddenly lit up, three white emblems every month? That was enough rent for three months! If he could always be the class leader, that would make 36 white emblems a year, it was enough rent for him, Liu Feng and Qian Lei.

Lan Mengqin suddenly said, “Teacher, it’s unfair. According to your statement, the student with an even ranking in the previous comprehensive assessment can only become the vice leader. That’s less emblems !”

Xiao Qi smiled slightly, “This is simple. If the vice leader feels that he is better than the leader, he can challenge him. If the challenge is successful, the two change positions. At Shrek, strength is still very important after all.”

Hearing what he said, Lan Xuanyu subconsciously looked at Yuanen Huihui. Yuanen Huihui hurriedly shook his head again and again, indicating that he would not challenge him.

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but feel a little grateful. If it was Lan Mengqin, she would have probably directly challenged him. With his current strength, he was definitely not Lan Mengqin’s opponent! Even taking into account his Martial Soul Fusion technique, the strength gap was too big. But after reaching three rings, things could be very different.

The key was to work hard to improve one’s own strength!

Xiao Qi resumed his lectures, and what he talked about today was all about the basic knowledge on Battle Armors.

The whole morning was his class, with a half-hour break in between, and the lecture was divided into two parts.

After class, Lan Xuanyu hurriedly came to Xiao Qi before he left, “Teacher Xiao, why did Qian Lei ask for a leave today? Where is he now?”

Xiao Qi said: “His tutor asked him to do some special training, so don’t worry. Xuanyu, you are the class leader this month. There are some common classes that will need you for organization. The class tomorrow morning is such one. You will be the role of class leader at that time.”

“Yes.” Lan Xuanyu recalled the class schedule. Tomorrow’s common class name was only “Douluo World”, and it didn’t specify anything else.

The class should happen in the simulation pod, so that meant there was no need to go to a place as far as here. After going back later, he would need to set up his simulation pod first.

In the afternoon, he also had to go to the Interstellar Center to receive his teacher Tang teaching.

After he went back home yesterday, the interstellar warship simulation pod was already installed. He could use it today. He wondered if Teacher Tang would once again become his “wingman”. Thinking of last time’s predicament, he still felt traumatized.

In fact, he was even more looking forward to exchanging for training resources as soon as possible. He still has not been to the exchange center yet.

Liu Feng didn’t even wait for him, and hurried back to the dormitory. He had a task : Xiao Qi asked him to come to him this afternoon. He did not expect that his teacher would also be the class’ head teacher. This made Liu Feng feel a little better, provided that he did not think about his debt.

Back at his residence, Lan Xuanyu ate lunch in a hurry, adjusted his simulation pod, and then went to the meditation room to check the black emblem.

Sure enough, after half a day’s recovery, the life energy had obviously become a bit denser. However it was not comparable to its original density. At this rate, it might take ten days to recover.

In the afternoon, he needed to ask the teacher if there was any way to speed it up. Lan Xuanyu was itching to once again try the brand-new cultivation method he created. That kind of cultivation method suited him so well, his improvement was really fast!

After coming to Shrek, a sense of urgency appeared unconsciously in his heart. Surrounded by classmates whose soul power far surpassed him, Teacher Xiao Qi was right. In Shrek, strength was still the most important. Although his commanding ability was good and his buff fine, it was not true combat strength after all. If he wanted to go further and maintain this position, he needed to improve a lot more.

He sat in the meditation room for a while to restore his mental state to the best, and then he dialed the Shrek communicator on his wrist.

“Teacher. Is it convenient for me to find you now?”

“Go directly to the exchange center, I’ll be waiting for you there.” Tang Zhenhua’s voice came.

“Okay.” Lan Xuanyu agreed, not daring to be idle, and ran away after leaving the dormitory, relying on Shrek communicator’s navigation, and went straight to the exchange center.

From afar, he saw the huge building. From a distance, the exchange center looked like a pen. Its whole body was cylindrical, and the top seemed to be sunken inward. It was at least thirty stories high, which was quite a bit taller than other surrounding buildings. One must know that in Shrek City, there are restrictions on the height of buildings. Buildings of this height were quite rare. Moreover the floor area was also quite large. Much larger than the main teaching building.

Here, Lan Xuanyu finally saw more Shrek students.

Everyone was wearing the academy’s green uniforms, entering and exiting through the wide front entrance of the exchange center. Most of the people who came out of it had a look of joy on their faces. Many students who wanted to go in looked reluctant.

On the outer wall of this building, there were a few large characters inscribed : Mission and Exchange Center.

Indeed, this was not just an exchange center, but also a mission center. The academy missions were also announced here.

Entering through the main entrance, a huge spacious hall could be seen inside, and after going in, Lan Xuanyu felt that this building looked more like a round pen.

The whole building’s inside was hollow, and one could see the sky directly when looking up. It seemed that there was a layer of energy or glass on the top, but it was not very clear from his angle.

The building was very modern : it was divided into multiple circular floors, and there were sixteen glass elevators. It felt worlds apart from the simple and unadorned style of other places in Shrek Academy.

“Are you surprised by the architectural style of the exchange center ? This design concept was inspired by the idiom “viewing the sky from the bottom of a well”. It reminds one not to be blindly complacent and that we are watching the sky from a well at any time.” Tang Zhenhua’s voice came. Lan Xuanyu hurriedly turned around.

It seemed that the teacher did not change clothes. They were the same as yesterday, and even his hairstyle was almost the same. What was that in his hand? Wasn’t it a bottle of alcohol ?

“Come with me.” Tang Zhenhua waved to him and walked towards an elevator.

Lan Xuanyu followed him while looking around. On both sides of the lobby on the first floor, there was a semicircular front desk. Both front desks were divided in several sectors. The ground was multi-colored and each small circular sector was colored differently in order to distinguish them. In front of each sector could be found a counter.

The colors were very familiar : white, yellow, purple, black, red, orange gold, and gold. What do these last two colors mean? There seemed to be no one in front of the counter for these two colors. A total of seven areas colored differently were present at each front desk. It was the same whether it was a mission counter or an exchange counter.

After flashing his Shrek communicator in front of the elevator, soon the door opened.

Tang Zhenhua walked in with Lan Xuanyu and pressed the number five.

The elevator went up, fast and steady, and quickly led them to the fifth floor.

Walking out of the elevator, there was a glass wall on one side of the corridor, and one could see the huge patio outside, and on the other side were metal doors with some nameplates.

Tang Zhenhua led him to the door of the VIP room No. 3, flashed again with his Shrek communicator. The metal door opened, and a voice came from inside.

“Teacher, you are here.”

Lan Xuanyu saw a young man who looked twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old greet him from inside. He was smiling and wearing the school uniform, except that his school uniform was red. There was also a silver Shrek monster symbol on his left chest.

Looking at his green school uniform again, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt a little awkward.

Red with green… What was the academy thinking when they designed the uniform ?

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