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The Benefits of Having a Teacher

While speaking, he once more grabbed Lan Xuanyu’s wrist.

“The two types of bloodline are conflicting. However my teacher back then helped me blend them together, producing a bloodline vortex that caused them to not collide with each other,” Lan Xuanyu explained.

In his opinion, Tang Zhenhua’s level definitely must be higher than all of his other teachers. He was an even higher level existence than Teacher Nana, and he should be able to find out what his problems were.

“Vortex? Where?” Tang Zhenhua asked, astonished.

Lan Xuanyu pointed at the pit of his stomach.

Tang Zhenhua lifted a hand and pushed on the pit of his stomach. After a very short time, his mouth slightly opened, the large beard on his face slightly quivering. His eyes were full of an unimaginable emotion.

“This, how is this possible? This kind of guidance… which teacher was it? Ji Hongbin? Impossible! He doesn’t have this kind of ability. There’s even less of a chance that it was Yin Tianfan. Who accomplished this kind of brilliant manipulation? This bloodline vortex is simply a miracle. It’s equivalent to helping you create something similar to a Soul Power vortex in advance. What cultivation level were you when this took shape?”

Lan Xuanyu also didn’t expect that Tang Zhenhua would be this astonished. He had originally also told this secret to Ji Hongbin, but although Ji Hongbin found this to be extremely fantastic, he also didn’t say anything about it, only believing it was the characteristic of his bloodlines.

However, Tang Zhenhua’s perception was different. This was absolutely something that couldn’t take shape by itself, being a characteristic of the bloodlines. He wasn’t much of a researcher in this field, but he was influenced by the top-notch researcher in the federation on the subject. At this early stage, he also understood much. This bloodline vortex merged two incomparably powerful bloodlines together in one furnace in addition to letting them peacefully coexist. This was simply too unimaginable.

According to the intensity of Lan Xuanyu’s bloodlines, if he only had one, it would be enough for him to easily become a top-notch powerhouse. However, having two kinds, it would very possibly be enough to cause his body to explode and die, ah! In this case, the bloodlines’ strength was enough to cause a danger to his life.

But now, because of the existence of this bloodline vortex, these two incomparably powerful bloodlines could mutually coexist, neither one submitting to the other but also mutually non-aggressive towards each other. They were still able to even complement one another to supply Lan Xuanyu with formidable strength, causing him to possess fighting strength that far exceeded others of the same level. This was simply brilliant. Tang Zhenhua asked himself if he could do it, and concluded that he couldn’t.

Although right now, because Lan Xuanyu’s strength was still rather weak and puny, they were still unable to completely see the wonderful usefulness of these bloodlines’ strengths. However, waiting until he becomes a formidable existence, these two super bloodlines would, without a doubt, provide him with a huge change.

This was just like a Soul Master having both the Titan Giant Ape and Heavenly Azure Ox Python bloodline at the same time. But also, neither of them was conflicting with each other, and instead were being fused together by a special kind of ability.

“Who was that teacher who helped you? Where are they?” Tang Zhenhua was somewhat incapable of believing that there was a teacher like this outside of Shrek Academy.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Teacher Nana on Tian Dou Planet. She’s a teacher at that place’s institute school.”

Tang Zhenhua took a deep breath. “She is very extraordinary. I didn’t expect that Tian Dou Planet still had this kind of teacher’s existence. This was godly skill.”

Lan Xuanyu still didn’t quite understand, and only asked, “Teacher, then is the cultivation method I’m using right now correct?”

Tang Zhenhua said, “I don’t think I can produce anything better than this, at least. Perhaps, it’s also because your cultivation level was low that you had the ability to complete this kind of bloodline vortex. Anyway, the foundation it has created for you is very good. I can already perceive that these two kinds of bloodlines have already started fusing together. This should substantially reduce the danger you would face in the future, so much so that the two kinds of bloodlines might genuinely merge together as one. The talent that your teacher has is most formidable. It’s simply inconceivable, ah! Your case is a classic example. If you want to share your circumstances and go through some detailed testing, letting the school keep some records, you may be able to exchange for a not insignificant amount of achievements.”

