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To each, their opportunity

Where does the Soul Master’s innate gift originate? Why are there some people who are even more suited to cultivate and some people who just cultivate slowly? This is because the Martial Soul nourishes the body to different degrees. Strong Martial Souls will naturally nourish oneself even more and promote the accompanying cultivation level. Your Martial Soul, the White Dragon Spear, has a True Dragon bloodline. However, it is comparatively thin. The Strange Velvet Heaven Connecting Chrysanthemum’s biggest advantage is its ability to raise this bloodline aura, thus transforming your root bone. It changes your body’s foundation to become even better. This is far and way more significant than promoting your Soul Power. Therefore, don’t think you lost out. Strange Velvet Heaven Connecting Chrysanthemum’s flower petal isn’t easy to come by. It isn’t something that can be exchanged for at all time periods. Just because you have a purple emblem doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to exchange for one. I originally exchanged for one to use for myself. I let you off easy, youngster, and you’re still unwilling.”

“Before you return, go to the gravity room to practice. Do your best to squeeze every bit of physical power out of yourself to stimulate your body potential to the fullest. Let the Strange Velvet Heaven Connecting Chrysanthemum’s medical efficacy do its best and exhibit to the fullest degree. You should be able to feel the difference when it arrives.”


Shrek Academy, Outer Court Dean’s Office

“Little fatty, what are you looking at? Did you not have a long enough time s-----g at your mother’s breast for milk?” Ying Luohong unhappily stood in front of Qian Lei. This youngster’s crafty-looking gaze always very “conscientiously” fell onto her erect bosom.

Qian Lei foolishly stuttered, “Dean, I, I haven’t.” He thought that he was being treated rather unjustly, ah! He genuinely wasn’t doing it deliberately, it was merely that Ying Luohong’s stature really was too excessive. He was always embarrassed to say, he breastfed from his mother up until he was six years old. It hadn’t been that long since he’d weaned himself off, so he did truly feel very intimate with that existence.

“I’ve watched your comprehensive exam video recording. You just recently discovered that you can fuse with your summon?” Ying Luohong asked.

“En, yes. It only appeared after my Spiritual Power broke through to Spirit Sea Realm. Anyways, I hadn’t tested it before that either,” Qian Lei sincerely stated. Afterwards, he did his utmost to lower his head, letting his line of sight drift downward.

“Kneel down.” Ying Luohong suddenly said.

“Ah?” Qian Lei suddenly lifted up his head.

Ying Luohong said, “At once. I’m going to accept you as a direct disciple. I will research this bloodline of yours earnestly for a while. It’s a bit interesting.”

Qian Lei was immediately exulted, and without the slightest hesitation he sank to his knees on the ground and immediately knocked his head three times.

Ying Luohong was dumbfounded, and burst out, “Who told you to kowtow?”

Qian Lei unconvincingly said, “You telling me to kneel down wasn’t to kowtow to the master?”

Ying Luohong unhappily said, “You’re getting ahead of yourself. I merely caused you to experience some things.” While she was talking, she pointed to the ground.

Qian Lei had just discovered that in the position he was kneeling in was a praying mat. When he knelt down, the surrounding ground suddenly revealed itself, and apparently it was because he had knelt down on that praying mat that it had brought about the change afterwards.

Immediately, he only felt the surrounding air start to tremble, and his Spirit Sea also apparently followed to fluctuate at a special frequency in his eyes. This feeling was 100% fantastic, and it seemed like he was completely saturated in the middle of a special world.

Spiritual Power followed that frequency to undulate from top to bottom, and caused him to have an awareness of this fantastic world of this ocean for the first time. The waves in his Spirit Sea undulated, dashing up and down. He didn’t know how many times this happened until it gradually calmed down.

“En, sure enough you are at Spirit Sea Realm. Passable. Merely, your cultivation level is still too low. You just kneel here. Perceive the changes of your Spirit Sea and promote yourself. Your Martial Soul is comparatively special, and you cultivate your Soul Power too slowly. It’s not as good as your cultivation of SpiritualPower. Eventually your Spiritual Power will reach sufficient strength to be able to return the favor to your Soul Power and assist your Soul Power to promote. As soon as your Spirit Sea Realm stabilizes, I will impart to you a type of Spiritual Power cultivation method.”

