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” Wedding? What the hell is happening here?” I tried to get up but felt some invisible hand push me back. ” What is going on?”

The white man looked exasperated. ” Mara!”

The angel glided into the room. Beautiful is not enough to describe her, her lips were full and luscious, her skin was so white i could see my face in it. She had long jet black hair that fell down to her waist. She looked so tantalizing standing there in her bridal gown.

” What is it Dad? ” She pouted.

” He doesn’t remember anything, why is that?” Allen asked.

” I took away his memory that’s why”

My heart skipped a beat.

” Please princess restore it” Allen begged his daughter.

” No dad! He belongs to me now! ”

” Restoring his memory does not take him away from you”

She pouted and placed her palm on my head. I felt an electric bolt run through my body.

” Allen? ”

He laughed. ” Welcome back. we have to hurry”

” What are you doing here?”

” You still don’t remember a thing? Mara!”

” Okay, okay dad!”.

She placed her palm on my forehead again.

I could remember everything now, my God! i have to save Chantelle. I remembered Don’ s boys dragging me on the beach, they had fired a shot on my chest. Don! i seethed in anger.

” Who is she?” i asked.

” Your bride” Allen said.

I sat up. ” My bride?”

” You see, once you stepped into that Town with me your soul automatically became mine. If you die here on earth your soul will return under the sea to work for us”.

I felt goosebumps on my body. ” Why didn’t you tell me?”

” You never asked. Your soul left earth a week ago, but a week is five minutes in our own realm and your soul returned to us. Mara immediately fell in love with you. She is my favorite daughter, i couldn’t refuse when she asked to own your soul.”

I closed my eyes. ” What does she want from me?”

” She now owns your soul so therefore she is now your mistress.”

” Are we still on earth?” i asked stupidly.

” Yes we are. Put on your tux, a wedding awaits us.”

How do i get myself out of this mess? ” Allen please can you give us a minute”?

He walked out of the room.

” Hi. Am Kojo”

” I know your name and everything about you! i have the deed to your soul, don’t even think about sweet talking your way out of this wedding!”

God! ” Am excited about the wedding, i just want to know my bride” i lied.

” We have enough time after the wedding!”

This girl is something else. ” Please can we return to my house after the wedding?”

She pondered over it. ” As long as we are together, i see no reason why we can’t. Now put on that tux and meet me downstairs!” She walked out of the room banging the door after her.

My God. From the skillet to the fire! how do i save Chantelle with a bride breathing down my back?

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