Lan Xuanyu stared for a moment. “Teacher, is this very troublesome?”

Tang Zhenhua’s brows knit slightly. “It is a bit troublesome, as it would require a very long time of observation and examination. Forget about it, right now is still too early. You’re still just at two rings, and the change is still not enough. Once your strength is a little more powerful and possesses many changes, we can talk about it again. First, your situation can’t be told to other people, especially to people outside the school. I will look into talking to the relevant specialists to decode your specific circumstances, and see if there’s anything that would suit you better. Right, you just said that you were extremely connected to Life Energy, and even more that your bloodlines can directly absorb Life Energy to assist them?”

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head, and explained the details of how after he had arrived at Shrek Academy, he had absorbed Life Energy in his cultivation process.

Listening to his account, Tang Zhenhua’s eyes once more flashed with an amazed light. “Life is connected intimately with the constitution. You are indeed worthy of being our Shrek Academy’s student, as you are truly a small monster. Assuming nothing is wrong, since your body is so intimately connected with life energy, when you cultivate here at school, it will absolutely be twice the effect for half the work.”

“Teacher, what kind of cultivation resources can I exchange for right now that would suit me the most in promoting my Soul Power?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

Tang Zhenhua unexpectedly smiled, the beard around the corners of his mouth sticking up. “You don’t need Heaven and Earth Treasures. I think there’s something that suits you even more. Come give me that purple rank emblem.”

Lan Xuanyu took the purple rank emblem out from next to his heart to hand it over. This was his most precious thing, and he always hoarded it somewhere where it could contact his skin.

Tang Zhenhua tossed the case in the air. Afterwards he smoothly waved a hand over the tea table in front of him, immediately depositing a pile of yellow rank emblems onto it.

“In a private exchange, one purple rank emblem can exchange for 15 to 20 yellow emblems ordinarily. I will exchange with you according to the largest standard, and that’s not considered to be contrary to school regulations. You go ahead and collect up those yellow emblems,” Tang Zhenhua said.

Lan Xuanyu stared, hesitating somewhat. Ji Hongbin had indeed said that some things that purple emblems were capable of exchanging were things that yellow emblems were incapable of exchanging for, ah!

But, he only hesitated for a split second before grabbing up those yellow emblems. He was convinced that Tang Zhenhua wouldn’t harm him. Moreover, since he exchanged them for the largest standard, like that, he felt that he would be able to exchange them again no problem.

“If you have an opinion on what you want to exchange for, let’s hear it,” Tang Zhenhua asked him.

Lan Xuanyu said, “My biggest wish is to exchange for a Heaven and Earth Treasure that can promote my Soul Power, one that corresponds to and agrees with my attributes. As soon as possible I want to promote my strength to arrive at rank thirty. Also, teacher, my bloodline seems like it is a bit peculiar. It seems like as I promote my cultivation to the next level, my Soul Rings will automatically evolve. When I was at one ring, my two Martial Souls both were white colored ten year Soul Rings, but once I arrived at two rings, they all automatically advanced to become hundred years. I want to experiment and see if they will promote again and become purple colored once I advance to three rings.”

This is a secret he can’t do anything to conceal, therefore he decided to just directly come out and say it. He only concealed that his soul rings would appear on their own, not requiring additional Spirit Souls. This was his biggest secret.

“There’s still this kind of situation? Interesting, truly interesting. Well, apart from that, is there anything else you were wanting to exchange for?” Tang Zhenhua asked.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Teacher Ji mentioned that Tang Sect’s Purple Demon Eyes could cultivate my vision and promote Spirit Power. I also wanted to exchange for this. It needs half a purple emblem though.”

“Purple Demon Eyes? You don’t need to exchange for that.” Tang Zhenhua said, “I’m also a disciple of Tang Sect. Exchanging for the Tang Sect cultivation methods in the school is too expensive. Later, if you want, I can guide you in becoming a member of Tang Sect. Afterwards, just acknowledge me as your master. This way you don’t have to use contributions, and I can just directly teach you the methods of Tang Sect.”

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