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Furthermore, with a three ring cultivation level, his whole body’s strength would also upgrade by a big chunk. His Martial Soul Fusion Technique and auxiliary capabilities would also boost his fighting strength.

If you can use brute force to overcome your enemies, why would you need to use your brain?

Ji Hongbin opened the case, looking at the purple colored emblem lying inside, his face full of admiration and envy. Even though his cultivation rank was already quite high, the purple emblems were capable of exchanging for some extremely precious things! Unfortunately, during his time studying in the outer court, he had too few opportunities to obtain these.

“Right, Xuanyu. Concerning your conjecture, don’t mention it to anyone. Especially your classmates.” Ji Hongbin suddenly reminded him.

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head and said, “I won’t say a word. Although I thought that the spaceship was very possibly just a large-scale simulation cabin, the world simulated afterwards let us have one hundred percent realism, and therefore you could only think that it was really a world. The Academy really put a lot of effort into this exam, this story was woven to be quite like reality.”

Ji Hongbin’s brows slightly wrinkled, and after a bit of hesitation, he said in a heavy voice, “Because it precisely was real.”

“Ah?” This time it was Lan Xuanyu’s turn to be astonished.

Ji Hongbin said in a heavy tone, “Shrek’s efforts invested in humanity’s progress are something you are unable to imagine. Why do they only recruit so few students every year? Actually, in a very big way, it is because the Academy’s education staff is not enough. Many of the teachers and seniors are all at the battle’s front line in order to expand the Federation. But, this also touches upon the Federation’s huge secret. In reality, when the Federation forms an interstellar colony, it isn’t that they don’t encounter any pressure, but rather that the ordinary people are unaware about how that pressure is lifted.”

Lan Xuanyu was dumbstruck. “You are saying…”

Ji Hongbin said, “You shouldn’t ask this right now, these are still things that you should not know. You are still young. What you should be doing right now is putting great effort into promoting yourself. Let yourself become formidable. One day you will understand the meaning of what I have said. Shrek Academy doesn’t really only have few people. It’s because the majority of the Academy’s educational strength isn’t present at the academy to cooperate with the Federation in other places. This is all in order to let the people of the Federation live in peace. If you, me, and even the Federation’s administrative people are capable of living easy in peace and joy, it is thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of countless people.”

Lan Xuanyu heard that Ji Hongbin was somewhat lifeless. His mood at this time was very visibly emotional. Apparently he was suppressing some violents emotions deep inside his heart.

Lan Xuanyu suddenly thought of a question. Teacher Yin had said that he was expelled because of his improper conduct in the middle of a war. What kind of conflict was that? The Federation was supposedly peaceful and only occupied other planets relying on its universal fleet. What kind of conflict would Teacher Yin take part in?

“Okay, you shouldn’t ask again, I also won’t say much more. When your strength is high enough, you will naturally find out. Right now, what you need to understand is that although the students admitted here are few, each person the Academy recruits are the absolute elite, and they will also get the Academy’s best resources. You all only need to put the corresponding effort into it. Great effort, okay? Teacher wishes to see you arrive one day at heights that he will never reach. Accomplish the dreams I never was able to accomplish. You will already certainly be admitted. Tomorrow, Teacher must leave. However, not too long afterwards I should come back. This time all three of you tested and entered to our Tian Luo Academy’s unexpected delight. The Academy is entitled to send three teachers to come here to pursue studies. I will be one, your Teacher Yin will quite possibly be another, so after a while we will see you again. You are sufficiently clever, you also know what to do. It’s useless for Teacher to say too much. Cultivate well, if something is the matter you can send me an email. You can also get in touch with your parents this way.”

Ji Hongbin left very suddenly. Early the next day, when Lan Xuanyu woke up from his meditation, he was already nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he was unwilling to go through the pain of separation.

The room suddenly lacked a person inside, and caused Lan Xuanyu to be somewhat depressed. Not only because the room was empty, but rather because he lacked that mainstay person who was giving him directions. After all, he was still just a twelve year old youngster, nothing more.

In the dining hall he joined Liu Feng and Qian Lei. The three people ate breakfast together. Lan Xuanyu was suddenly aware of something. Assuming that the previous spaceship was a simulation cabin, why could they feel hunger inside it?

Bringing this doubt along with him, all the exam candidates were ordered to assemble and proceed together towards the Sea God Plaza.

No doubt, the time to announce the performance records had arrived at last.

Sea God Plaza.

In front of that huge statue stood a row of people. Teacher Xiao Qi, who had been in charge of their exam all along, could only stand over to the side.

Standing in the center was precisely the Shrek Academy Outer Court Dean, Ying Luohong. This beautiful woman dean wore a smile on her face, and had both hands clasped behind her back. Her black colored formal dress outlined her slender stature, bringing a somewhat natural sense of beauty.

Lan Xuanyu naturally didn’t recognize this dean, but his glance arrived to see that sloppy middle aged man standing to one side of the dean.

Wasn’t this precisely his “wingman” from that time during the Shrek interstellar center exam?

Looking at him, Lan Xuanyu’s expression couldn’t help but become somewhat odd.

“Wingman” weird uncle’s eyes also happened to fall directly on him at this point. His face was expressionless, but in his eyes he seemed to be taking his measure. Lan Xuanyu had a bit of a guilty conscience.

Xiao Qi stepped forward, and in a deep voice said, “Next I will announce this year’s Shrek Academy New Student Exam enrollment list. When I call your name, please step out. After I finish reading the list, everyone who didn’t pass can return to the hotel to pack up your luggage and prepare to depart. Your Shrek Emblems you obtained before can be exchanged in the Academy’s Exchange Center. An Academy staff member will guide you all to do this.”

“Right now, I will announce the chosen list of names. Yuanen Huihui, Lan Mengqin, … , Lan Xuanyu, … , Bing Tianliang, … , Qian Lei, … , Liu Feng!”

Hearing those names called one after another, each person couldn’t help but have their heart seize tight.

Lan Xuanyu was amazed to discover that he was familiar with a few of the names who were unexpectedly also chosen. The team he eliminated in the knockout competition, consisting of Li Han, Li Bin, and Jia Yu, were unexpectedly also chosen.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t have to guess to know that this surely had something to do with their test before! Under his assistance, their Martial Soul combination technique was immediately promoted to a Martial Soul Fusion Technique ah! This was absolutely something extremely rare. He estimated that they were chosen just because of this.

Sure enough, as those three people finally came walking out, their expression upon seeing Lan Xuanyu was clearly appreciative. It also had a little bit of respect that wasn’t there originally. That day, with Lan Xuanyu’s assistance, how could they not have a big fright? They also knew that they weren’t particularly outstanding among the exam candidates, especially Li Bin and Jia Yu. They were all three ring Soul Masters. Furthermore, if Jia Yu’s Martial Soul was separated from Li Han, it was a bit weak. What kind of achievements they were capable of having at Shrek was inevitably linked to having close relations with Lan Xuanyu.

“The name list is just these. Those of you who haven’t passed the exam, don’t be discouraged. Return to your respective academies, study and cultivate well. I hope this trip to Shrek was capable of bringing you all some assistance.”

Xiao Qi’s tone left out the echo of crying that immediately rang out from the exam candidates. With regards to these twelve year old children, it was very difficult for them to arrive at this step, and to not pass the exam was indeed equivalent to a psychological blow.

However, since it was a competition, it was destined for there to be losers. A big bus came up to receive those eliminated exam candidates. They were on the verge of leaving.

There were six people who were specially admitted. Therefore, this time, there were thirty six students who were finally admitted out of all these exam candidates.

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