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Checking in

“Exactly. I’m doing it to have a place to live, ah! Ai, I’m considered to have an ability that doesn’t matter. This year is already my fifth year, and each year I was only barely capable enough to complete the final examination. I’ve almost spent all my emblems, so there’s nothing to be done other than use these most basic sorts of assignments to earn points. Seniors with ability or juniors won’t be like me.”

Qian Lei was curious, and asked, “Senior, how many emblems are you able to earn by driving a car?”

That senior said, “One month, one white rank emblem. It’s only enough for me to stay in the dorms. However, the academy’s food is free of charge, so living in the dorms grants free food. I only have to work for two hours each day, so it’s still worth it. Of course, to people who have ability, this apparently seems like a waste of time, but this income is stable! It’s not like those assignments you can fail. If one day you don’t accomplish them, you have to sleep in a tent outdoors. I’m in the supplementary department, and the assignments I can accomplish aren’t many. So there’s nothing else I can do, I have to do things this way.”

As he spoke, the shuttle bus stopped beside one row of joined-row villas. “We’ve arrived, this is y’all’s dorms. Sixteenth row, numbers one, two, and three, these three villas are your residences. You should go check them out for a while. Right, I’ll give you juniors one recommendation. Since you’ve arrived at our Shrek, for you to make the most of all your cultivation time, you can’t waste a single minute or second, because everyone else will be putting in great effort. And the academy’s yearly exams will go according to y’all’s one year average strength. I’ve heard that y’all’s year is very strong, so I estimate that your exam will be even harder compared to ours. Being able to remain is a victory. I also have to put in great effort. In one year, I’ll be able to graduate from the Outer Court. I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to touch the Inner Court, but if I’m able to enter the inner court, that is the real one step to heaven. Each Inner Court senior is highly respected by the Federation and he is given huge resources.”

Talking about the Inner Court, the driver’s expression was clearly full of yearning.

They exited the car and bid farewell to the upperclassman. Lan Xuanyu’s three people looked at the row of joined-row villas in front of them, and were all revealing an excited expression.

They had put in great effort for a long time, had staked it all for a long time, and they had at last joined Shrek Academy. From this moment on, they had already genuinely turned into Shrek’s people. How could they not be excited?

Lan Xuanyu was in sixteenth row house number one, Qian Lei was in number two, and Liu Feng was in number three. The three people had already used their Shrek Communications Devices to keep the others’ numbers, so they could directly stay in contact with each other using these devices.

Using his own communications device to open the door to the room, Lan Xuanyu entered what was classified as his territory.

On entering, first there was a hall with a high ceiling. This hall appeared to have a very comfortable looking sofa. It relied on milky white and light yellow colored decorations mainly, and was basically all made out of stone and wooden materials. It was concise and refined.

The tea table had a paper on top of it. Lan Xuanyu picked it up to give it a look. The written account touched on all the features of the villa, which possessed all sorts of capabilities.

The first floor had the living room and the guest bathroom, as well as his kitchen and an additional storage room. On the second floor there were two bedrooms. Each year, Shrek Academy allowed students’ family members to come and visit for one month of time. It also had a simulation cabin room, so in other words, he didn’t have to go to a special classroom, he could directly use the simulation cabin here.

The third floor was the meditation room. Arriving at this point, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but be astonished. Each floor had about a hundred square meters to it, and the whole third floor was just one meditation room?

Apart from this, there was additionally one underground floor, which was the cultivation room. Included was a high defense cultivation room and a gravity room. This wasn’t too shocking. Compared with Lan Xuanyu’s home on Tian Luo planet, it wasn’t as good.

The whole villa had about four hundred square meters of space or so. They had each facility, with everything needed available.

Lan Xuanyu very quickly visited the villa. The bedroom was very cozy, with all the needed bedding available. All the bedding was new, and it still had a hint of the smell of sunshine to it. The simulation cabin room was very big, equivalent to two bedrooms added together. Inside there was a platform with an advanced simulation cabin that he couldn’t tell the model of. Apart from that, it still had a big space.

