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The wedding

I watched as the men dragged Kojo out of the room. Who is this Don and what does he want from me? At first i thought Kojo was behind my abduction but after hearing their conversation i knew Don had masterminded it. What is their bone of contention with the president? ha! If only i had heed that woman’ s warning in time i won’t have found myself in this ordeal. The man behind my predicament yanked off the tape covering my mouth and i screamed in pain. He glared at me menacingly, his gaze shifted to my exposed puvssy and i read his intentions in his eyes.i closed my legs but he slapped me hard across the face, i taste my blood on my tongue and i swallowed hard in pain. Lord please safe me from this monster.

” You are all the same!” He bellowed out.

I whimpered and shivered in pain. He dropped his pant and i cowered in fear. He drew closer to me and i closed my eyes waiting in dread for the inevitable. I opened my eyes when i heard voices instead of the pain i was waiting for.

” Don the boys are back” A Latina woman said.

” Alicia! Urghhh” He zipped up his pant and i breathed in relieve. ” Send them in”

Alice walked out swinging her almost unclad butt out of the room, she returned shortly with the mean looking guys.

” Job done Don ” the leader of the gang said.

Oh Kojo. What had they done to him? I felt hot tears streaming down my cheeks. If i ever survive this am giving my life to Christ.

” Take this b*tch away, make sure she is well taken care of Alicia. She is very important to me.”

The boys untied my hands.

” Keep her under tight surveillance! She is very valuable” Don said.

One of the guys scopped me into his arms and carried me out of the room with Alicia leading the way.


** Kojo ***

I dont know who she is, sometimes i feel her soft hands wiping my body with warm water. i heard her voice encouraging me to eat. Sometimes she sang melodious songs which lulls me to sleep but i love it most when she reads to me, i wasn’t awake all these time but i could hear her. Am i in heaven? this is definitely heaven, no human could possibly possess such a voice.

I don’t know how long i drifted in and out of sleep in my feverish state, it felt like an eternity to me, laying in bed helpless like a baby, even lifting up a finger makes my head pound. I felt my eyes slowly blink open and i closed them back swiftly, how could something as simple as blinking make my head pound. I tried to sit up but i felt a cold masculine hand on my wrist,the hand gently laid me back on the soft bed. Where was i?

” Dont try to get up yet buddy” the white man said.

” He should get up you know, else we would be late for the ceremony”. A femine voice said.

That voice, the voice is familiar, where have i heard that voice before? Ceremony? who are these people? i thought. A man came in just then with a white tuxedo, he laid it beside me on the bed.

” Water ” i said in a weak voice.

I felt a cool water rolling down my throat. Immediately i whispered for the water i felt it down my throat without anyone handing it to me or lifting a glass to my lips, where had the water come from?

” Daddy help him put on his tux! we don’t have forever” the familiar feminine voice said again.

Yes! the voice belongs to the angel from my dream.

” Where am I?”

” Relax buddy, you are in my house” the man said.

” Who are you,?” i asked.

He laughed. ” Allen, the man who made your dreams come true”

Allen? why do i feel so weak? i still don’t know what was going on.

” Who is getting married?” i asked.

He stood up, a serious expression on his face.

” You my friend! today is your wedding day ” he said.

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