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“Yes, teacher.” Lan Xuanyu nodded while observing a moment of silence in his heart for Teacher Yin. Just now, when this Teacher Tang mentioned him, his killing intent was clearly released, ah!

“Teacher, I still have one thing I want to trouble you with. It’s regarding the exchange. Can you open up privileges for me? I want to use emblems to exchange for cultivation resources.” Lan Xuanyu absolutely wasn’t going to forget to ask about this.

Tang Zhenhua somewhat impatiently said, “How many emblems do you have, what can you even exchange for? Don’t worry about this, accumulate up some emblems and then we can talk again.”

Lan Xuanyu eagerly said, “Teacher, I heard that a purple level emblem can exchange for some heaven and earth treasures that assist in cultivation and don’t have side effects in promoting Soul Power. My biggest problem right now is precisely that my Soul Power is insufficient. Therefore, I want to promote my Soul Power so I can arrive at rank thirty as soon as possible. If I can get to rank thirty, my strength will assuredly be promoted by a large chunk.”

Tang Zhenhua stared blankly at him. “Purple rank? You have a purple rank emblem? How is this possible?”

Lan Xuanyu thought for himself, as it turns out this guy wasn’t all that attentive towards me after all, ah! Hurriedly, he explained the course of events that led to himself obtaining a purple rank emblem.

Having heard his account, Tang Zhenhua’s face returned to normal. “No wonder you obtained the comprehensive exam’s first place, so it was like this. Indeed, purple rank emblem isn’t bad. Right, you’re a Twin Martial Soul wielder, why is your Soul Power only at rank 23? Properly speaking, even if your Martial Soul is an energy type mainly, then the Spiritual Power would be even higher. But, if the corresponding spiritual level differs too much from your Soul Power level, the spiritual level will influence and repay the Soul Power. You should at least be at rank 30, that would be right.”

Lan Xuanyu thought for a moment, and said, “Teacher, apparently this is related to my bloodline.”

Tang Zhenhua somewhat interestedly said, “Go ahead and tell me about it.” He was also somewhat curious about Lan Xuanyu’s bloodline. After all, Ying Luohong was completely interested in it, and decided to emphasize fostering Lan Xuanyu. Naturally, he wasn’t about to tell Lan Xuanyu this.

Lan Xuanyu said, “I had this sort of feeling only after I arrived at Shrek Academy. Before, I had also directly put great effort into my cultivation practice, but my Soul Power indeed had promoted unusually slowly. While I was at Tian Luo Academy, my teachers also had all said that this didn’t match with my Twin Martial Souls, and they also thought this was very strange. It was only after I arrived at Shrek Academy that I discovered a few changes. I am especially sensitive to the life energy here. The first time I cultivated, I experienced the life energy pouring into me. After this life energy filled me, my bloodline energy just directly appeared to digest it. This led to my bloodline showing a positive variation, which caused my strength to promote a lot.”

“At that time I finally understood. As it turns out, my bloodline needs to absorb even more than it needs other kinds of energy, and it relies mainly on this to promote and support it. The reason my cultivation was so slow before is because the life energy in the environment was insufficient. My bloodline power just absorbed my cultivation practice and used Soul Power to supplement itself, which caused my Soul Power promotion speed to slow way down. But, after I arrived here at Shrek, this problem was resolved due to the rich and abundant life energy here. My cultivation speed has clearly increased by quite a lot. Therefore, I have confidence that I will be able to quickly promote my cultivation.”

Hearing this, Tang Zhenhua seemed to be a bit astonished. This was the first time that he had heard of a bloodline where the Soul Master’s bloodline was powerful enough to even swallow their own Soul Power. This is simply unheard of, even through Shrek’s long history of big heroes, there was nothing like this handed down.

At Shrek Academy, they never lacked powerful bloodlines. For example, they had the Holy Angel bloodline, the Titan Giant Ape bloodline, and even the Radiant Holy Dragon bloodline and so on. These were admittedly formidable, yet all they brought about were advantages. It let the holder of the bloodline promote their Soul Power even more quickly through cultivation. How would there be a bloodline that would conversely absorb Soul Power?

“Come here.” Tang Zhenhua extended his hand towards Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu hurried to stand in front of him.

Tang Zhenhua lifted his hand and pinched the veins of his right wrist. Both of his eyes slightly narrowed and then closed completely.

