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Eternal Sky City

Translator : GoldenLung

“You should have all heard of Shrek’s Inner Court. It is a place that can completely transform you. You probably still don’t understand yet what being in the Inner Court means, and neither where it is.”

While talking, Xiao Qi suddenly pointed a finger to the sky, and said faintly: “Do you see the Sea God Lake outside? The Eternal Tree at the center of Sea God Lake is the life core of the entire Mother Planet. It is thanks to our Shrek Academy and Tang Sect’s ancestors who worked hard to make it take root again, and only after swallowing a whole plane that was invading us at the time did it fully grow into its current state. The Eternal Tree’s crown is extremely large, and on it, there is a city called the Eternal Sky City. In that place resides the true Shrek, and Shrek’s Inner Court. Before becoming a disciple of the Inner Court, no feats will allow you to go there. Even if you manage to get your hands on a high-level emblem by chance, it’s still impossible. Only disciples from the Inner Court or above can go there.”

Eternal Sky City! As soon as these words came out, all the freshmen present couldn’t help but straighten their waists. Even someone as proud as Lan Mengqin, she couldn’t help showing excitement at this moment.

That was the Eternal Sky City! A legendary existence.

No one knew what was in there. According to the legends, real god level powerhouses lived there.

Who would have thought that Shrek’s Inner Court was there!

Lan Xuanyu still remembered that when he first looked down from the sky, he only vaguely saw the huge canopy, and above the canopy, it was impossible to see the scenery above because of the clouds and mists. Was there really a city there? What a magnificent scenery it would make !

An indescribable yearning suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart. The Inner Court, I’m absolutely going to become an Inner Court disciple.

Wasn’t not being able to enter the Inner Court one of Teacher Ji’s biggest regrets ? And he had failed it!

This made Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but think back to the Shrek’s Inner Court disciple who came to Tianluo Academy. From the dean to the teacher, everyone respected him because he came from Shrek’s Inner Court.

“That’s it for the digression. Let’s start the class. You should all have a certain understanding of Battle Armors. Battle armor is actually a kind of armor. Some people also say it is a kind of mecha. It’s not completely right nor completely wrong. It varies according to one personal perception of Battle Armors. But what I want to say is, a Battle Armor is a part of yourself. A part of your body. Like your arms and legs. It will protect your safety and enhance your strength. When you need it most, it is your most reliable partner. What we have to do is to continuously strengthen this partner and make it stronger and more reliable.

by doing this, we will also become stronger. “

“Ten thousand years ago, before the plane’s evolution of the Mother Planet, the highest grade was grade four, also known as a four-word Battle Armor, or today a four-star Battle Armor. Along with our Mother Planet’s evolution and the improvement made in refining rare metals, the maximum grade is now six-star, six-word Battle Armor. Obviously, five-word and six-word Battle Armor are not what you need to think about now. Even just a five-word Battle Armor requires at least being a Limit Douluo.”

“A one-word Battle Armor of the early years was independent from the body, similar to an armor, and needed to be worn when used. As for a two-word Battle Armor, it can merge with its user’s bloodline and soul power, completely becoming a part of the body. But today, with the latest technologies, a one-word Battle Armor must be able to merge with its user’s body. Through research, we found that the longer a battle armor is nourished by a soul master’s bloodline and soul power, the higher its degree of compatibility with the soul master is. In the long run, it’s even possible for it to evolve on its own. Of course, this requires a strong enough bloodline and soul power from the soul master.”

“So, if you want to build your own Battle Armor, what do you need to do? The manufacture of a Battle Armor is divided into three processes, designing, forging, and engraving the core’s array.”

“These three processes are extremely important. They involve Battle Armor Masters’ all three second professions. In addition to these three, we also need a Battle Armor Manufacturer. These are the four auxiliary professions, which have been passed on for more than 10,000 years. “

“At our Shrek Academy, there was once a genius who studied these four professions at the same time, and created in the end a Battle Armor that fitted him perfectly, and its power was far superior to other Battle Armors of the same level. This was because he was far more familiar with his Battle Armor. However the academy does not recommend this approach, because it consumes way too much time and experience to practice. However, if you want to become a Battle Armor Master, you must learn at least one auxiliary profession. Without participating yourself in the process of making a Battle Armor, it is simply impossible to grasp its essence.”

