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“If we can obtain this Ancestral Artifact fragment containing Time energy, we can easily set aside the Ancient God Seal for the time being.” Yu Heng’s face gleamed with excitement and agitation.

The three half-step God Lords glanced at each other. Although they had their differences, they could understand Yu Heng. When they learned the Ancestral Artifact fragment was here, the three half-step God Lords were stunned, as they had never imagined that they would see such a legendary object.

As everyone knew, in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, divine weapons were in the mainstream. In other words, divine artifacts. These artifacts ranged from substandard quality, low quality, average quality… all the way to supreme quality.

Under normal circumstances, supreme quality was the highest quality one could achieve with a divine weapon. Not even the majority of Rank Nine Ancient Gods and half-step God Lords had supreme-quality divine artifacts.

However, supreme-quality divine artifacts were not actually the highest quality divine artifacts in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. The highest quality artifacts were the ultimate Ancestral Artifacts!

However, Ancestral Artifacts were only a legend. They were so rare that they were mentioned alongside the Eight Great God Eyes and God Kings.

Just like the Eight Great God Eyes, each Ancestral Artifact was unique. Ancestral Artifacts originated from the era of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and their powers and abilities were not something that the people of the present day could fathom. Experts of later generations could only see the marks they left in the books of myth and legend.

They existed in the most dazzling era of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

When they existed, the number one race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races – the Ancient Race – dominated the ten thousand races, proudly gazing down upon the wildlands, and who would dare to challenge them?

When they existed, the dazzling civilization of the Heaven’s Legacy Race had just come from outside the universe and was detested by the native ten thousand races.

When they existed, the Light Race still leisurely traveled through time, transcending the bounds of the world.

In their time of glory, nine ancient Golden Crows flew through the sky, burning the earth and inflicting calamity upon the ten thousand races.

In their time of glory, the Destruction Dragons unleashed their Destruction Dragon Breath and destroyed civilization after civilization, dimension after dimension.

In their time of glory, the Eight Great God Eyes had still not passed on!

“Ancestral Artifacts! Dazzling existences from the era of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and now… is the era of the Eight Great God Eyes!” Ancient God Jailsea had a far-off look in his eyes.

The current era of the Eight Great God Eyes was still powerful and flourishing and the Fan Universe was still so boundless, but the experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods still felt some yearning for the era of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. In that era, all the Ten Thousand Ancient Races still existed, not like now, where they were either extinct or in hiding.

“The last Ancestral Artifact appeared how many hundreds of millions of years ago? I remember that it allowed the holder to become a God King, an existence that can stand on an equal level with the Eight Great God Eyes,” Ancient God Ice Jade yearningly said.

Every Ancestral Artifact was unique. In the era of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, only the extremely high-ranked races like the Ancient Race, the Ancient Shaman Race, or the Light Race had ever produced Ancestral Artifacts.

Ancestral Artifacts were just as rare as the Eight Great God Eyes were now!

“Ancestral Artifacts are not something that we can possess, but an Ancestral Artifact fragment could create a God Lord, one that can stand out among their peers,” Yu Heng lightly said.

Ancestral Artifacts were supreme existences like God Eyes, so one could not have delusions about them. However, in front of them was an Ancestral Artifact fragment If this happened in the outside world, it would have sent an earthquake through the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and caused countless factions and transcendent beings to battle over it

“If I had an Ancestral Artifact fragment, I might be able to challenge a God Lord and even win….” Ancient God Destruction Flow and the other half-step God Lords were all tempted.

Greed began to take root in their hearts. After all, with an Ancestral Artifact fragment, one was basically guaranteed to become a God Lord, and there was even a chance of becoming an outstanding God Lord. Once one possessed an Ancestral Artifact, one would be invincible against those of the same rank and could even defeat those of a higher level.

“There’s no need to mention the value of the Ancestral Artifact fragment, even less so given that this is a Time Law Ancestral Artifact fragment We now need to talk about our plan.” Yu Heng cut off their contemplations.

“Plan?” The three half-step God Lords and the other two Ancient Gods all froze in surprise.

With unprecedented treasure before them, the group suddenly became united. As for the Ancient God Seal and their original plan, they had completely forgotten about it

They could naturally see that, if one or two half-step God Lords went in, the Ancestral Artifact fragment would give them a savage beating. They needed a plan to strategically obtain it

“Haha, this is an incredibly rare opportunity.” Yu Heng turned his gaze to the major battle between the Ancestral Artifact fragment and the Moth Larvae Mother Hive.

The Locustmoth Mother was not strong on its own, but it specialized in reproduction, wave tactics, and long campaigns. That sky-soaring Moth Larvae Mother Hive was endlessly producing insects.

At the start, the hive primarily produced two kinds of insects: the glowing time flies and the armored insects. These two kinds of insects were constantly dying, and the hive was constantly producing more.

Now, the hive was producing a third kind of insect, a fat silver-black insect with a body like a barrel. This silver-black insect did not have the ability to fight It was meant purely for collecting and transporting.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

These silver-black insects gathered ore and plants from the surrounding area, swallowing them into their bellies, and then brought them back to the hive. The Locustmoth Mother, with the assistance of these resources, was able to almost infinitely produce more descendants. For this reason, no matter how many insects died, the hive could still produce more glowing flies and armored insects, like using moths to extinguish a fire.

“Tsk, tsk! Hundreds of millions have died already.”

“This truly is the 10th ranked Locustmoth Race, skilled in wave tactics. Any race slightly lower in rankings would not be guaranteed to achieve such an effect.”

The three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall were all just watching from the sidelines. Yu Heng was also observing the battle. They were waiting for the right moment – for the Locustmoth Race to exhaust more of the Ancestral Artifact fragment’s Origin energy so they could move out and take it for themselves.

