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This is Shrek

Translator : GoldenLung

Despite this, Lan Xuanyu was not disappointed, because he knew that his black emblem could gradually recover ! Once recovered, he would naturally be able to repeat the previous process. And with preparation, he would not waste a single drop of its life energy. As for how long it would need to recover, only by experimenting would he know. Generally speaking, cultivating in Shrek Academy was really twice the results for half the effort !

After a quiet night, the next morning, Lan Xuanyu was unexpectedly not hungry at all. The rich Life energy in the environment was the best nutrition he could have. If his body had enough energy, it would naturally not be easy to get hungry.

There was not really a canteen, everything at Shrek Academy was delivered. Ordering the meal one day in advance would result in it being delivered to the dormitory within the specified time. This service quality ! It made the freshmen feel that the price of one white emblem was really worth it.

After eating breakfast, it was naturally time for class. The first class for freshmen was on the first floor of the main teaching building. The timetable showed that in the morning there was a common class. For the rest, it was reserved for the respective departments’ own courses and self-cultivation time for the students.

As the Dean of the Outer Academy Ying Luohong said, Shrek Academy’s teaching was indeed quite loose. But the looser it was, the more motivated these students were. No one wanted to be eliminated, so they had to work harder. It was not just Liu Feng and Qian Lei who were thinking about working hard when others were resting. In fact, almost everyone was thinking of the same. This was especially true for those who were relatively weak during the entrance exam.

According to the Shrek communication device’s navigation, Lan Xuanyu ran all the way to the main teaching building. It was really a little far ! It took quite some time to arrive at the destination. Moreover, while running, he found a problem. The rich Life energy was indeed helpful for cultivation, but while running, breathing became a little harder. He was still okay, as his constitution was very close to Life energy, allowing his body to quickly absorb the energy. But he found that when he came to the main teaching building, all the freshmen who had already arrived had their face red and panting, and many people had not yet arrived.

Shrek Academy was unexpectedly not suitable for running.

During the exam, he didn’t pay too much attention to it and didn’t notice it. Now that he took the time to feel it, it was no wonder that Ling Yiyi and the others had to drive, and that there was also a soul bus inside the academy. It was because of this.

If word were to get out, they might be looked down upon by students from other planets and other academies. Life energy was so strong that they were having difficulty running.

However, Lan Xuanyu didn’t plan to buy a car. Thanks to his constitution, he could absorb more energy while running.

The black emblem was left in the meditation room. When he was not in the meditation room, the black rank emblem would be the only one to absorb Life energy, in that way it would probably speed up its recovery.

I wonder what kind of cultivation resources Teacher will bring me to exchange for. It would be great if it was also related to Life energy. His words seemed to imply this yesterday.

Of the 36 students in the class, 16 students were late. As soon as Lan Xuanyu entered the class door, he found Xiao Qi standing behind the podium.

Xiao Qi seemed to have expected such a situation a long time ago, so a line of words was written on the blackboard behind him.

“Late for class. One white emblem as penalty.”

Seeing this, all the students who arrived in time showed a grateful look, but the late students all had bitter faces. Was this really their fault ? Who knew that they couldn’t run in the academy !

Among the late students was Bing Tianliang’s trio. Currently, they were making very ugly faces. Fortunately, they had gained a lot of emblems during the comprehensive assessment.

Lan Mengqin and Dong Qianqiu arrived early, and Yuanen Huihui was also there.

Liu Feng came a little later than Lan Xuanyu and looked a little tired. As soon as he sat on his seat, he immediately crashed on the table.

To Lan Xuanyu’s surprise, when the thirty-fifth student walked into the classroom, Qian Lei was still nowhere to be seen.

How come this d--n Fatty hasn’t come yet? He was regretting a bit, thinking that he should have called them in the morning.

A white emblem wasted !

“Okay, everyone is here. You can see the words on the blackboard. After class, go to the Academic Affairs Office on your own. If you don’t take the initiative to pay the penalty, you will be deducted the double after completing a task later, you are old enough to handle this by yourselves. No need to tell me that you didn’t think of not being able to run. The school’s rules are like this. Except for Qian Lei who is excused, everyone is treated equally. That’s it, let’s start classes next.

Xiao Qi’s answer was simple and straightforward, sealing everyone’s pleas.

“The welcoming ceremony was already done yesterday. Starting from today, you are a student of Shrek Academy. To begin, let me emphasize a few rules. First of all, in the Academy, you must wear student uniforms. Otherwise, every time you will be deducted a white emblem. Being late to the common class is not allowed, you already know the results. Today is the first time, next time you are late, any common class teacher will not wait for you. Classes will start directly. For the missed knowledge, find a way by yourselves to catch up with your emblems. Third, fights are not allowed in the academy. If you want to fight, you can either go to the simulation pod and go to the Douluo World to fight as you like. After becoming a Shrek student, your Douluo World will be directly opened as an adult version. You’ll have access to all of the functionalities, and do whatever you want. The premise is that you don’t violate the rules of the Douluo World. Crimes in the Douluo World are treated the same as in the real world, and so is the punishment. Otherwise, you can rent the academy’s dedicated grounds and a teacher as a referee to compete. You can choose this for those who want to beat up the opponent. For the rest, there is nothing else to say. For more detailed rules, check the school rules by yourself. I will not bother with them here.”

“During the first year, I am responsible for teaching you the Battle Armor Master course. Mainly letting you understand how to become a real Battle Armor Master. What preparations, what resources and what kind of knowledge are needed. Now, I can tell you in advance the assessment requirements for validating the second year. When the second academic year is over, the assessment is fixed in advance, that is, to have your own one-star Battle Armor, or also known as a one-word Battle Armor. In other words, you have two years to learn, prepare and build your own Battle Armor. If you can’t finish it by then, you can leave Shrek.”

After hearing Xiao Qi’s words, everyone’s expressions became serious, even Liu Feng, who was lying on the table with a tired face, sat upright.

Two years later, at the young age of fourteen, they had to become a one-star Battle Armor Master, this was Shrek’s requirement.

Yes! This was Shrek!

Xiao Qidao: “There is another fixed indicator that I can reveal to you. In the sixth year, when the Outer Court courses are over. To qualify for the Inner Court’s assessment, the most basic criterion is to become a three-word Battle Armor Master. The basic criterion for soul power is rank 70. If you don’t meet them, you won’t even have the qualifications for taking the Inner Court’s test. So, whether my classes are important or not, you can judge for yourself.”

Lan Xuanyu secretly said in his heart: That teacher was quite a proud fellow ! Did they even need to think ? The meaning of his words were very clear. But were the criteria the same for the Inner Court for those from the Interstellar Command department ?

As if he had heard his thoughts , Xiao Qi said: “The standards I said are for all disciplines. In Shrek Academy, being a Battle Armor Master is the foundation for all disciplines. Without strong enough strength, how could one have a strong enough foundation for learning other things ? Strength is the foundation of everything. Therefore, even your teachers have no other way to let you enter the Inner Court.”

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