Facebook Devil - S01 E04

2 weeks ago

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The next day the three friends resumes school,lectures began and ended shortly for a break pamela gave them money for lunch, this continued for few weeks.

Until one day pamela told blessing if she wanted to earn same amount money in hundred folds(sighs)

BLESSING:how can i start but as far as is it not a bad means. It is not(pamela answers).

PAMELA:I will get you hook up with a guy on facebook,he will give you money just chat with him that’s all.

How can i start(blessing asked )i’ll get an account for you,you can start(ok)but i don’t have a phone(blessing asked)i will also give you one and tell your parents that the phone was an award for brilliant students in the school(pamela suggested)ok nice idea i will meet you tomorrow.

Shortly,both girls departed and went home.blessing smiled an went home like the cartoons on the cabin biscuit packet.

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