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Killing a Rank Nine

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Outside the Spacetime Robe, the little thieving cat stood guard, never leaving its vicinity. It cared little for the worries of the two Ancient Gods.

“There’s no need for us to worry about Brother Zhao.” Xin Wuheng opened his eyes, emerging from his cultivation.

Without the limitation of not having resources, he was recovering more and more quickly the strength from his past life. A pulse of Law energy would occasionally rise from his body.

Four days passed in the outside world. Within the Spacetime Robe, more than a hundred days had passed.


The Spacetime Robe suddenly flashed, and then its wearer, a silver-haired youth, appeared, Spacetime ripples pulsing from his body.

“Zhao Feng!” The others swiftly turned their eyes to Zhao Feng.

The current Zhao Feng had an infinitely profound aura, as if he was a universe that could hold all things. His eyes glimmered with a dazzling silver glow, and staring into them made one feel as if time and space were in discord.

He was completely unfathomable. Any Divine Power or Divine Sense that got close to Zhao Feng would be devoured by the strange energy around him.

Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount glanced at each other, the shock on their faces plainly visible.

“Brother Zhao, congratulations on your enormous progress.” Only Xin Wuheng could somewhat gauge Zhao Feng’s power, and he had a rather complicated look in his eyes.

“Brother Zhao, did you break into Rank Nine?” Ancient God Sundermount couldn’t help but ask.

“Although I didn’t break through, there’s very little difference.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

In this round of cultivation, he had digested everything he gained and comprehended during his stay in the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, and his strength had soared.

What does that mean? Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount had no idea what he was saying.

Zhao Feng slowly raised a hand, and the Divine Power around his palm became covered in a dark silver and turbid glow. The moment this turbid Divine Power appeared, the Time energy in the surrounding area began to visibly and rapidly fade away.

“What dreadful Divine Power!” The three members of the Giant God Race, Xin Wuheng included, couldn’t help but tremble.

Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount even felt the Divine Power in their bodies becoming chaotic and unsettled. The strength of that Divine Power actually exceeded that of an average Rank Nine Ancient God!

Chaos Origin Divine Power that has fused Space Intent and Time Intent has already far surpassed the power of the original technique. This dimension’s Time Intent suppression has an extremely small effect on me now.

Zhao Feng put away the Divine Power and gave a satisfied smile.


Suddenly, Zhao Feng’s body vanished, leaving behind a Spacetime ripple.

What!? Xin Wuheng and the others were left wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

A moment later, a youth with dreamy silver air appeared several li behind them.

“Instant Movement!?”

“He was able to use Instant Movement while under this dimension’s extreme suppression!?”

The members of the Giant God Race were dumbstruck. Zhao Feng had given them too much of a shock. Not even him advancing into Rank Nine could have given them such a shock.

One had to realize, even half-step God Lords could not use Instant Movement in this dimension.

“Brother Zhao, congratulations on reaching a new level in Spacetime Intent,” Xin Wuheng happily said. He understood what this display from Zhao Feng meant.

My Space Intent has reached the first stage of Level Eight, my Time Intent is touching upon Leven Seven, and with the Spacetime Robe, I should essentially be without rival in this dimension, Zhao Feng said to himself.

The hundred-some days of cultivation and the transcendent power of the fourth level of Chaos Origin had given his strength a major boost.

Now, Zhao Feng’s understanding of Spacetime Intent had reached a bottleneck. Further comprehension of it would have no effect.

As for cultivation? Zhao Feng was only half a step from entering Rank Nine. As long as he was willing, he could absorb that sealed stream of energy and easily break through. He didn’t even need that sealed energy to break through, but doing so without it would require more time.

However, in order to build up more reserves, Zhao Feng decided to continue suppressing his cultivation.

“It’s been four days. The insects are still attacking? And the Ancient Soul Race is still so patient and is still watching?” Zhao Feng began to observe the situation.

He discovered that the Ancient Soul Race was extremely patient and apparently rather apprehensive.

The Locustmoth Mother’s attacks were gradually slowing down, and the spawning rate of the insects was dropping. Although those fat silver-black insects were supplying an endless stream of resources to the Moth Larvae Mother Hive, the mother insect was still consuming her soul energy.

“Heh, little insects, you’re going to lose again,” the Spacetime-infused voice rang out again, tinged with victory, but also with exhaustion.

After another two days, the Moth Larvae Mother Hive’s offensive gradually came to a halt as if it was resting.

However, the silver-black insects continued to bring in supplies. The Locustmoth Mother had apparently not completely given up yet.

But there was one thing that was certain; both sides were rather exhausted and needed to rest.

On the northern side of the fortress:

“The time is now. We can begin.” Yu Heng opened his eyes. At some point, his cultivation had reached the peak of Rank Nine.

Wonderful! The three half-step God Lords and the two other Ancient Gods rubbed their hands in excitement.

If one looked carefully, one would realize that the weakest of this group was a Rank Nine Ancient God. While the Giant God Race members were getting stronger in this mysterious dimension, so were their enemies.

“What do we do about the Giant God Race members?”

“Those scoundrels, they probably also want the Ancestral Artifact fragment, or else why would they dare to stick around?” The Ancient Soul Hall members seethed with killing intent.

“It truly is rather troublesome.” Yu Heng frowned and sternly said, “Let’s take care of them first At least kill Xin Wuheng to deal them a heavy blow and prevent them from affecting our plan.”

