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As the music played, Henry grew extremely nervous with every passing second.

‘Breathe.. breathe!!’ he told himself.

The musicians used their Obarios (which were basically violins), and harps to set the mood amd walking pace for the students.

Of course Landon had modernised their violins just for this occasion.

Previously, their instruments used the same strings from their crossbows…. and it’s outer shell was made from either wood, metal, and even tortoise shells.

But now, Landon had ordered for new instruments to be made from wood and metal (for the strings and nails).

Within the hall…. the audience was seating on the bleachers, while the middle area had numerous chairs all lined up neatly on it.

There was also a massive wide stage ahead of the chairs.

As the music played…. 3 rows of students and teachers walked out in an orderly fashion, with Landon leading the group forward.

The teachers led the group wearing black robes, scarfs and hats, while the students followed behind by wearing all blue.

For the teachers, their robes were lined with gold at the collar and shoulder region.

In Landon’s case, he wore a red robe that literally looked like Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Quidditch robe.

Of course he couldn’t waste such a Grand opportunity just like that.

The music continued and everyone walked !!”steadily… but nervously.

They all tried not to look at the crowd.

“Look!! look!! That’s my boy there!!”

“My little girl is now a woman!!”

“Little brother!!… little brother!!… Smile more!!!”


The audience pointed and yelled out emotionally, as they watched the group of graduating students walk forward.

The graduating students tried not to laugh, as they kept hearing their names being mentioned.

Some of the teachers walked up on stage, while the rest aided the graduates in taking their seats.

For this ceremony, Landon had prepared for it to be relatively short and straight to the point… compared to those back on earth.

There were a total of 187 graduates this year.

Before they walked in, there were already several guests seated on the stage.

All the overseers were present, as well as Lucius, 3 government workers and Doctor Gerson.

Once everyone had a seat, they remained standing…. and one of the teachers walked towards the podium holding a megaphone in his hand.

“Welcome to the Baymard Public School Graduation Ceremony!!!

Now… let’s give it up for our graduates!!”


‘Clap! Clap! Clap!’

The audience and those on stage clapped loudly and made several approving sounds, as they looked at the students who were currently standing below them.

“Alright…. I will like to ask the audience to please join our graduates and rise, while our military sings our National Anthem.”

Immediately… a group of 12 walked onto the stage holding a flag and megaphones.

3 people spread out the large flag, while 9 others sang the Anthem.

This wasn’t the first time that the people had heard this anthem.

There were books about the Anthem, and during every major event… it would be sung for all to hear.

As the military men began singing…. the audience placed their right hands across their chests, and tried to follow the song along.

After the anthem, they did a short prayer to their ancestors… followed by a speech from the Valedictorian.

And Lastly Landon came up to make his speech.

Everyone adjusted themselves and sat up upright…. one should know that his Majesty’s speeches were always moving.

The man could move mountains with his words.

“Graduating Class of 1024…. words cannot describe how immensely proud I am of you all.

Congratulations.. you did it!!!

But…. you should always remember that you could never have gotten here alone.

Take a look at your families for one moment”

Henry turned around and tried to find his family.

After looking for a while, he finally spotted his cute little sister waving at him and calling out his name.

From where he was sitting, he could tell that his family was overjoyedand pleased with him.

This feeling was awesome!!

As he listened to Landon’s speech, he became somewhat emotional.

“It matters not your gender, social status or background.

Our struggles in this world are mostly similar, at one point in everyone’s life.

You all have been blessed with the rare opportunity that so many others would kill for.

Seize this moment and be the best you can be!!

I think a lot of people dream… and while they dream, the real happy people, the real successful people, are those that get busy.

Time waits for no one!!!!

Today, everyone here has blossomed into adulthood.

So I expect you all to reflect on yourselves, and make the right choices in future!

Once again, Congratulations Graduating class of 1024!!”

Of course Landon had mixed some few famous speeches from earth, but who would know?

Henry clapped, as he was utterly moved.

His majesty was right…. Time waited for no one.

If one only dreamt, and never did anything… then the situation might never change.

His majesty was a clear example of this concept.

If his majesty had still waited for his father to take him back, where would he be now?

‘Clap! Clap! Clap!’

Everyone clapped, as they were also touched by Landon’s awe-inspiring speech.

The ceremony proceeded and it was time for them to receive their certificates.

“Bro… I’m so nervous!!!!”

“M…me too… I didn’t realise that we would have to walk up on stage!!”

“Calm down… you’ll do fine alright!!”

As Henry conversed with those around him, the butterflies in his tummy had started to act out.

They were currently seated in alphabetical order… so he was also sure that everything would happen in that same manner as well.

Soon, it was time for his column to get up.

He patiently followed the person in front of him, and stood at the line.

“Henry Mors!!”

‘Boom! Boom!’

As he climbed the stage, his heartbeat started pounding loudly and heavily.




He had just shook, Army General Lucius’ hand… as well as several other guests on the stage.

Finally, he stood in front of his majesty and was lost for words.

Was his majesty actually going to shake his hands?

How could a God touch a Mortal’s hands so easily?

“Congratulations Henry!!

Remember… be kind, work hard and stay positive.

Your life is in your hands!!” His majesty said while shaking his hand..

“Thank you, your Majesty!!”

When he walked down the stage, he felt like it was all a dream.

He opened his certificate and felt proud.

The certificate had the date of today, his name, the school’s name and stamp seal, the head of education’s name and signature…. as well as his majesty’s name and signature on it.

He looked at the certificate in his hand and smiled back at his family.

‘My life is in my hands’ he thought.


After the celebration, everyone was guided into another hall where they ate and drank.

With the money from the guests tickets, the school had organized this meal for them.

Landon smiled and decided to head back after a while.

With this, Baymard would now welcome 187 new workers.

December was finally about to end, and he voud now focus on serious work.

This entire month was a big distraction to Landon… from military graduation and school ceremonies, to Christmas and so on.

And now that all this was out of the way, the workers could focus on their jobs with no more holidays or activities hindering them.

For new year, Landon had decided that he wouldn’t give them any public holiday.

Those who were off on that day could celebrate it, but those who had to work…. well, too bad.

They had already wasted enough time already.

No more public celebrations for the time being!!

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