“During the next two years, first, what you need to do is to choose an auxiliary profession you want to learn and attain some proficiency. At least to the level of making a one-word Battle Armor. At the same time, during the year, you need to think about what kind of Battle Armor best suits you.

Absolutely do not neglect this just because it is a one-word Battle Armor. In fact, even if it can be changed later, if the direction you chose for your Battle Armor is wrong, then after changing it, all the time you spent nourishing it will be lost, and the gains from changing direction will not be worth the loss. The sooner you fix your future direction, the more time you can save. For a soul master, before the age of forty is the golden period of cultivation. After, your cultivation speed will drop drastically and get half the results for twice the efforts.”

“As for the second year, you will have to help each other and find your companions to make your Battle Armor together until the end. Do you understand everything I said? If there are some unclear points, you can ask now.”

“Teacher.” Lan Xuanyu raised his hand without hesitation.

Xiao Qi nodded to him, “Talk.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Teacher Xiao, if that is the case, shouldn’t we separate our class into different groups for studying the different auxiliary professions ? This would help us a lot in the future for collaborating.”

“Yes, this is generally what we do. Relatively speaking, among the four major auxiliary occupations. The most difficult one is forging, then design. It is relatively simple to engrave the core’s array. Thanks to the experiences and drawings of your predecessors that can be used for reference. Forging requires talent, and design requires inspiration. As for manufacturing, it is necessary to learn about all of these, which is relatively muddy. Our Shrek’s students generally do not learn it. Manufacturing has specialized schools for teaching it.”

“I understand.” Lan Xuanyu sat down, thinking in his heart that he, Liu Feng and Qian Lei, happened to be three, the same as the three auxiliary occupations. But how do they choose ?

Designing, manufacturing and forging. Which one should he choose?

Liu Feng sat next to him and whispered to him: “I know my limits. I will choose the array’s engraving. I’ll rely on you and Fatty for designing and forging. With your high spirit powers it should be easier to learn them.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded, “Okay.” He knew that Liu Feng was not dodging responsibilities, it was indeed knowing one’s own limits. He needed more time to focus on cultivation.

Xiao Qi said, “Is there anyone else who has a question? Ah I almost forgot. Since it’s a class and a group. Then, we’ll need class leaders. After many years of development, Shrek’s system has stayed relatively simple. There are only two class leaders : the leader and vice-leader. The leader is responsible for commanding the entire class during group operations, including communicating on behalf of the students with the teachers, while the vice-leader is responsible for some daily affairs and assisting the leader to lead the class.”

“A rotation system is in place for deciding the leaders. Every month new ones will be chosen. For the first month, the top two in the previous comprehensive assessment are chosen by default. Therefore, Lan Xuanyu is the leader, and Yuanen Huihui the vice leader. We’ll take turns for all of the class’ students, it will take about a year. After that, we’ll elect the official leader and vice leader through a vote. Whoever feels that he is capable should exhibit his abilities as much as possible when he assumes this responsibility. Let everyone acknowledge your abilities. Remember my words, a qualified leader is someone who strives for more benefits and resources for his classmates.”

When he said the last sentence, his gaze specifically looked at Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu’s commanding ability was demonstrated in the comprehensive assessment. Among the 36 students in the class, including Li Han, Li Bin and Jiayu, there were probably more than ten people who would support him. He deserved his place as the leader. The only problem was that his personal strength was too weak, he only had a twenty-third rank soul power. This was quite problematic.

The rotation system was a tradition in Shrek Academy, every student had a fair chance to prove themselves..

Class leader ? Lan Xuanyu looked distracted for a moment, but he didn’t think too much about it. It was more important to work hard to improve his strength.

“The class leader can receive three white emblems as labor services each month. The vice leader has two. The amount will increase every academic year.”

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