Their primary plan was to take the Ancestral Artifact fragment. If the Giant God Race members were not nearby, Yu Heng might not have decided to act against them, but since the Giant God Race members were nearby, they naturally had to be taken care of.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The party of six, all of them at or above Rank Nine, began to work around the ancient fortress toward the Giant God Race party.

On the eastern side of the ancient fortress:

“Ancient Soul Hall… they’re coming.” Zhao Feng had his hands behind his back, a calm expression on his face.

Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount both grimaced in shock.

In their clashes, it was mostly the Giant God Race that was on the back foot, and now, the three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall had joined together. Their side had nothing but elites, which made their strength even more difficult to estimate.

“Your meaning?” Xin Wuheng saw that Zhao Feng was unperturbed and asked.

“Let’s fight for the time being.” Zhao Feng sternly said, “There is one person in this group that I can’t see through.”

“Okay.” Xin Wuheng unexpectedly agreed without thinking.

Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount, on the other hand, had faces filled with worry. This was three half-step God Lords they were talking about Lord Wuheng, how could you participate with this madman in his madness? They did not understand why Zhao Feng believed he could challenge three half-step God Lords and still be so calm about it

“Don’t worry. Zhao Feng is primarily trying to probe them.”

When they received Xin Wuheng’s message, they calmed back down.

At this moment, several powerful auras approached from the distance.

“Hahaha… these Giant God Race bandits actually dare to fight us?”

“That’s as it should be! In terms of speed, our Ancient Soul Hall easily wins. Even running is no use.”

The three half-step God Lords – Jailsea, Ice Jade, and Destruction Flow – were leading the charge. Behind the trio were the two Rank Nine Ancient Gods, one of which was the array master Ancient God Mu Yu. In the very back was Yu Heng.

Yu Heng was tasked with bringing up the rear. His brow creased as he muttered, “When things go differently than expected, then something fishy is going on. According to the original plan, the members of the Giant God Race should have tried to avoid us.”

“He’s not coming forward.” Zhao Feng clearly saw Yu Heng in the very back with his God’s Spiritual Eye. The only person he couldn’t see through in the Ancient Soul Hall party was that mysterious youth.

“Kill!” The three half-step God Lords charged forward.

“Thousand Berg Ice Domain!” Ancient God Ice Jade exploded with dazzling and chilling light, her eyes half-closing as she waved her jade hands through the air.

As ice curled around her graceful body, one could faintly sense a ripple of an Ice Law. One second later, an area with a radius of one thousand li had been frozen solid by rivers of freezing ice!

Under the powerful time suppression of this place, one thousand li was an unimaginably far distance.

But it was still not over. The freezing of the land was only the prelude for this secret art.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The earth swayed as icebergs ten thousand feet tall rose from the earth, creating an iceberg domain.

“Oh no!” The Giant God Race members were surrounded by these freezing icebergs. These icebergs seemed to be linked to each, creating a strange array that exuded a freezing chill through the world.

Instantly, the three members of the Giant God Race felt their speed, bloodline, Divine Power, and all other types of strength being somewhat reduced. Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount were forced to activate their bloodlines and take the form of Giant Gods to prevent the chill from invading their bodies. Even then, their speed was only sixty to seventy percent of normal.

“Heh, these people are caught inside my Thousand Berg Ice Domain! They’re trapped beasts now!” Ancient God Ice Jade giggled. Such a wide and open area was perfect for this large-scale domain secret art.

Of the three half-step God Lords, she was the strongest, and her first action was to trap the Giant God Race members. She was responsible for surrounding and trapping, and then the other two half-step God Lords would attack.


The first to charge out from the Giant God Race side was Zhao Feng. He was wearing the Spacetime Robe and pulsed with Spacetime ripples as he charged at the three half-step God Lords.

“This brat really isn’t afraid of death!” Ancient God Jailsea scoffed. The other half-step God Lords also faintly smiled.

But they were quickly unable to smile.

“Eh! How fast!”

“What powerful Spacetime ripples! Even this dimension’s Time Intent can’t suppress him.”

Zhao Feng got even faster, and a few moments later, he had flown in between the three half-step God Lords and toward the two Rank Nine Ancient Gods behind them.

Go! Ancient God Jailsea waved his hand as he spiritually howled. A massive crocodile Soul Beast lunged at Zhao Feng.

“Hmph! No matter how fast you are, can you avoid a soul attack?” Ancient God Jailsea’s face was bursting with confidence.

Soul attacks could usually ignore physical constraints. Moreover, the Soul Beast was raised by the Ancient Soul Race, and it could pursue an enemy by following their soul.


The crocodile Soul Beast rushed through empty air, only striking a few Spacetime ripples. Zhao Feng had vanished.

The three half-step God Lords all paled, all of them calling out in alarm, “Watch out!”

But their warning had come too late.

“Ah…!” A scream came from one of the Rank Nine Ancient Gods in the rear.

A youth with dreamy silver hair had extended his hand, sending a twisted mass of dark silver and turbid Divine Power through his body.


The twisted Chaos Origin energy began to devour his body and soul, bit by bit

“Noooooo!” The Rank Nine Ancient God wanted to struggle, but all of the Divine Power in his body was in chaos and inexplicably fading away. His body and mind were all being slowed and pulled on by this invisible energy, depriving him of any ability to resist

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