But, what gave Lan Xuanyu the biggest shock was when he walked up to his third floor.

On the stairs arriving on the third floor, there was directly just one big door, but in addition it seemed like this door was made out of metal.

The metal door was in a sealed state. Lan Xuanyu used his Shrek Academy Communications device to pair up to the combination lock, and the big door slowly opened up.

After he entered this metal door, he immediately felt that his scalp was numb, and that every cell in his body was all excited.

Meditation room.

This was one huge round room, amply stretching over a hundred square meters of space. The room’s ceiling was also a circular arc shape. Most bizarrely, the roof was completely transparent. He didn’t know if it was made of transparent metal or if it was some other material.

The transparent dome had protruding lines all over it, which when the sunlight cast down upon them caused the whole room to take on a light golden color. The floor and the walls were all streamlined, and had veined patterns on them. These veins were apparently indistinctly absorbing the sunlight’s energy that came at them.

Just as he arrived here, Lan Xuanyu immediately felt that the Heaven Earth Origin Power here was at least three times stronger compared to the outside world, and that the life energy was also at least one fold stronger than the outside world.

Although he hadn’t that much knowledge in it, he knew from one look that these decorative designs on the walls and floor should be the legendary Soul Guidance Array.

Soul Guidance Arrays were related to the other important study routes of soul masters. All mechas, battle armor, and Soul Guidance Weapons had relations with Soul Guidance Arrays. However, Soul Guidance Arrays were extremely complicated to learn. Wanting to master them, one needed to invest the maximum amount of energy and talent into it.

The Soul Guidance Array inside this meditation room was clearly a large-scale one. Although the decorative design wasn’t too concentrated, it was still capable of causing the Heaven Earth Origin power here to be this abundant, and he didn’t need to think to know that cultivating in here would surely be much faster compared to in the outside world.

No wonder that the senior that delivered them had said that living in a villa was absolutely something of value. Just this one meditation room was too worth it, ah! The academy taking good care of them was absolutely true. Cultivating in this sort of place, how could you not be able to promote quickly?

But this kind of cultivation environment was surely limited at Shrek, and he felt that this was the reason why they only recruited a few students each year.

Stopping in the middle of this meditation room, Lan Xuanyu immediately had the impulsive desire to stop for a moment and start meditating. Right now he knew that his bedroom simply didn’t matter. If he wanted to go to bed, sleeping in here was also good. He didn’t know how strong it was compared to the outside world. Shrek really was worthy of being a place that all Soul Masters yearned for! No wonder each time Teacher Ji mentioned Shrek, he would appear to be strongly reminiscent. Teacher Yin, although on the surface he complained about it, in fact, it was because he was unable to let go and didn’t want to part with it that he could have these kinds of complaints, ah!

Just at that time, the Shrek Communications Device on Lan Xuanyu’s wrist rang out. He lowered his head to look, and saw that he didn’t know the number.

As he connected, the other side came through and lazily said, “Come find me at the Interstellar Center. You can use the voice navigation feature on your communications device.”

After this one sentence, they just hung up.

Lan Xuanyu had certainly recognized who it was, wasn’t it exactly that sloppy teacher of his? Lan Xuanyu only had to think of “wingman” that one word and he was somewhat regretful of choosing the Interstellar Command Department. With his first place achievement, he could have selected any department to be admitted to. Moreover, under these sorts of cultivation circumstances at Shrek, especially with such abundant life energy, his bloodline strength wouldn’t need to replenish itself with Soul Power afterwards. His Soul Power promotion speed would clearly increase, and this weak point would be supplemented. The Dual Armored Class would also not have been a wrong choice, ah!

He could think about this all he wanted, but right now he was already the Interstellar Command department’s student. With no alternative, he was only able to broken-heartedly leave the meditation room.

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