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Liu Feng Acknowledges a Teacher

This is also okay? Lan Xuanyu immediately opened his eyes wide. He was more and more convinced that selecting the Interstellar Command Department was the right choice. It was just like Tang Zhenhua had said. Having this teacher, he really could avoid having any detours, and conserve a great many resources.

“For the time being I can only think of just these two things. I definitely still want to see the exchange table.” Lan Xuanyu said.

Tang Zhenhua nodded his head, and said, “You remember, you won’t ever have enough emblems to use. This is because no matter what field you study, you will consume emblems. For example, making mecha requires uncommon metals and requires some Soul Guidance Arrays. These need emblems to purchase. Right now you want heaven and earthly treasures. I don’t think these are necessary. Your life affinity physique is an even better alternative. Today you just arrived here. I’ll open up the exchange capability for you, but you can’t be anxious about it. First you need to do your regular studies. Afterwards I’ll give you an application for a special exchange, and I’ll personally lead you to go over there to that place.”

“Okay, I’ll follow your advice.” Lan Xuanyu was already completely positive in his heart that this new teacher, guiding him through the unfamiliarity of Shrek, was absolutely a happy occurrence.

Grabbing his pile of yellow emblems, Lan Xuanyu prepared to leave.

“You wait a second first.” Tang Zhenhua suddenly called to stop him. After, he stood up and moved towards a door at the side, which apparently led to some sort of lounge area.

After a moment of effort, he walked out from inside and used his whole body to respectfully present a dark gold metal box the size of a palm to Lan Xuanyu.

“This is something I’m lending you, not giving you. When I require it back, I’ll come look for you to return it. You just open it inside your dorm room’s meditation room. When you’re cultivating, just opening the lid is okay. You can’t tell anyone about this thing. If someone discovers it, just say it’s at your expense that I’m lending it to you, understand?”

Lan Xuanyu curiously looked at the box, and couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher, what is this?”

Tang Zhenhua faintly said, “Shrek Academy Black Rank emblem. It’s something that is impossible to obtain in the outer court. It’s because it’s made from the fallen branches of the Eternal Tree, something that is very rare. It possesses extremely rich life energy, and itself is a treasure.

Correspondingly, your life force is intimately connected with your constitution, and it should be a big help to your cultivation. If your bloodline vortex ever appears agitated again, you can just place it at the pit of your stomach, and it should help you pacify your bloodline.”

Black Rank emblem? Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but become a little emotionally moved after hearing this.

He had already experienced the difficulty of obtaining a purple rank emblem. At an even higher level, this black emblem could be exchanged for ten or more purple emblems. What sort of existence was this ah!

“Teacher, this is too precious, I…” Lan Xuanyu’s face slightly reddened.

“Shrek Academy is unable to lose this thing. You holding onto it is not me giving it to you, it’s me lending it to you to assist in your cultivation. I’ll look for you when I require it back. If you aren’t able to obtain first in your assessment, just return it back to me.” Tang Zhenhua’s eyes contained a deep reasoning in them.

“Yes, I understand.”

Lan Xuanyu was perfectly satisfied departing the Interstellar Center. This trip was truly inexplicable! Although this Teacher Tang of his was somewhat less than impressive, he very vigorously supported him, and at last finally wasn’t a “wingman” anymore. However, at the same time, he experienced an enormous amount of pressure.

In the approaching year, it was necessary for him to promote to only be okay, because who knew what the final exam event was going to look like. If it was like this time’s comprehensive exam, he still had a bit of confidence. But if it was an arena battle? One on one, who out of these new students would he be able to beat?

The large amount of pressure naturally wasn’t limited to just him.

Liu Feng had stood in front of Xiao Qi’s work desk for half an hour already. At this point, his expression was indeed somewhat odd.

“Last time, after your exam, your body condition was very serious. In order to let you be able to participate in the comprehensive exam afterwards, I gave you a few things to eat. However, the school has the school’s rules, and no person can violate them. The things you ate at that time valued up to one purple rank emblem. Later, you still have to pay me back. When are you intending to pay me back, ah?” Xiao Qi faintly said.

