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Fourth Level of Chaos Origin

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"I am a fragment of a majestic Ancestral Artifact! I don't even pay much regard to God Lords, much less a mere Ancient God!" The Spacetime-infused voice was tinged with anger and disdain.

Xin Wuheng and the others felt their minds reeling. This tiny fragment was actually an Ancestral Artifact fragment? It was no wonder it possessed such heaven-shaking power.


The Time energy in the region they were located suddenly doubled in strength. Ancient God Sundermount and Ancient God Resplendence suddenly froze, cold sweat seeping from their foreheads. The invisible Time energy was contorting their bodies.

"Ah!" In a bout of pain, the pair of them were forced to reassume their original forms. This would reduce the areas that could be attacked.

How unique – upsetting the flow of time to twist physical space. An ordinary Ancient God would have already been torn to pieces. Zhao Feng mentally clicked his tongue.

Compared to them though, he and the little thieving cat were subject to an even more intense Time distortion.

The Spacetime Robe!

A dark silver robe emerged on Zhao Feng's body, suffused with a dazzling silver glow.

The Spacetime Robe was a treasure for both Time and Space. It was forged by a Spacetime God King and had a strong resistance to Spacetime attacks. By combining it with his Chaos Origin Divine Power, Zhao Feng could more easily resist the Time distortion.

"Eh? This Rank Eight Ancient God isn't that simple. No wonder the Heaven's Legacy Cat acknowledged him as its master…." The Ancestral Artifact fragment took a second glance at Zhao Feng.


The membrane of light around the little thieving cat intensified, and with a composed expression, the little thieving cat waved a claw and shattered the Time distortion.

"There's no need for you to waste so many words. My mission is to guard my race's forbidden ground. Even if one of your God Eye Era's God Eyes descended, I still would not submit." The Ancestral Artifact fragment was still unmoved, but it took a few more glances at Zhao Feng.

The little thieving cat appeared rather depressed. If it could get the Ancestral Artifact fragment to help its master, just how wonderful would that be? With the Ancestral Artifact fragment, its master would rapidly become one of the big shots in the Land of Gods.

"Little thieving cat…." Zhao Feng chuckled as he petted the cat and soothed it.

The little thieving cat that so often struck true also had times where it missed. However, it could not be blamed. The Ancestral Artifact fragment had its own mission. When the fragment was still complete, the Eight Great God Eyes had not even been born yet.

Perhaps the Ancestral Artifact fragment had noticed that he was the Ninth God Eye, but even that was not enough to make it submit.

"Even without the Ancestral Artifact fragment, I can still reach the summit. Besides, this expedition was already very profitable." Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

The little thieving cat nodded and ceased to communicate with the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

"Heaven's Legacy Cat, in this dimension, you should worry about your own safety. I can already sense the energy of your mortal foe." The Ancestral Artifact fragment left behind these final words and proceeded to ignore the group.

Even more strangely, the Time energy around the group suddenly vanished.

For various reasons, the Ancestral Artifact fragment was no longer hostile to them. This was possibly related to Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

In front of the crumbling fortress, the Ancestral Artifact fragment marshaled all its Time energy and began a counterattack against the Moth Larvae army. Without a need to worry about Zhao Feng and the others, the fragment became much stronger. Gradually, the Moth Larvae army's offensive became rather strained.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng and the others, without the suppression of Time energy, rapidly gathered resources.

If one divided this ancient fortress into east, west, south, and north, then Zhao Feng and the Giant God Race members were gathering resources from the eastern and southern quadrants. They did not touch the other two quadrants.

"The Moth Larvae Mother Hive is primarily attacking from the west, and as for the north…" Zhao Feng's eyes flashed with harsh light. The north was where the members of Ancient Soul Hall were hiding.

Half a day ago, Zhao Feng was using his Eye of Heaven for scouting when he discovered the members of Ancient Soul Hall hidden in the northern quadrant. The three members of the Giant God Race were greatly concerned when they heard the news.

