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The Slaughter Begins

“Kill!” the Blazing Gold Race Patriarch roared.

The golden flames spreading throughout the world instantly surged. Besides boosting the strength of the Blazing Gold Race members, they could also suppress foes, inflicting them with excruciating pain that would make them feel like they were in a hell of flames.

“Fight,” the Spiritual Race Patriarch flatly replied.

A moment later, calm and serene waves of water spread out from his body, sweeping through the world. The burning sensation felt by all the Spiritual Race members instantly decreased. In addition, they felt an abundant Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that could swiftly replenish any Divine Power they consumed.

On the other side, the Blazing Gold Race members felt the Divine Power in their bodies being suppressed and not circulating as they wanted it to.

“This is the power of Second Heaven God Lords!?” Zhao Feng was shocked.

The patriarchs of both races were Second Heaven God Lords. Their wills could alter the entire world, their power beyond imagination.


The world quaked as the three God Lords of each race shot into the sky, flying to a distant battlefield. The world instantly darkened as terrifying ripples of Divine Power began to appear.

Of course, now was not the time to watch the God Lords fight.


The massive warships of both sides began to crash into each other. Countless people flew out and began to kill each other. Inside the warships, crew members operated the defensive systems and activated the offensive installations on the warships.


The warships of both races fired off countless energy cannonballs and bolts of Divine Power. Above them, countless people tore at each other.


Zhao Feng put on the Spacetime Robe and vanished. A moment later, he was right in the middle of the Blazing Gold Race ranks.

Swish! Plush!

With a wave of his Chaos Origin Divine Sword, one Rank Seven Ancient God and several True Gods were instantly slain.

“It’s Zhao Feng! This person has peak Rank Nine cultivation and abnormal strength! Run!” Quite a few people saw Zhao Feng and immediately took to their heels.

But some of them stared at Zhao Feng as if waiting for a chance.

“This person happens to be the number one person on my race’s bounty board!”

“He’s wearing a supreme-quality divine artifact, the Spacetime Robe!”

However, Zhao Feng’s strength made them extremely apprehensive, so they decided to wait for the time being.

It was rumored that Zhao Feng had singlehandedly saved Ancient God Origin Jade from Ancient God Iceflame and Ancient God Dark Crow. Although this was rather hard to believe, there was definitely something unusual about Zhao Feng’s strength.


Zhao Feng’s figure continued to blink throughout the army. A few of those with lower cultivations didn’t even know what was going on before Zhao Feng killed them.

In the rear, Ancient God Blue Distance and his son, as well as Ancient God Floating Spirit and other experts who knew Zhao Feng, watched all this in shock.

“How could this be? Even a reincarnated God Lord wouldn’t be able to match his cultivation speed!” Ancient God Blue Distance felt scared and helpless.

“I truly didn’t think that he would grow to this level in such a short amount of time!” Ancient God Floating Spirit sighed. Although he had long ago predicted that Zhao Feng would have an incredible future, he had not expected it to come so quickly and for himself to bear witness to it all.

Wearing the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng had the advantage in speed and could kill his way through the army without opposition. At this moment, he was a god of slaughter, causing all the Blazing Gold Race members to flee for their lives.

“Not good! A half-step God Lord!” an Ancient God called out in alarm.


A chilling white light flashed, and then an icy figure began to rapidly approach Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, die!” Ancient God Iceflame had a frigid expression, her eyes brimming with harsh killing intent.

Ancient God Origin Jade, who should have been finished, had been rescued by Zhao Feng. This had become a sore point for Ancient God Iceflame, and if she did not kill Zhao Feng, she would find it hard to advance any further in her cultivation.

“Haha, you guys also come out and make some trouble!” Zhao Feng looked at Ancient God Iceflame and heartily laughed.

Suddenly, several figures shot out of the Spacetime Robe.

One was a black-scaled man surrounded by black draconic flames, and he exuded a dreadful and calamitous aura.

One was a handsome and mysterious youth, his dark silver eyes thrumming with formidable spacetime ripples.

One was a black-clothed and callous youth with a gloomy face who was surrounded by deathly energy, his eyes like two frightening abysses of death.

The moment these three appeared, their incredible auras swept through the surrounding area.

“Who are these three?”

“A powerful bloodline energy, the Eye of Spacetime, the Eye of Death… and this ancient bloodline that inspires fear! Could it be the Destruction Dragon Race…!?”

The nearby Blazing Gold Race members were stunned.

“There was another one!?” Ancient God Iceflame was alarmed, a nasty grimace on her face.

Back then, it was precisely because she had been impeded by the Black Destruction Dragon and Zhao Kong that Zhao Feng and Ancient God Origin Jade were allowed to escape, and now there was another helper?

In the distance, the Spiritual Race members were also stunned.

“What’s with these three? Are they all experts that Zhao Feng befriended on his journeys?”

“The Eye of Spacetime, the Eye of Death! Heavens, there’s even the Destruction Dragon Race!” Ancient God Blue Distance and his son trembled in fear.

When they thought back to how they had targeted Zhao Feng, they truly counted themselves lucky that Zhao Feng had not killed them right then and there.

“Stubborn woman, it’s you again?” The Black Destruction Dragon charged at Ancient God Iceflame without another word.

