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Ying Luohong

“My name is Ying Luohong, and I am Shrek Academy’s Outer Court Dean. First of all, I represent Shrek Academy to welcome you all to the school.”

Outer Court dean! On hearing that this beautiful woman appearing no more than thirty or so years old was unexpectedly the Outer Court dean, all the students unconsciously stood up straighter.

Ying Luohong faintly smiled, and said, “Among you all, I suppose that a great many of you believe that Shrek Academy, as the Federation’s number one academy, will surely be very strict and the studies will be very arduous. But, in reality, it’s quite possible that it will be different from what you expected. Shrek will be even easier than what you all imagined. Of course, the precondition is that you want something.”

“Here, we don’t have severe teachers who will supervise you to study and cultivate all day, everything is all voluntary. You wanted to enter here, so I believe that how you study is your own matter. Each year will only have one final examination. I don’t know what the exam’s subject will be because it will only be decided a month before the exam. The only thing I can tell you is that if you don’t pass the exam you will have to return to where you came from. But if you want to pass this exam, aside from strength, you will possibly need many other things.”

“But I can guarantee that as long as you are willing to study, you will surely have people to teach you. As for your desire to obtain resources, you are all also required to put in great effort. Just like how you gained Shrek Emblems in the comprehensive exam, at Shrek Academy, emblems are all-purpose. The precondition is that you have enough of them. Even we as teachers are paid in emblems. If you want extra emblems, you just need to put in extra contributions and complete extra assignments. No one is an exception.”

“Therefore, what I want to tell you all is that Shrek is an impartial place where individuals have unlimited possibilities. As for how unlimited your possibilities are, you will have to search this out on your own. Finally, I again want to welcome you into Shrek Academy. I hope that after the first academic year exam, I’m still able to see all of you like this.”

After finishing this speech, Ying Luohong nodded her head towards these new students, and turned around to leave.

Xiao Qi said, “After a small wait we will distribute your dorms, and at the same time you will receive your entrance materials. Together, you all are the Outer Court’s first year level class. The common classes will be attended together. During the individual exam, you all have already chosen your department, and specialty courses will come from each department’s academic advisor. I believe you all have seen your exam time’s teacher, so afterwards you can ask them for guidance and knowledge related to the specialty courses. The school timetable will be in your entry materials. Next, the educational administration department teachers will guide you to complete your entry materials.”

“What? A single room dorm requires a white rank emblem for one month? For free, you can only have a single room tent?”

Very quickly, the students knew exactly what a pit was.

Receiving their entrance materials required a white rank emblem. What scared them the most was that the academy dorms also cost white emblems. The dorms were single person and the conditions were actually very good. However, according to Lan Xuanyu’s understanding, this white rank emblem’s value was equivalent to something very expensive, ah!

The educational administration department teacher was a middle aged man sitting behind a table. He lazily said, “The academy does this to foster the idea that you all must not reap without sowing, you have to put in the effort. From a young age, raising one to be self-reliant is a good habit, and it’s all to make sure that you consider the thoughts of others. You all don’t have any sort of harvest from the comprehensive exam? Afterwards, those of you who don’t have white rank emblems can go receive assignments. For example, sweeping the Sea God Plaza for a month, or this sort of thing, will reward one white rank emblem, which should be enough for your living costs. Alright, I think that living in a single tent also isn’t a problem. We can transact that out at once.”

“Teacher, can other people stay in your dorm room?” Lan Xuanyu asked a pragmatic question.

“Naturally that’s not allowed. Each person’s dorm room can only have oneself staying in it. Don’t wonder that I didn’t remind you all of that! You aren’t able to save money like that. The dorm rooms are each allocated to Shrek Academy’s exclusive cultivation rooms. Don’t think that you all are at a disadvantage paying one white rank emblem. In reality, the academy invests a lot more into this than y’all think by far.”

Originally there were still a few students who were planning to bear the hardship and made the decision to stay in a tent. After all, they weren’t like Lan Xuanyu’s team who had that kind of harvest. After hearing this sentence, though, who still didn’t dare to stay in the dorms! One year later, they had to pass another exam, and they needed to put great effort into promoting themselves immediately, without delay. They said it was relaxed teaching, but whoever actually trusted that was an idiot, right?

It was with great difficulty that they passed the exam to enter Shrek Academy, who could have imagined they might have to leave just like the students they just saw off ah!

Lan Xuanyu, Qian Lei and Liu Feng together had one purple rank emblem and five yellow rank emblems. Since apparently everything at the academy was settled through Shrek Emblems, Qian Lei and Liu Feng might as well just give all their emblems to Lan Xuanyu so that he could make the decisions on how to allocate them.

Using high rank emblems to directly pay for things that cost lower rank emblems wasn’t a problem in the least. Although, as Lan Xuanyu had already found out from Ji Hongbin, converting lower rank emblems to high rank emblems cost even more than ten, comparatively. However, this procedure of entering the school was a top priority job, and there wasn’t enough time to look for people to go exchange with. He was only able to clench his teeth and use one yellow rank emblem to pay for three months of dorm fees for three people.

Shrek’s tuition fee is free of charge, at least for the basic tuition fee. Each person received three green colored school uniforms and a corresponding school timetable, along with a Shrek Academy proprietary internal department Soul Communications Device.

Handing over a single occupancy dorm room’s expenses, this was all allocated to them, but the precondition was that they handed over three months’ worth. This is also why Lan Xuanyu directly paid this many months. If not, he would rather exchange for resources, letting himself and his companions promote themselves even more quickly. Although he didn’t know how to do assignments to obtain Shrek Emblems. One point that Lan Xuanyu was very clear on was that the stronger they were, the bigger the rewards for completing an assignment would be, and also completing assignments would be a little easier.

The three people’s dorm rooms were near each other. The educational administration department’s gate had many shuttle busses stopped by them that could deliver them to their dorm rooms, but only this once. Afterwards, if they wanted to go anywhere, they needed to walk on foot or purchase their own Soul Guidance car.

Lan Xuanyu was actually most interested in converting his Shrek Emblems. He really wanted to take a look at the exchange list, as right now they actually had enough emblems to be able to exchange for something.

But, the educational administration department teacher told them that, besides those students who didn’t successfully join Shrek, if they wanted to make an exchange, they first needed their study department’s teachers to give an authorization. After that, they could put in an exchange application in their study department. After the official reply, only then could they go to the Shrek Academy Exchange Center to go exchange.

Towards those students who still chose to live in a single person tent, the educational administration department teacher’s attitude was clearly colder by a bit.

Shrek Academy was really just too big. It depended on the lake to establish it, and from the lakeside roadway extending outwards, it took them a hundred minutes to finally enter the dorm area.

Upon arriving here, their eyes widened. One row of trees after another separated row after row of three story high villas. Every six villas were attached together. The buildings’ styles were very classical, and coupled with the dense life energy coming from the Sea God’s Lake, it was simply like a worldly wonderland.

“It can’t be one person per villa, can it?” Qian Lei swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Driving the car was another young person, who turned their head and smiled, saying “That’s right, it’s precisely one person per villa. I’ll tell you that although the academy is a profiteer, the benefits you get from it are pretty much without comparison. When I just arrived here, I was also shocked by all of this. Anyways, believe me, the expense of one white rank emblem for lodging is absolutely worth it.” As he said up until here, his face revealed a trace of a sigh.

Lan Xuanyu asked, “Senior, was you driving this shuttle bus to deliver us, also classified as an academy mission?”

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