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“What!!!!!!!!!!!!! you mean George is your father?” Mr Cole said and he find it difficult to breathe.

Tonia come down from her room and burst into laughter.

Mr Cole breathe hook and he fainted. “Ahh Cole what happen stand up” Mrs Cole said crying.

Andrew and Mrs Cole rushed him into the car and they all take him to the hospital.

“What’s wrong with your husband hope isn’t what am thinking?” Xander asked.

“Xander what’s your problem instead of you to be praying for him, you’re here spitting nonsense” Alora said Angrily.

“Am sorry baby I just don’t trust that man I mean why did he shout and faint when he saw your father picture” Xander said.

“Enough Xander I won’t watch you insult my husband he have apologize countless times for what he did to you but you refuse to forgive him this man is your father for crying out loud” Mrs Cole said.

“you all should just keep quiet cause you haven’t seen anything you will soon get the shocked of your lifes when that man wake up” Tonia said.

“Can I see you for a minute please? come outside I want to talk to you” Alora said and drag Tonia out before she replied her.

she drag her to the back of the hospital. “I drag you out here cause I don’t want to constitute nuisance inside the hospital.

Are you crazy or something”? Alora asked.

“never in your life call me crazy” Tonia said.

“I can see you are truly dump like Andrew said.

I didn’t say you are crazy I asked a question. “are you crazy” Alora said and Tonia slapped her.

“I have been looking for this opportunity to beat you” Tonia said.

“Did you just slap me?” Alora asked.

“yeah and one more thing from you I will give you double” Tonia said.

“Am very sorry ma” Alora said and joined her palm together, she pretended as if she wants to turn back. she turned and gave Tonia a resounding slap she didn’t give her time to retaliate before she bounce on her and started beating her “I brought you here to beat and teach you some manners” Alora said beating her.

“somebody please help me this witch is gonna kill me” Tonia shouted crying” Andrew come out of the hospital to receive a call he heard the cry for help and rushed to the back of the hospital.

he was surprised and happy to see Alora beating Tonia.

“Andrew burst out laughing and ran inside the hospital to call his mother and Xander.

Mrs Cole rushed out with Xander and Andrew by her side. “that’s my girl” Xander said laughing. Mrs Cole rushed and separate them.

“why don’t you separate them did you want them to kill themselves?” Mrs Cole asked and twist Andrew ear.

Mrs Cole drag Alora inside the hospital. minutes later the doctor came out. “doctor how’s my husband” Mrs Cole asked.

“he is fine he passed out due to shock” the doctor said and Xander scoff.

“what’s wrong with you?” Alora asked and smacks his head. “ouch it hurt” Xander said. “yeah I knew it hurt” Alora replied.


Houston’s mansion

“Hi mum” grace greet Mrs Houston. “how are you doing my darling it has been long you and your sister visit, did I do something wrong to you guys?” Mrs Houston asked.

“no mum we are just busy” grace replied.

“Alright my darling” Mrs Houston said. Mr Houston come down from his room. “good afternoon dad” grace greet.

“afternoon my dear how are you and your husband doing?” Mr Houston asked.

“we are doing great” grace replied. “Hi everyone” Sandra greet smiling happily. “where are you coming from smiling happily like this?” Mr Houston asked smiling.

“hmm I went out” Sandra said scratching the back of her head. “wonder shall never end, she’s even blushing, mum I think I have an idea of where she’s coming from” grace said.

“really? tell me” Mrs Houston said and grace move closer to her she said something to her ear and they both burst into laughter.

“why are you two laughing at my daughter. am sure she will tell me where she’s coming from” Mr Houston said.

“Sandra move closer to him and whisper I have gotten myself a boyfriend” she whisper and ran to her room.

“come back here and tell me where you’re are coming from” Mrs Houston shouted.

Sandra ran inside and locked the door of her room. “you guys should leave my daughter alone” Mr Houston said.

“darling tell him I wants to see him” Mr Houston said.

“I think we have an idea of what she just told you” Mrs Houston said smiling.

“yeah this is what I have been praying for a happy family” Mrs Houston said smiling.

“yeah come here my darling” Mr Houston said. “I think I will go in and join Sandra before you both kill me with love” grace said.


Back to the hospital

“what happen why did you passed out did you know her father?” Mrs Cole asked.

Mr Cole didn’t replied her he was busy sighing.

“he can’t talk cat has caught his tongue. how did you expect him to say he was the one that killed his precious daughter in-law to be parents” Tonia said.

“Are you crazy what are you talking about?” Alora asked.

“oh am sure you are the one that will go crazy when you knew what your so called father in-law to be did to your family” Tonia said.

“what’s she talking about?” Alora asked Mr Cole.

“Cole is she saying the truth” Mrs Cole asked her husband

“she’s saying the truth but she doesn’t know the full details” Mr cole said.

“whattt!!!!!!” Alora shouted. “I can explain” Mr Cole said. “what did you want to explain, where did you know my family from and what did my father did to you Alora asked crying.

“Am sorry it wasn’t my fault” all Mr Cole could say. “it whose fault?” Xander asked his father.

“you guys should help me beg Alora I can explain” Mr cole said. “I don’t need your explanation” Alora said and ran out.

“Alora” Xander called and ran after her. “ouch poor girl” Tonia said.

“will you keep quiet, how did you even Know all this?” Andrew asked.

Tonia face Mr Cole and said.

“don’t think I don’t know you killed my father. but am ready to forgive you and marry your son” Tonia said.

“will you keep quiet and stop spitting nonsense” Mrs Cole said.

“relax mother inlaw am now your daughter in-law cause am sure that poor girl won’t get married to the son of her parents killer” Tonia said.

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