Zhao Kong continued to assist the Black Destruction Dragon while Zhao Wang commenced a slaughter as if he was the god of death.

“Heh, it’s about time they had a chance to show off.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

Advancing along the path of martial cultivation was inevitably joined with killing. By killing, one could grow and get stronger.

“I didn’t think that this kid would have so many helpers.” In the rear of the Blazing Gold Race army, an elder wearing cloth robes softly spoke.

“Master Li, do you have a plan?” a large and powerful man next to him asked.

Even though they were both peak Rank Nine, this giant man of the Blazing Gold Race felt no confidence after seeing Zhao Feng’s feats on the battlefield.

“This kid’s strength is equal to a half-step God Lord’s at the least, but there’s still a way to deal with him.” Master Li stroked his beard as he told his plan to the giant man.

“Members of the Blazing Gold Race, follow me to kill Zhao Feng!” the giant man loudly called out.

The nearby Blazing Gold Race members were taken aback.

Ever since Zhao Feng had saved Ancient God Origin Jade, he soared to the top three of the Blazing Gold Race’s bounty board. The bounty obtained from killing Zhao Feng was equivalent to killing a half-step God Lord, and anyone would be tempted.

However, although the reward was tempting, Zhao Feng was powerful and had the defensive supreme-quality Spacetime Robe. Killing him was extremely difficult.

“Everyone, there’s no need to worry. Master Li has a plan!” the giant man added.

At this time, Master Li took a few steps forward.

“It really is Master Li!”

“I heard that the array around the stronghold was laid down by Master Li. Not even the Spiritual Race’s Second Elder dared to recklessly challenge it!”

The name of Master Li resounded throughout the Blazing Gold Race.

At this time, if they listened to Master Li’s orders, they had a high chance of killing Zhao Feng. Thus, many of the nearby True Gods and Ancient Gods gathered around the giant man and Master Li.

“Hear my order! Begin to lay down the array!” The cloth-robed Master Li waved his hands.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Green array flags flew out, forming a strange diagram. The Blazing Gold Race members swiftly began to lay down the array according to Master Li’s orders.

“Mm?” Zhao Feng, who was killing his way through the battlefield, noticed the peculiar activity going on.

“Want to use an array to deal with me?” Zhao Feng’s body flashed as he rapidly began to approach the giant man and Master Li.

“Don’t even think about it!” The giant man appeared angry, and his body immediately erupted with powerful bloodline energy.

The array was still being laid down. Zhao Feng could not be permitted to interrupt this process.

“Blazing Sun Fist!” The man punched out with both fists, sending out a dazzling ball of golden flame at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng felt no fear, his Chaos Origin Divine Sword slashing at the ball of flame.

Boom! Bang!

The Chaos Origin Divine Sword swiftly sliced the giant ball of fire to pieces.

“So strong!” Cold sweat emerged on the giant man’s forehead.

In this first clash, he was now sure that he was no match for Zhao Feng. If he fought him alone, he would probably be killed.

“The Demon-Slaughtering Celestial Fire Array is done!” Master Li suddenly messaged.

“Okay!” The giant man swiftly began to retreat.

“Want to leave?” Zhao Feng blinked forward.

“Oh no!” The giant man grimaced as he sensed an incredible danger.

He immediately activated his formidable physical body, his body blazing with golden light that exuded a powerful physical pressure.


Zhao Feng appeared behind the giant man, slashing down with the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

Swish! Plush!

Zhao Feng immediately cut a gaping hole in the giant man’s defenses. The golden flesh and bones revealed presented a gruesome sight as gold and red blood splashed out.

At this moment, a massive flame came out from behind them.

“Retreat into the eye of the array!” Master Li called out to the giant man.

A fire array controlled by twelve people was swiftly making its way toward Zhao Feng. In the center of the array was the peak Rank Nine Master Li. Around him were four Rank Eight Ancient Gods and seven Rank Seven Ancient Gods.


A massive blade formed from golden flames hung above the array, exuding a blazing radiance. Even at this distance, Zhao Feng could feel its heat.

“This array truly is rather unusual.” Zhao Feng’s gaze darkened. The power exuded by this array would even make a half-step God Lord have second thoughts.


The giant man rapidly retreated toward the giant flame blade.

“There’s no need for you to go back!” Zhao Feng coldly snorted.


His left eye thrummed with Eye Intent, and his Chaos Origin Divine Power immediately formed a miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword.


A moment later, this small Chaos Origin Divine Sword exploded out of Zhao Feng’s left eye.

The giant man was on the verge of entering the protection of the giant flame blade, when suddenly, a small sword plunged through his body.


The giant man’s divine body and soul were instantly dealt grievous damage, causing him to vomit blood.

“No…!” The giant man endured the vicious pain to get closer to the array. As long as he could get into the array, he still had a chance to survive.

But suddenly, a dark silver sword stabbed straight through his chest. A powerful stream of energy immediately filled every part of his body, annihilating and devouring everything.

“How…?” Master Li called out in alarm.

The giant man was a peak Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race. Moreover, his bloodline was extremely thick and his talent incredible. He even had a chance of becoming a God Lord in the future.

The giant man only needed to delay Zhao Feng for a few moments so that the array could be laid down. Little had he expected for Zhao Feng to easily kill him, causing him to never return from this battle.

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