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Tang Zhenhua

The Shrek Communications device had a voice button on it. All you had to do was press the button down, and say your desired destination. Naturally, the communications device came with voice guidance.

Not having a shuttle bus, he could only rely on both legs to run onward.

Because he wasn’t familiar with the road, and also because he didn’t dare to run too fast in case he violated some unknown rule, Lan Xuanyu used about half an hour of time before he finally arrived at the Interstellar Center.

The Interstellar Center was the same lonely, cheerless place that it was the last time he came there. After entering the door, it was still as empty as before. There was only the interstellar fighter aircraft and mecha that again attracted his line of sight in the middle of this big hall.

“Come follow me,” a familiar voice echoed out.

The sloppy middle-aged man had both his hands stuck in his pockets. It was unknown as to what time he had appeared to the side in the big hall.

Today he had apparently changed clothes, but he still looked somewhat tattered in appearance, with his hair also being disheveled. His appearance was all too distinct, with a big beard hiding more than two thirds of his face.

“Hello teacher,” Lan Xuanyu respectfully greeted. No matter how you say it, he was already in this person’s hand, and there was nothing else to be done other than being honest.

The sloppy middle-aged man just turned around and went, bringing Lan Xuanyu onto the elevator.

This time, the elevator directly arrived at the sixth floor. From looking at the buttons in the elevator, this should also be the highest floor.

Coming out of the elevator, Lan Xuanyu was amazed to discover that the Interstellar Center’s top floor had the same glass ceiling as his dorm room, but compared to his dorm, this one was much, much bigger. It was at least two thousand square meters in size, and also had a height of over thirty meters.

If it was nighttime, it would certainly be a good option to look up at the starry sky in here.

Both sides of the room had a few platforms with mecha on them. The models were all in a completely simple and unadorned style, and clearly they weren’t the newest products of science and technology.

Walking inside, there was a desk, a disheveled sofa, as well as very, very many bookshelves. They were all somewhat messy.

In addition to this, there was also an especially big file table, on which there were a lot of blueprints and design plans and such.

Something else that Lan Xuanyu took note of when he arrived was that the Interstellar Center’s top floor had many complicated decorative designs on the floor. Apparently it was also a Soul Guidance Array or something. He didn’t know what the role of it was though.

The sloppy middle-aged man walked over and plopped down on the sofa, after which he indicated for Lan Xuanyu to sit next to him.

Lan Xuanyu felt a little overwhelmed by how nice he was acting. After all, after his exam that day, that teacher didn’t give him a very pleasant time.

The sloppy middle-aged man faintly said, “My name is Tang Zhenhua, and I am your teacher from here on out. I’ll tell you one good thing. This time, in the Interstellar Command Department, there’s only you who enrolled and only you who were accepted. On top of that, you still have seven or eight senior brothers and sisters. At the present time in the Outer Court, this is the whole of our Interstellar Command Department’s students.”

Lan Xuanyu, having heard this, couldn’t help but have his thoughts twitch. This is good news? This huge Interstellar Command Department only has this few people, it’s simply like having two or three kittens!

“You’re probably thinking about how few people our Interstellar Command Department has, right?” Tang Zhenhua faintly said.

Lan Xuanyu coughed, saying, “The concentration is the best feature.”

Tang Zhenhua curled his lips. “Nonsense. I’ll tell you, the reason why we aren’t that popular is because our prerequisites in selecting the best are just too high. If you switch with our branch institutes, our Interstellar Command Department is the largest single department.”

“Branch institutes?” Lan Xuanyu stared distractedly. “Shrek has branch institutes?”

Tang Zhenhua grunted his assent. “You’ll get to know this later, and you’ll also get to go there to experience it. You didn’t think that the number one academy in the Federation for thirty thousand years, this huge Shrek Academy, just only accepts these few people each year? Shrek’s insider information and the strength of its qualified teachers is just this small, eh? You all were capable of testing into the main branch. In fact, this was already a shortcut, it’s only natural, as y’all were already chosen as one in ten thousand.”