In a split second, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt that it seemed like his surroundings had become all twisted. Everything became illusory. He even faintly felt that Tang Zhenhua had already blended together with the decorative designs on the floor and merged as an integral whole.

A faint layer of a light halo started to extend off of Tang Zhenhua’s body, and the surroundings began to show some monstrous and colorful scenes. It was one fantastic image after another. In the middle of a large forest, countless huge beasts gradually floated into view. There was a giant dragon, an ox-headed monster with a snake’s body, as well as a massive Titan Giant Ape, along with a Darkgold Terrorclaw Bear spreading its dark golden claws wide. In the middle of the sky, what was that existence that was hiding the sky and covering the sun? A pitch-black silhouette that was enormous like a black cloud stretched across the sky.

As these lights and shadows swept past one after another, at the same time, Lan Xuanyu only felt that it seemed like his body was igniting and becoming blazing hot.

Tang Zhenhua suddenly opened both eyes, and two beams of purple-gold light rays flashed through his eyes. Lan Xuanyu felt a cold shiver run in his soul sea. In that split second, he felt like he had been completely seen through.

But just at this time, the bloodline vortex in the pit of his stomach apparently finally sensed something. The twin gold and silver colored vortex fiercely spun, and part of his bizarre bloodline aura spread towards the outside. Lan Xuanyu’s whole body abruptly shook, and the surrounding fantasyland instantly disappeared without a trace.

But at this moment, Tang Zhenhua’s fingers had already left his wrist, and his face had astonishment written all over it.

“No wonder, it’s no wonder…”

What kind of cultivation base did he have? Certainly in this one instant, his finger had unexpectedly been flung off. This was clearly something that Lan Xuanyu’s cultivation base was not capable of accomplishing, but rather came from the strength of his bloodline’s rejection. That kind of rejection came from within the deepest layer of his bloodline.

In that split second, Tang Zhenhua saw a ray of multicolored light and shadow. It seemed to be a supreme aura, and forcefully flung open his fingers with its spirit.

What bloodline is this? The level was high, and unexpectedly it was something he had never experienced before. It was no wonder that Ying Luohong regarded Lan Xuanyu as being this important. At this instant, he immediately had the kind of feeling that he had collected a treasure.

“Tell me in detail about your bloodline situation. This bloodline of yours is very special, and I can almost be sure that, in Shrek Academy’s written records, we have never had this kind of bloodline. Release your Martial Souls out and let me have a look at them,” Tang Zhenhua stated in a deep voice. Now, he also didn’t want Lan Xuanyu to leave.

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head. This was Shrek Academy, the holy land of Soul Masters, even above the Spirit Transfer Pagoda. If there was some sort of method that suited his Martial Souls’ cultivation even more than what he already had, then without a doubt, here was where he was most likely to find it.

Both hands simultaneously lifted up, and in the hollow of his palms on both hands, the gold patterned and silver patterned Blue Silver Grass drilled out, swaying gently. Immediately after, Lan Xuanyu’s palms had one scale after another emerge out of them. The left hand had oval shaped silver colored scales, and the right hand had rhombic shaped golden colored scales. Both kinds of scales spread upwards, continuously extending until they arrived at his elbows. The Blue Silver Grass above both of his palms also appeared to have scale shaped veins upon them.

Lan Xuanyu’s aura also appeared to change. Both eyes faintly had a feeling of light rays flowing out of them.

Tang Zhenhua was earnestly sensing each part of the changes in Lan Xuanyu’s body.

“Dragon Clan, this is the Dragon Clan’s bloodline aura. True Dragon, moreover, it’s an extremely formidable True Dragon. Gold color, could it be Radiant Holy Dragon? No, that’s not right, Radiant Holy Dragon is white colored with gold added, and is also a pure light attribute. Your gold colored Blue Silver Grass’s aura that it is releasing out is blazing, ruthless, intense. It doesn’t have a hint of radiance to it. But, on releasing this silver colored Blue Silver Grass of yours, it actually has an illusory aura. Without exception, though, they are both extremely high level existences.”

Tang Zhenhua’s brows knit tighter. “When did your Blue Silver Grass show this sort of variation? That your two kinds of Blue Silver Grass have received the influence of your bloodlines and produced variations, there is no need to doubt that. Only, these two kinds of bloodlines make no sense. How could it be that they don’t enter in conflict?”

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