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Before Lan Xuanyu could figure out what was going on, these two particular Blue Silver Grasses suddenly wrapped around the black rank emblem in front of him, and a greed instantly welled up from inside his heart. He tried to control them, but how could he do it at this moment ?

Immediately, a green halo appeared on the two Blue Silver Grasses, and the extremely strong life energy was suddenly absorbed, furiously pouring into his body.

After just one breath, Lan Xuanyu felt that his body was about to burst. He suddenly screamed miserably. His clothes exploded and revealed his whole body.

At this moment, on the surface of his skin, gold and silver lines crazily climbed out like earthworms. Scales began to appear between his fingers and spread rapidly upwards. It soon exceeded the elbow, and continued to climb.

Lan Xuanyu’s pupils turned into vertical slits in an instant. He could feel the intense desire that was surging up from within, as if there was something hidden inside him, crazily trying to break free.

His bloodline aura grew stronger rapidly, and the speed of its ascent made Lan Xuanyu even feel fear. He felt that his body was being stretched open like a balloon. His blood was trickling from the surface of his skin. If this continued, he didn’t know how long he could last, but he was almost certain to die!

His bloodline was out of control. He wanted to take the initiative to control, but with his measly two-rings cultivation base and his Spirit Sea Realm spiritual power, there was nothing he could do. He could only let his bloodline’s instinct wreak havoc.

It was like two monsters that had always been hiding in his bloodline were suddenly stimulated by this incomparably dense life energy. They suddenly woke up and began to devour that energy regardless of anything else. As their host, Lan Xuanyu’s body was near the limit of what he could bear.

Neither his voice nor his aura could be transmitted outside of this meditation room. The meditation room was firmly sealed off, from fear of affecting other people’s cultivation. Everyone had their own dormitory and meditation room, and others were not allowed to enter without permission. It was the same even for the teacher. This was Shrek’s rules.

No more, no more…

Lan Xuanyu clearly saw that his body was getting bigger. It was really getting bigger! In just such a short time, he had gained so much weight that his whole person seemed about to explode from swelling up too much.

The surface of his skin even began to open up cracks, but its powerful self-healing ability was constantly repairing these wounds.

Could it be that I am really going to explode and die ?

At this moment, a slight hum suddenly sounded from the depths of his mind, and Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt that a layer of dim green light suddenly lit up in his spiritual sea. This pale green quickly swept the entire spiritual sea, dying the sea water in it.

Suddenly, Lan Xuanyu found that his previously frozen spiritual power had fluctuated, and it seemed that he could control it again.

Immediately, he did not hesitate to urge his spiritual power to gush out, and quickly spread to his chest. If he wanted to change the situation in front of him, he had to rush into his bloodline vortex and separate the power of the two bloodlines!

As long as he didn’t let them continue to expand, he had a chance.

With the infusion of spiritual power, Lan Xuanyu first felt a feeling of aloofness from the two bloodlines. Yes, that was a real feeling at the spiritual level. However, for some reason, when they came into contact with his spiritual power, they seemed to be attracted by something, and were actually easily pulled over. Under the guidance of his spiritual power, although they were somewhat reluctant to part with the rich life energy of the outside world, Lan Xuanyu’s spiritual power seemed to have something more attractive to them, and were guided away quickly.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t care to analyze the reason. Currently, he was overjoyed, and hurriedly guided them back to his chest cavity, making them spiraling again, and carefully kept them from touching each other.

His bloodline vortex had existed for quite a long time now, naturally he was quite familiar. According to the original trajectory, he worked hard to rotate the power of the two bloodlines, and reduce as much as possible their violent absorption of external life energy.

Facts proved that he was right. When he guided the power of the two bloodlines back into his chest cavity, the absorption of life energy from the outside world was suddenly reduced. And he also found that the bloodline power he guided back was much stronger than before, so much that his entire chest began to bulge.

This swelling feeling was absolutely uncomfortable, even painful. His whole body was fine, but his chest area was extremely swollen.

What should I do ?

There was no one to ask for advice or help. All he could rely on now was himself.

Calm down, he tried to calm himself down as much as possible. Only by being calm can one think of a solution.

While lowering the intensity of the guidance for the two bloodlines, his brain was running at high speed, thinking about all of the possible methods.

The swelling in his chest became more and more serious, which caused his chest to bulge, and even through his skin, he could vaguely see a gold and silver light inside.

Don’t panic, don’t panic. But what should I do now? My spiritual power can guide these two bloodline powers, but they can only be guided inside the body. Although the speed at which they can swallow life energy from the outside world is slowing down, the already absorbed quantity is still too large for me.

After his mutation last time, his bloodline’s speed of absorbing life energy had gone up a lot, but it seemed that it couldn’t be digested in a short period of time, so what should he do?

Martial Soul Fusion Technique? Let his bloodline power transform into energy for that sever-colored core energy. That was the true fusioned energy.

However, he was in the meditation room. Would using his Martial Soul Fusion Technique blow this place up? What’s more, even though his spiritual power could be aroused, his body still couldn’t move. He couldn’t use his Martial Soul Fusion technique from outside his body! Let the two bloodlines freely collide ? That was no different from looking for death, he would instantly blow up.

Undoubtedly, fusing the power of the two bloodlines into the seven-colored energy was the best way to solve the current situation, but the key was that he couldn’t do it now.

Are there any other alternatives ? What else can I do!

His body’s state was worsening at each breath. Lan Xuanyu’s mood was inevitably affected.

Suddenly, inspiration flashed from the depths of his mind, and he suddenly thought of a situation.

When he used his Martial Soul Fusion Technique for the first time, his soul power level was reduced by one rank. At that time, it was undoubtedly a very painful thing for him. His hard-earned soul power was gone. Everything had to be started again, and it took a lot of time, which led him to be the one with the lowest soul power in the elite junior class.

When he arrived at Shrek Academy, he found that what his bloodline needed most was life energy, that it needed it to evolve. That explained why in the past his soul power would get swallowed, and his slow cultivation speed as there wasn’t enough life energy.

In that case, was it possible to reverse it? In other words, convert the excess life energy into soul power through his bloodline. With that soul power, even if his bloodline power did not have enough life energy to absorb in the future, he could still use his Martial Soul Fusion technique by breaking down his soul power into the energy it needed.

Thinking of this, Lan Xuanyu suddenly saw a way to escape from this crisis.

As for how to transform his bloodline power into soul power, he could only try to do everything in reverse.

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