Facebook Devil - S01 E05

2 weeks ago

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Hours later blessing got home (smiling endlessly).

The next day in school blessing reminded pamela about it and they both agreed to open a new fb account and get a new phone.(time passed)school was over blessing and pamela went to a phone shop to get a phone.

PAMELA:Please sir, my friend needs a phone.

SALESMAN:What type of phone

PAMELA:She needs a blackberry Z10

SALESMAN:That phone cost 80,000 you can’t afford it.

PAMELA:Can we discuss the payment issue in your office.

Both pamela and the salesman left blessing at the shop and went inside.

PAMELA:Peter(salesman)that is the girl i was telling you about. I’d know you would like her.

PETER:Ok! very nice(licking his lips)so how do you pay me.

pamela move closer to peter strocking his d*k and sking it like her life depend on it shortly later peter brought out a condom wore it and they had sx.Hours later they were done and pamela left the office feeling tired.

Peter came out and gave them the phone and they left.

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