“So I’ve heard that during the preselection competition, in the whole preselection and in the comprehensive exam, you were in first place every time? But you still only have two rings right now?” Tang Zhenhua spoke.

“En, I was lucky,” Lan Xuanyu hurried to say.

Tang Zhenhua looked into his eyes. “Now, we’re going to grab that luck and hammer it into shape. Each generation, Shrek has a representative. They are the only one who can genuinely represent Shrek’s proud children of heaven for their generation. But, if you desire to become this person, then you should far exceed your peers. Therefore, your classmates aren’t truly your targets for comparison, but rather your target should be the universe.”

Lan Xuanyu really wanted to say, Teacher, I only have two rings, isn’t this a little early to be saying this, but seeing how excited Tang Zhenhua looked, in the end he didn’t dare to say this out loud. He merely listened respectfully to his teacher’s impassioned speech.

“I researched your situation and the different information concerning you. Twin Martial Souls, not bad, and also a very special bloodline. These are what you will need to develop in the future. However, you absolutely can’t forget, you are part of our Interstellar Command Department. Outer space is our territory, and where our real strength emerges. You know why I said to you just a moment ago that it was a good thing that you were the only individual in the Interstellar Command Department this current term?”

Lan Xuanyu sounded out his thoughts, saying, “Because you only have to instruct one person, me. At the same time, I can have all the resources of the department lean towards me?”

Tang Zhenhua said, “The first point is correct. But the second point, not a chance. Shrek’s customs are that one must depend on oneself to go fight for all their cultivation resources. You have to depend on emblems to go exchange for them. The emblems represent your contributions, and more contributions to Shrek will let you obtain even more cultivation resources. No one can be an exception. Even if you are our only student, it is still this way.”

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but be somewhat disappointed. He thought that since he was the only student here in the Interstellar Command Department, he would be capable of obtaining some big advantages from the teachers here.

“Disappointed? Then you’re wrong. Because, with me here, you won’t be taking many detours. Taking fewer detours means you’ll be conserving a great amount of resources. In the whole Outer Court, I am the oldest one in terms of age. The road I have walked is even farther compared to the rest of them. Even that Ying Luohong isn’t as good as me. And, our academy has many secrets, and many opportunities. Under my directions, you can consume fewer emblems and get even more resources to cultivate with.”

“Right, you’ve only just arrived here. Today is your first day. Our Interstellar Command Department may not be able to directly give you some cultivation resources, but there are still some basic things that you need to have. In a moment, you’ll go directly back to your dorm, and I will have a staff member deliver a few things to your dorm. You will need to make some space available in your dorm’s first floor hall. I’ll give you a design table to play with, and afterwards you can make use of it to research blueprints. Also, I’ll deliver one of our Interstellar Command Department’s proprietary Simulation Cabins. This will go in your Simulation Room. These are my private presents to you, left over from my own use, and I’m phasing them out and giving to you. This isn’t our department assigning you resources. If anyone asks, you tell them what I just said. Understood?”

Lan Xuanyu’s eyes were bright. He was somewhat intelligent, and he immediately understood what his teacher meant. While they weren’t able to slant the resources in his favor, this didn’t break the customs on the surface. In fact, from just these few sentences, he could hear the teacher’s discrimination in favor of him, ah!

Immediately, all his complaints towards his “wingman” were swept clean, and he had a very good impression of this sloppy teacher.

“Don’t be happy too early. Quite a few things should be yours. However, these things have conditions. Since you entered the school in first place, then each exam after this, you must also be in first place. If you don’t make it, hehe.” Tang Zhenhua laughed, and his big beard on his face subsequently trembled. Lan Xuanyu’s heart went cold, and he immediately felt as though an intense crisis had arrived, his hair standing on end instantly.

“Okay, we don’t have anything else, go back to waiting. In addition, with your strength being so insufficient, make sure you stay low-profile.” Tang Zhenhua unhappily said, “Don’t be like that idiot Yin Tianfan before, who showed off everywhere and was super high-profile. That’s not good, and finally that flashy dude rolled on out of here. Still, he has to be related to you. You tell him, if he has the guts to come back, he would better to prepare to take a beating. These are my words to him.”

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