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“relax mother inlaw am now your daughter in-law cause am sure that poor girl won’t get married to the son of her parents killer” Tonia said.

“who’s your mother inlaw I am not your mother inlaw so shut the gut up. “can you see what you got yourself into not only son” Mrs Cole said.

Andrew didn’t let her complete her word before he burst into tears ” not only your son but your sons cause am in love with her cousin sister. why daddy why?” Andrew asked crying.

“I warned you to stay away from that man but you won’t listen” Mrs Cole said crying.

“mum you mean you knew about this?” Andrew asked. “not really I warned your father to stay away from Tonia father but he didn’t listen” Mrs Cole said.

“am very sorry help me look for her” Mr Cole said. “am very sorry help me look for her” Tonia mimick.

“anyway you don’t even have to look for her am very sure she can’t get married to your son again. the only thing you have to do is to wait for the cops” Tonia said.

Xander ran after Alora but couldn’t find her he went back inside the hospital and hook his father cloth. “why did you want to ruin me.

firstly I saw you when you’re killing this b*tch father” Xander pointing to Tonia. “and now is the girl I love” Xander said dragging his father off the bed.

Mrs cole separate Xander from his father and Xander sat on the floor. “how did you expect me to face her I can’t even find her to her aunt house because of shame.

if anything happens to my relationship with her. I vow to to kill you and I mean it” Xander said.

Tonia move closer to him and sat beside him on the floor, “you don’t need to kill him am hear for you baby we can start all over again and I don’t mind” Tonia said touching his face.

Xander grab her hand and twist it until he broke her wrist. “ouch” Tonia wince in pain.

“why ouch did you enjoy it” Andrew asked with a smirk. “we can’t just sit here what should we do now?” Andrew asked.

“you better go and see the doctor so they can treat your hand” Mrs Cole told Tonia. if not for the situation on ground Andrew will have burst out laughing.


Alora ran as far as her leg could carry her. she board a cab the cab drop her off at the Houston mansion.

she was about to pay him before she realized she’s not with any money. “Please wait here let me get you money from my aunt” Alora said.

“you mean the president wife is your aunt?” the cab man asked. “yes” Alora replied.

“don’t worry you can go” the cab man said. “you mean I can go without paying you?” Alora asked unsure.

“yes” the cab man replied. “thank you very much” Alora said. “you’re welcome, I did that for Mr president.make sure you don’t cry again cause I see you like a strong woman” the cab man said.

“thank you” Alora said and ran inside the mansion with tears.

“daughter what happen to you, who beat you” Mr Houston asked concerned written on his face. Alora didn’t replied him she keeps crying.

“honey come down your attention is needed here” Mr Houston said. “what happen?” Mrs Cole asked from the kitchen.

“come down I don’t know why Alora is crying and she refused to talk to me” Mr Houston said.

“Ah Alora what happen to her I will be right there” Mrs Houston said.

Sandra and Bryan where inside Sandra room talking about some random things when they heard Mr Houston voice they Rushed down to check what happens to Alora.

“sisi what happen why are you crying?” Bryan asked. “I have found him” Alora said crying.

“who did you found my darling?” Mrs Houston asked. “the criminal that killed my parent” Alora replied.

“why are you now crying where’s the fool take me to his or her house right away?” Mr Houston said.

“it’s my boyfriend father” Alora replied. “what!!!!! you mean Andrew father?” Sandra asked and sat on the floor with Alora.

Alora nod her head positively. “how could he do a thing like that?” Sandra asked and join Alora in the cry.

“Sandra why are you crying I don’t understand you?” Mrs Houston asked Sandra.

“Xander brother is my boyfriend” Sandra said crying. “Alora did you asked him why he killed your parents” Mrs Houston asked calmly.

“I didn’t wait for his explanation, what did he have to say he is a killer” Alora said.

“I knew you to be a strong and smart lady, you should have listen to him. if they arrested a criminal that killed his mother, if they give him chance to explain hiself he might not be at fault” Mrs Houston said.

“and what are you insinuating” Mr Houston asked. “I didn’t know this man you’re talking about, and your father is my brother.

but I will still advise will listen to his own side of the story. did you really love his son?” Mrs Houston asked.

and Alora nod her head positively. “if you truly love his son you will give him a chance to explain hiself and that’s what we are gonna do, we are going there together” Mrs Houston said.

“what’s the name of the man?” Mr Houston asked. “Mr Cole smith” Alora replied. “you mean the famous Cole smith?” Mrs Houston asked.

“yes” Alora replied. “he is your father’s friend and I have been looking for him cause am sure all my brother’s properties is under his care” Mrs Houston said.

“let go” Mrs Houston said. they all went out including Mr Houston.

The got to the hospital and came down from there car everyone was busy bowing to Mr Houston.

“your Excellency sir” the doctor said. “nice seeing you again Philips” Mr Houston said.

“Did you came to check on the sick people as you usual” the doctor asked.

“nope I came to see someone. but I will check on them before I go” Mr Houston replied.

“thank you your Excellency” the doctor replied with a bow.

“Alora” Xander called and stand up from the floor. “Mr Cole am listening” Alora said and fold her hands under her br*sst. Mr Cole clear his throat.

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