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2 weeks ago

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They stayed in the class for some minutes before meeting pamela a new student in their class(they both greeted)pamela came into the class with several items which was expensive victoria and uwana told blessing that they should join pamela but itoro resisted the idea.Victoria didn’t mind and still went to seat with pamela

PAMELA:Any problem

VICTORIA:I’m very hungry can you help me

PAMELA:Take and buy something for yourself.

Victoria rejoiced as pamela gave her 300 naira to buy snacks while her friends accompained her to the canteen(bell rang)the break was over and the girls returned to the class with many snacks.we should be pamela’s friend (victoria suggested) let’s think about it (uwana suggested) okay after the class. Shortly,he bell rang and school was over. Blessing and her friends trecked under the hot boiling sun as pamela passes by on a bike waving at them.

About what we discussed about pamela(itoro said)ehn! we will discuss about that tomorrow since we are almost at home

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