While she said this, Ying Luohong stood up to leave.

“Teacher, I, I must kneel for how long?” Qian Lei miserably asked.

Ying Luohong faintly said, “However long you can kneel is however long you should kneel. Only the first time you kneel here has the best effect. The longer you persist, the more benefits you should be able to obtain. You should at least kneel for 24 hours. If not, then you don’t need to be my direct disciple. If you don’t have even that much perseverance with the strength you have right now, you won’t be able to stay past the first year exam, and I won’t bother with supporting that person.”

Kneel 24 hours or more? Qian Lei’s face instantly collapsed.

The surrounding room’s window curtains slowly closed together, only leaving the faint halo on the floor to appear before his eyes. Gentle Spiritual Waves continued to impact against Qian Lei’s Spiritual Sea, leading to him feeling the changes within it.

Qian Lei understood, this should be Ying Luohong’s test for himself, and this direct disciple should withstand it well!

What’s to be done? Endure! Must endure!

Not to mention all the benefits involved, most important is, this teacher ah! As soon as he returns and tells Liu Feng and Lan Xuanyu that his teacher is the Outer Court Dean, he’ll be able to act overbearing. And not only is she the dean, but she is also a big beautiful woman! Let them envy him to death.

Thinking up until here, Qian Lei immediately felt that 24 hours shouldn’t be unbearable. Closing both his eyes, he knelt there in that position and started to seriously sense the changes in his Spiritual Sea.

At this time, Lan Xuanyu had already returned to his own dorm room. He immediately arrived in the middle of the meditation room, shut the metal door soundly, and sat down cross-legged in the center of the meditation room. At the first possible moment, he took out that metal box fitted with the black rank emblem, and carefully opened it.

As soon as the box was opened by just a small crack, immediately, an incomparably vigorous life energy sprayed out from inside. Lan Xuanyu bore the brunt of it, and immediately felt like his body had been cleansed by a mellow and rich hot spring. His whole person had this sort of brand new feeling. Suddenly, inside the pit of his stomach, the bloodline vortex’s speed suddenly slowed down like it had sunk into a quagmire. It seemed the life energy was too rich, to the extent that his bloodline vortex had eaten a bit too much and was about to burst…

Inside the meditation room, the originally rich life energy of the outside world and the strong life aura suddenly rose up, grinding on one veined pattern after another as they lit up one by one. In the middle of Lan Xuanyu’s perception, it was just like a whirlwind arose out of nowhere. When it started, it was very slight, but it very quickly engulfed the entire meditation room. His location was the center of the vortex, and the rich and vigorous life energy came into him like the ocean accepts the convergence of a hundred rivers.

At this time, Lan Xuanyu had finally opened the metal case all the way. Inside, a jet-black emblem was released. It wasn’t any different from the other emblems in style, but it did have a sort of luster that released a moist feeling.

However, as soon as it started to contact the air of the outside world, the surface immediately had a lustrous halo emerge out of it, just the same as the essence. Unexpectedly, it was indeed the same appearance as life energy essence! This is how rich the life energy was, only then would it appear in this form, ah!

Lan Xuanyu was already in a deep state of shock. He had never felt life energy that was capable of reaching this kind of level. But just at this moment, his thoracic cavity had a buzzing cry suddenly echo from it. In an instant, Lan Xuanyu only felt his whole body violently tremble for a time. A surge of the same sort of aura instantly overflowed from the pit of his stomach.

The gold and silver vortex almost rebelled in that split second, as incomparably strong bloodline fluctuations surged out, causing Lan Xuanyu’s whole body to have a sort of burning feeling all over it.

He inspected inside himself with rapt attention, and immediately discovered that inside his thoracic cavity, the originally continuous revolution of the gold and silver vortex had suddenly stopped, unexpectedly freezing completely. Afterwards, the gold and silver colors suddenly started to separate from each other, extending back up in reverse through his bloodline. With the palms of both hands suddenly numb, each one had a strand of Blue Silver Grass come drilling out of it.

What caused Lan Xuanyu to become astonished was that the Blue Silver Grass that had drilled out was not the original green-blue colored leaf of grass, but was rather gold colored and silver colored, respectively. Before, the Blue Silver Grass had previously had a gold and silver colored veined pattern on it, but now, they had changed, becoming a gold and silver colored grass with some blue colored veins.

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