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After the disaster wedding, Mara took hold of my hand and we found ourselves in my house. That night she wanted us to make love but i begged her to give us some time. I woke up the next morning to see all the glasses and mirrors in my house broken. She said they made her upset. My plan now is to go after Don and rescue Chantelle.

” Don’t even think about it” Mara said.

I didn’t know when she entered the room, i was Dressing up that night when she said it.

” Think of what sweetheart?”

” You are not leaving this house”

” I am the head here and i dictate for us not you” i said bravely.

” Shut up!” She screamed.

I felt something lift my feet up and slam me against the wall. I sit up, propping my back against the wall groaning in pain. She rushed to my side.

” Are you alright?”

” What was that for? how do you expect this marriage to work out if you keep treating me like this?”

” Am sorry, i don’t want to lose you or kill you in anger. ”

My eyes almost popped out of its Socket.

” Mara before you i had a life, i had people i cared for and i want us to be one.”

She sobbed and held me tight.This approach seems to be working.

” I don’t want us to have a mistress_ sub relationship. i want us both to have equal rights and i promise not to do anything to hurt you” i kissed her softly on her soft luscious lips.

” You promise not to ever leave me?”

I sighed inwardly. ” I promise”

” I also promise to do what ever you desire and make you happy.”

She lifted me up and i resumed dressing while she sat on the bed looking at me with puppy eyes. I kissed her softly again and slipped out of the room.


I drove down to an underground shop where i bought a new gun. I hid it under my car seat and drove down to Lome. It was almost 1. am when i got to Lome. I remembered Chantelle’ s home address so it was no problem locating her house. I tucked my gun into my jean and parked my car few feets away from the house. I unlocked the tiny black gate from inside. i brought out Mara’ s hair pin and picked the lock on the entrance door. I brought out my gun and stealthily entered the spacious living room. A light flicked on and before me stood an apparition holding a pestle in both hands. She moved back in fright on seeing the gun in my hand but her eyes never left my face.

” Kojo” She whispered.

” It is me, i won’t harm you please drop the pestle”.

” What do you want?” She cried. ” Turn around and leave at once!”

” Ama please. Am dropping my gun” I placed the gun on the ground lifting both hands up.

” What do you want?”

” Chantelle she is……your daughter right?”

Ama nodded sobbing.

” Its okay, she is my friend”

Her eyes widened in shock.

” No not that friend” i said.

She nodded again and sat down still holding the pestle, i lowered myself into the sofa opposite her.

” Some men came to drag her off about a week ago. I have notified the police but we haven’t found her yet”. She said a midst sobs.

Mensah had abducted his own niece. How do i tell her? a thought suddenly nagged at me and i shifted uncomfortably in the sofa. Who is Chantelle’ s father?

” She is mine right…..?”

Ama looked away and confirmed my fears.”So why are you here and with a gun!”

” I……she……she um, she called me last week but the call disconnected before she could say anything. She sounded scared” i stammered out the lies.

” Yea right! so you came in the middle of the night with a gun,! please leave my house and stay away from us!”

” Ama am sorry. Am sorry for everything.”

” Please just go! if my daughter doesn’t return home to me safe and sound i will report you to the authorities. Now leave!”

I got up and picked up my gun. ” Ama please hear me out”

” Out!” She screamed.

I walked out of the room with my head bowed in shame. I had come very close to sleeping with my own daughter, i have not been there for her for twenty whole years and now she has been abducted by her own uncle. I got us all into this mess.

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