Mm, the best result is for both sides to be badly wounded.

At the same time, Zhao Feng and the three members of the Giant God Race began to move out. Their goal was not the Ancestral Artifact fragment, but the many precious resources around the ancient fortress.

“Let’s go! Everyone, don’t stray too far from each other!” Xin Wuheng said.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The team of four began to move toward the ancient fortress.

“Damn flies!” The elderly Spacetime-infused voice was clearly disgusted and also rather exhausted.


Strands of Time energy flowed out of the ancient fortress and toward the group. Suddenly, Zhao Feng’s group suddenly became extremely slow as if they were moving through mud. Each movement was only made with extreme difficulty.

“What powerful Time energy.”

The members of the Giant God Race circulated Divine Power to resist, but it was extremely taxing. It took far too much Divine Power to resist Time energy, and the effect wasn’t that good either.

“Try my Chaos Origin Divine Power.” Zhao Feng circulated his own Divine Power to resist the suppression of the Time energy.

The Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique was extremely tolerant and could encompass my kinds of Intent, with Space Intent serving as the primary Intent Once cultivated to a certain level, the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique even had a chance to devour various kinds of energy.


Zhao Feng circulated Chaos Origin Divine Power, and he immediately felt his body lighten up. His efforts were clearly more effective than Ancient God Resplendence’s or Ancient God Sundermount’s.

However, the two Ancient Gods of the Giant God Race would not give up.

Boom! Boom!

In dazzling flashes of white light, the two of them transformed into giants one thousand feet tall. After activating their bloodlines, both were clearly much more resistant to the Time energy and not at all inferior to Zhao Feng.

As for Xin Wuheng, he didn’t become a giant His eyes were half-shut as his body thrummed with the faint energy ripples of a Law.


Suddenly, his body lightened, and he could fly through the air and leave a blur behind him.

As expected of a reincarnated God Lord. After comprehending a Law, it becomes so much easier to resist Time energy…. Zhao Feng said to himself.

As Xin Wuheng’s cultivation rose, he regained more and more power from his last life, including his God Lord Intent and his comprehension of Laws.

Xin Wuheng immediately became the fastest member of the group. He flew forward and snatched up a Moonlight Sky Bamboo. He was specifically picking the items with the highest value.

Zhao Feng didn’t want to fall behind, so he suddenly exploded with Time Intent The surface of his Chaos Origin Divine Power suddenly began to glow with a mysterious light

As expected, after fully fusing with his Time Intent, the Chaos Origin Divine Power’s strength was greatly increased, and he found it much easier to resist the Time energy.

Zhao Feng could even sense that his Chaos Origin Divine Power was absorbing some of the outside world’s Time energy.

This is the devouring trait of Chaos Origin Divine Power! Zhao Feng internally rejoiced. He remembered that Chaos Origin Divine Power would normally need to reach the fourth level before it developed this effect.

Devouring was to absorb the energy of another so that one could strengthen one’s own Chaos Origin Divine Power, weakening one side while strengthening the other. One could easily see the advantage this would provide in battle.

Once my Chaos Origin Divine Power reaches the fourth level, I’m one hundred percent certain that I can reach Rank Nine.

Zhao Feng began to absorb Time energy. The surrounding Time energy was almost solid, and his Chaos Origin Divine Power that was at the peak of the third level could only absorb a little. This process also increased Zhao Feng’s understanding of Time Intent

Of course, Zhao Feng did not forget to gather resources as well.


The little thieving cat, however, was the primary gathering force. A strange membrane of light had appeared on its body, greatly improving its ability to resist Time Intent

“The Heaven’s Legacy Cat, truly divine. It seems capable of countering the abilities of other races….” Zhao Feng thoughtfully said.

In terms of speed, the little thieving cat was on par with Xin Wuheng.

Zhao Feng had also let out the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. The Destruction Dragon bloodline also had a certain level of resistance to Time energy.

In terms of manpower and speed, Zhao Feng’s side naturally had the advantage.

Fortunately for the Giant God Race group, Zhao Feng did not go too overboard. He specifically focused on taking resources that he did not already have. Treasures that he already owned like the Moonlight Sky Bamboo could be duplicated by his God’s Spiritual Eye, even if the cost was rather large. Thus, Zhao Feng wouldn’t try for any resources that he had even a little of, and the little thieving cat strictly followed this standard as well.

On the surface, it seemed like the Giant God Race had a much richer harvest

Xin Wuheng saw that Zhao Feng was being merciful and was grateful.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng and the Giant God Race finished their harvest. The Giant God Race had managed to gather an immense amount of resources.

“With this massive amount of resources, the chance that the Giant God Race can be revived has increased a little.” The Giant God Race members all felt happy and content

Zhao Feng calculated in his mind, as he was planning to use the vast amount of resources he had gathered to develop his own faction in the Ancient Dream Realm.

“Damn human and Giant God Race members, if not for this Locustmoth Mother’s attacks, you would have never succeeded!’ a furious voice came from the Ancestral Artifact fragment

Zhao Feng and the others were dumbstruck, but they could not deny it If they did, the fragment might use yet another Time Stop, and all of them would be powerless to resist


The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and began to gesture.

“Hmph! Heaven’s Legacy Race? I know of you, the crystallization of the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s intelligence, able to communicate with all things in the world….” The Ancestral Artifact fragment immediately recognized the little thieving cat’s background.


The little thieving cat continued to gesture, apparently suggesting something.

“What!?” the furious voice roared. “You want me to submit to your master!? How infuriating! I am a fragment of a majestic Ancestral Artifact! I don’t even pay much regard to God Lords, much less a mere Ancient God!”

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