Liu Feng stared at him dumbstruck. “A purple emblem? How is this not robbery? I didn’t want to eat it, ah! It was you who took the initiative to feed it to me.”

Xiao Qi glanced at him. “Then look at it this way. I helped you pass the exam to enter Shrek Academy, am I wrong?”

The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth twitched. Clearly it was Xuanyu who helped me pass the test, ah! But how could he say this to his face? His IQ still wasn’t quite that low.

“But I still don’t have a purple emblem to give you, and I suppose that I won’t be able to earn one anytime soon. What should I do?” Liu Feng’s face was helpless. Right now, he was already a dead pig that didn’t fear getting burned by the boiling water.

Xiao Qi sighed, and said, “This is the school’s rule. At that time, I already made a vow surpassing the school’s regulations. I have to give the school an accounting for this. If not, I can’t guarantee that I can keep my position as a teacher, and you will be eliminated out of the school. Didn’t Lan Xuanyu obtain a purple emblem? You can look for him to borrow it.”

Liu Feng definitively said, “How is that okay? Xuanyu already has helped me too much. Without him, I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to test into Shrek, how could I go borrowing his things? He also has an urgent need for that purple emblem to exchange for resources to promote his Soul Power. I can’t do that.”

Xiao Qi deeply looked him in the eyes, his eyes flashing a hint of satisfaction deeply inside them. “Then we only have one additional method. Apart from the common teachers, the school still has direct teachers. Relatively, a direct teacher can show their disciples some favor and have the school be capable of accepting this. For example, I can offer you an interest free loan and such. I suppose I can reluctantly call you a direct disciple. This way, the purple emblem can be lent to you with no interest for a year, and you can wait until after you complete the year’s exam to give it to me. However, I have a question. You are still weak, will you be able to pass the year period’s exam?”

“I’m surely able.” Liu Feng said without the slightest hesitation.

He was able to entered into Shrek, and it was really too hard. Now, at this moment, he felt like his heart was holding a ball of fire in it. He already had a plan, and would surely stake it all to the limit, putting the maximum effort in so that he could remain. He was profoundly clear that Lan Xuanyu was able to bring him and Qian Lei to enter Shrek, but he had to look to himself to remain there. He was very clear that he wasn’t that gifted of an individual, and that he would have to depend on unlimited great effort to promote himself.

“Good. Then this way is okay. From today on, you are my direct disciple. In addition to your regular study every day, come look for me each day after dinnertime.”

“Ah?” Liu Feng stared blankly, did he just become this honored teacher’s direct disciple?

“You aren’t willing? Then pay back my emblem.” Xiao Qi extended his hand in a selfless manner. However, in Liu Feng’s eyes, how did he feel that this teacher had a bit of a debauched manner, ah?!

“I, I’m willing…” Liu Feng somewhat helplessly said.

“En, good then, then I reluctantly accept you. What you ate that day was a type of heaven and earth treasure, a hundred thousand year Strange Velvet Heaven Connecting Chrysanthemum’s one petal of the chrysanthemum flower,” Xiao Qi profoundly said.

“Chrysanthemum flower!” Liu Feng’s eyes immediately opened wide. (1)

Xiao Qi unhappily said, “What are you thinking about, such a young age and your thoughts are this complicated.”

Liu Feng, face baffled, said, “I only didn’t know that a chrysanthemum flower could also be a heaven and earth treasure, ah! Teacher, what do you mean by “complicated thoughts?”

Xiao Qi felt as though his bravery was choked, and coughed roughly. “Good then, you let me finish, and don’t interrupt.”


Xiao Qi said, “Strange Velvet Heaven Connecting Chrysanthemum not only restores your body, but at the same time it also secretly influences and transforms your body. You are just at rank twenty-ish in Soul Power, you should be able to feel a difference in yourself. Very quickly, you should be able to break through and arrive at rank thirty. If you require a new Soul Spirit at that time, come look for me and I’ll bring you to go choose. At the same time, the Strange Velvet Heaven Connecting Chrysanthemum’s biggest transformation is actually at your root bones.”

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