"We don't have to worry about them for now. Ancient Soul Hall probably got here some time ago, but we are no longer their primary goal," Zhao Feng calmly analyzed.

There was no need to think about it too deeply. Ancient Soul Hall's goal was undoubtedly the Ancestral Artifact fragment. In terms of value, the Ancestral Artifact fragment was definitely above the Ancient God Seal.

"Since we've gathered a rich harvest, we should use the Ancient God Seal to return to the outside world," Ancient God Resplendence proposed.

Her cultivation was currently the weakest. She had only just broken into peak Rank Eight and did not want to take any risks.

"Are we just going to hand the Ancestral Artifact fragment to Ancient Soul Hall? Even if we can't get it, we can't let our enemies do so." Ancient God Sundermount was more hawkish.

Not long ago, he had advanced from peak Rank Eight to Rank Nine, which had increased his confidence.

Xin Wuheng began to think. Both of them had reasonable arguments.

Ancient God Resplendence's proposal was safer and more conservative and did not require them to put their lives at risk, but Ancient God Sundermount's proposal directly pointed at the danger. If Ancient Soul Hall was allowed to obtain the Ancestral Artifact fragment, the Giant God Race would never be able to overtake it. On the other hand, if the Giant God Race got the Ancestral Artifact fragment, the situation would be firmly in their favor.

"Let's do this: Ancient God Resplendence, take half of the resources back with you and get in touch with Patriarch. It would be best if you can bring back reinforcements." Xin Wuheng quickly decided.

In any case, Ancient God Resplendence had the weakest cultivation, so her effectiveness here was limited. The rest of the group would remain to observe the situation and look for any opportunities.

Everyone agreed with this plan, as it was essentially the best of both worlds.


Xin Wuheng took out the Ancient God Seal and used a Heaven's Legacy secret art. Strange spatial ripples appeared on the Ancient God Seal as it began to link with the dimension.

But suddenly…

Bang! Bzzzz!

An enormous spatial pressure came out of nowhere, and the Ancient God Seal immediately buzzed and dimmed.

"What!?" Xin Wuheng grimaced and he fell into a pensive mood. What happened?

Ancient God Sundermount and Ancient God Resplendence were also shocked. After all, the Ancient God Seal was the key with which one could enter and exit this dimension.

"I'm afraid that there must be some great power on the level of a God Lord in the outside world who has laid down some ancient space-sealing array. I estimate that it's not just one God Lord power, and they all have to be proficient in Heaven's Legacy secret arts." Xin Wuheng softly sighed.

"There's no retreating for us…."

The group exchanged glances, all of them with a solemn expression. It was no wonder the Ancient Soul Hall side had put aside seizing the Ancient God Seal for now.

"What sort of strength is needed to forcefully break through this dimension?" Zhao Feng inquired.

Xin Wuheng closed his eyes and began to think. After a while, he said, "With the help of the Ancient God Seal, a near-God-Lord level of strength is still required."

And that was with the Ancient God Seal.

"Then it's not that bad. Since we can't retreat, let's fight!" Zhao Feng's face was cold and determined.

At this moment, on the western side of the ancient fortress, the Moth Larvae army was still engaged in an endless offensive while the Ancestral Artifact fragment was single-mindedly devoted to defense. Both of them were immersed in a long and grueling battle. On the northern side of the ancient fortress, the members of Ancient Soul Hall were hiding. Zhao Feng and the others had already scoured the eastern and southern sides of resources.

"Since Ancient Soul Hall hasn't moved out yet, we will also stay back for now."

Zhao Feng vanished from his original position. The only thing left was the Spacetime Robe, shimmering with its dazzling aura.

Inside the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng immediately adjusted the time and was able to achieve an astonishing 25 to 1 ratio.

"As expected," Zhao Feng softly muttered. Earlier, when he used his Chaos Origin Divine Power to counteract the Time energy of the Ancestral Artifact fragment, he had absorbed some of the Time energy, which increased his understanding of Time.

