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“How…?” Master Li called out in alarm.

The giant man was a peak Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race. Moreover, his bloodline was extremely thick and his talent incredible. He even had a chance of becoming a God Lord in the future.

The giant man only needed to delay Zhao Feng for a few moments so that the array could be laid down. Little had he expected for Zhao Feng to easily kill him, causing him to never return from this battle.

Inside the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array, the Ancient Gods trembled in fear and panic. Zhao Feng was simply too powerful; not even a peak Rank Nine stood a chance against him.

“Everyone, don’t panic! With the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array complete, we will be able to capture and kill him!” Master Li called out.

Although the array had lost the middle-aged giant man, the array still had the power to threaten a half-step God Lord.

“Mm! Operate the array and kill Zhao Feng!” The eyes of the Ancient God experts flashed with determination.

Master Li still had some measure of prestige in the Blazing Gold Race. The arrays he laid down had time and again rendered enormous service to the Blazing Gold Race.


Master Li took command, raising up the flame blade created by the array high in the air, allowing it to exude a dangerous and scorching energy.

The nearby Spiritual Race members sensed this energy and were forced to retreat.

“Zhao Feng, die!” Master Li commanded the flame blade to slash down at Zhao Feng.

Even before the blade had fully descended, it unleashed a dreadful wave of flame. At the same time, the blade exuded Space energy that was able to prevent nearby foes from using Instant Movement.


This powerful blade slashed down, appearing like a surging river of fire.


Before it arrived, Zhao Feng transformed into a dreamy ray of silver light and left the range of the attack.

“Do you only know how to dodge!?” Master Li coldly roared.

But in truth, Master Li was flabbergasted at Zhao Feng’s incredible speed. Even when controlling this array, they would only be able to resist Zhao Feng’s attacks, not kill him.

“Any array has a weakness or gap.” Zhao Feng’s left eye came to life as it focused on the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array.

In a flash, Zhao Feng could see everything regarding the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array.

Found it! Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

A moment later, he left a blur in the air as he approached the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array.

“He actually dares to approach the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array!? How suicidal! The Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array is strong enough to resist even a half-step God Lord!” Master Li was delighted as he began to form a spell.

The Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array immediately unleashed an enormous ring of flame. The closer one got, the more heat and pressure one would have to endure. A half-step God Lord with a weak divine body might not even be willing to approach this array.

“Chaos Heaven Void Ring!” Zhao Feng immediately activated his own defensive skill, surrounding himself in dark silver energy. The waves of heat and pressure were swiftly absorbed by the Chaos Heaven Void Ring.

“The weakness is here!” Zhao Feng swung the Chaos Origin Divine Sword at the array.

Boom! Bang!

A small gap instantly appeared in the enormous fire array.

This array had a self-recovery ability and was able to quickly close this gap, but in the moment that the gap existed, Zhao Feng’s left eye had fired off a Chaos Origin sword bolt.

“No…!” A Rank Seven Ancient God within the array sensed death approaching, and his face twisted in shock and fear. But his cultivation was too low for him to have any chance of surviving a casual strike from Zhao Feng.


The Chaos Origin sword bolt pierced through the Rank Seven Ancient God’s body, pulverizing and devouring it.

“Oh no!” Master Li grimaced as he once more had the flame blade attack Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng disappeared in a flash of gold and silver, next appearing on the other side of the array.

“Damn! Even when his Space Intent is restricted, this brat is still too fast!” Master Li had a bitter expression.

Although the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array was incredibly powerful, its speed was mediocre. And now, with one person gone, the array immediately weakened.

“The place where the Rank Seven Ancient God was is where the array’s defenses are the weakest – where I can break through.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

“This kid managed to see the array’s weakness!” Master Li’s face twisted in hatred.

“Retreat!” Master Li decided.

With Zhao Feng’s advantage in speed, they would not be able to harm even a hair on his head. And Zhao Feng had already seen through the weakness of the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array. This meant that the array’s collapse would only be a matter of time, and at that point, not even he would be able to survive.


Master Li and the remaining people in the array began to fall back.

“Today, none of you will be able to leave!” Zhao Feng called out as he shot forward.


He rushed at the Blazing Gold Race members inside the array.

“Those I want to kill are doomed!” Zhao Feng once more set his eyes on the weakest point of the Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array.

“Chaos Origin Conversion!” The Chaos Heaven Void Ring around him immediately transformed into a majestic stream of Chaos Origin Divine Power that flowed into the Chaos Origin Divine Sword in his hand.


In a flash, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword became enormously heavily and grew to be several thousand feet long, thrumming with chaotic and violent pulses of energy that alarmed the world. Some powerful Ancient Gods nearby and even some half-step God Lords sensed this power and were stunned.


The giant Chaos Origin Divine Sword descended with unstoppable momentum. Crack! The Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array was cleaved apart and instantly collapsed. And throughout this process, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword was constantly absorbing the energy of the array. Not one bit weakened, the sword began to sweep aside the Ancient Gods within the array.

“Aaaaaah…!” Screams of despair resounded through the sky as the many Ancient Gods in the array were slain.

“What frightening Chaos energy! Run!” Master Li, fear on his face, led the remaining members, all of them heavily injured, fleeing out of the collapsed array.

“Want to leave?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled as he prepared to attack once more.

But at this moment, an enormous pressure enveloped Zhao Feng.

“Ancient God Dark Crow, save me!” Master Li immediately cried for help.


An emaciated elder wearing a dark green robe charged over.

“Zhao Feng, you’re too impudent!” Ancient God Dark Crow growled.

Ancient God Dark Crow was a man of some reputation in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, but he was defeated by Zhao Feng, a junior, not very long ago. He wanted to kill Zhao Feng just as badly as Ancient God Iceflame.

“Just a loser,” Zhao Feng indifferently said, not paying much attention to Ancient God Dark Crow.

“You…! If you hadn’t worked with Ancient God Origin Jade, this old man would have never lost!” Ancient God Dark Crow’s face went red from fury as he roared back.


Shrouding his body in clouds of various colors, he flew toward Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Ancient God Dark Crow was a malignant tumor. He was so thickly covered in poisons that even a half-step God Lord would find their skin sloughing off from merely the act of touching him.

“Ancient God Dark Crow, I spared your life last time, but since you’re delivering yourself to me, I won’t be polite!” Zhao Feng’s eyes chilled as he activated the Chaos Heaven Void Ring and fearlessly charged at Ancient God Dark Crow.

“What a joke! Spared my life?” Ancient God Dark Crow immediately began to laugh. Although he wasn’t confident that he could kill Zhao Feng, he was sure that Zhao Feng couldn’t kill him.

“Ice Fog!” Ancient God Dark Crow waved a hand, releasing a chilling poison fog into his surroundings.

This gray-white poisonous ice fog immediately formed a domain of chilling poison. All Divine Power and life would rot into nothing by this toxin.

Zhao Feng had just begun to approach when he realized that his Chaos Heaven Void Ring was also affected and was gradually weakening. He sensed that even the Divine Sense that he tried to send in would rot away from the chill.

“Haha, this is a new poison and secret art I’ve developed specifically to deal with you!” Ancient God Dark Crow’s brash laughter came from within the fog.

After his defeat at Zhao Feng’s hands, he had amply prepared himself. This icy fog kept out Divine Sense, so if Zhao Feng did not charge inside, he would find it very difficult to injure Ancient God Dark Crow. But once he did enter the fog, he would be assaulted by the chill. His speed, Divine Power, and all other aspects would be slowed.

Suddenly, a dark green bolt of energy flew out of the fog. Zhao Feng sensed it and was able to dodge.

He had to admit that Ancient God Dark Crow truly was talented in the Poison Dao. This icy mist somewhat countered Zhao Feng’s abilities. Even his Chaos Heaven Void Ring was affected by it.

But was Zhao Feng unable to determine Ancient God Dark Crow’s position just because he couldn’t send in his Divine Sense?


Dream mist began to appear in his left eye as he activated its see-through ability.

“Mm?” Within the icy mist, Ancient God Dark Crow suddenly shivered as he sensed that Zhao Feng was looking right at him.


A miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword suddenly shot out of the dreamy mists in Zhao Feng’s left eye.

“No…!” Ancient God Dark Crow was dumbstruck. Zhao Feng was able to determine his position!


Caught off guard, Ancient God Dark Crow was pierced through by the Chaos Origin Divine Sword and coughed up several mouthfuls of blood.

At this moment, a massive Chaos Origin Divine Sword swung down from the heavens.

“No!” Ancient God Dark Crow hastily dodged, but he was still a little too late.

Swoosh! Swish!

Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword struck Ancient God Dark Crow on his right shoulder, cutting away his right arm.

“Ah…!” Ancient God Dark Crow screamed, but he was able to suppress the pain and began to swiftly retreat.

“You think you can leave?” Zhao Feng sneered as a Chaos Origin Divine Sword formed in his other hand.

Swish! Swish!

Two Chaos Origin Divine Swords, each one a thousand feet long, slashed at Ancient God Dark Crow through the chilling fog.

Boom! Bang!

Ancient God Dark Crow immediately threw out a five-colored pearl and detonated it. Various kinds of powerful poisons exploded out to block Zhao Feng’s attack.

“How could this be? He’s gotten even stronger! Could it be… he didn’t use his full strength last time?” Ancient God Dark Crow shivered, his mind drowning in fear.


Two enormous Chaos Origin Divine Swords pierced through the layers of poison mist and slashed down. Although they were somewhat weakened, they were still not something Ancient God Dark Crow could resist.

Boom! Bang!

Two gruesome wounds appeared on Ancient God Dark Crow’s back, so deep that flesh and bone were exposed.


The Chaos Origin Divine Sword in Zhao Feng’s left hand disappeared, replaced with a crystal mirror.

“Nine Lightning Soul Refinement!”

The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror unleashed nine thick lightning dragons. The nine lightning dragons flew up into the sky and then immediately plunged back down.

Boom! Hisss!

All of them exploded on Ancient God Dark Crow’s body, so savagely tormenting his body that even death became preferable. Afterward, all the Lightning energy converted into chains of lightning that tightly wrapped around Ancient God Dark Crow’s soul.

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