One had to understand that this Ancestral Artifact fragment contained a Time Law, and the Time Intent exuded was only the purest.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Closing his eyes, he brought up several Time resources before him. These Time resources were essentially all on the same level as the Moonlight Sky Bamboo. Afterward, he circulated his Chaos Origin Divine Power and began to comprehend and absorb the Time Intent within these resources.

At the same time, he split his mind into two parts. One half continued to absorb and comprehend the Time resources. The other part tried to use Chaos Origin Divine Power to absorb the Time Essence contained within these resources.

He had never tried the second before. This was because, only when the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique reached the fourth level would it gain its devouring trait. At least, that's how it was normally.

To Zhao Feng's pleasant surprise, this attempt caused his ability to understand Time Intent to increase by leaps and bounds!

On one hand, it was because he was absorbing the comprehending the pure Time Intent of the Ancestral Artifact fragment. On the other hand, it was because of the devouring effect of his Chaos Origin Divine Power. The two working together meant that, in only two days, Zhao Feng managed to reach the peak of Level Six in Time Intent.

"My Time Intent has reached peak Level Six and my Chaos Origin Divine Power has also improved."

Zhao Feng could vaguely sense that his Chaos Origin Divine Power was only half a step from level four. This caused the devouring effect of his Chaos Origin Divine Power to become increasingly obvious, and it was now fifty percent more effective than before.

Time slowly passed. While twenty-five days had passed in the Spacetime Robe, only one day had passed in the outside world.

At this time, the eighth Divine Stage in Zhao Feng's body was brand-new and exuded a vast, grandiose, and all-encompassing Chaos Origin Divine Power. At the same time, the outline of the ninth Divine Stage had appeared above the eighth Divine Stage, and it was gradually turning more solid.

Not only that, but a powerful stream of Divine Power was revolving around the nascent form of the ninth Divine Stage. This clear stream of Divine Power was the ninth stream of power Zhao Feng had preserved from the Nine Lotus Jade Life Flower.

"The current me using the ninth clear stream of power has a one hundred percent chance of forming the ninth Divine Stage and becoming a Rank Nine Ancient God." Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

His incredible development was not merely because he had taken treasures like the Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone and the Nine Lotus Jade Life Flower, but primarily because of the increase in the level of his Chaos Origin Divine Power. And now, Zhao Feng's Chaos Origin Divine Power had already reached the threshold of the fourth level! Its power had now more than doubled! He barely needed any effort at all to advance to Rank Nine.

But he did not do so.

"After Rank Nine is the God Lord level. For Rank Nine, I have to store up more to ensure the sturdiest of foundations." Zhao Feng was seeing further into the future.

Afterward, he once more began to temper his Chaos Origin Divine Power and comprehend Spacetime Intent.

"Since ancient times, everyone has always said that Space and Time are one. My Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique's primary Intent is Space, so what happens if I fuse in Time energy?" Zhao Feng had a smile on his face.

When his Chaos Origin Divine Power reached the fourth level, his Space Intent had broken into Level Eight! This was because, when Zhao Feng was comprehending Time Intent, he used it as a basis to link it to Space Intent. The cornerstone of this link was none other than the all-encompassing Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique.

Level Eight Space Intent, peak Level Six Time Intent – this was the current level of Zhao Feng's Spacetime Intent.

But Zhao Feng was still not satisfied. He continued to fuse Space and Time Intent to refine his Chaos Origin Divine Power.

At this point, the time ratio in the Spacetime Robe had reached an astonishing 30 to 1.

In the outside world, Xin Wuheng and the others could vaguely sense the astonishing surges of Divine Power coming from the Spacetime Robe.

"That Zhao Feng, could he be forming his ninth Divine Stage?" Ancient God Sundermount asked.

"He only reached Rank Eight not too long ago, and now he's making a charge at Rank Nine? Even if he succeeds, I worry that his foundation will be unsteady." Ancient God Resplendence lightly sighed.

The two Ancient Gods were not optimistic about Zhao Feng's chances of breaking through.

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