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Chapter 1382: The Mysterious Fragment

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“The Locustmoth Race!?” Xin Wuheng’s face twisted.

The Locustmoth Race was the 10th ranked race among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races – a forbidden race that was the ancestor of all insect races of the Fan Universe. It was known as the Ancestor of All Insects!

In terms of fighting power, the Locustmoth Race could not compare to the 9th ranked Destruction Dragon Race, but in terms of sheer terror, it definitely exceeded the Destruction Dragon Race.

In a sea of insects, there was only one true member of the Locustmoth Race; the Locustmoth Mother. As the Ancestor of All Insects, this race gave birth to countless other insects. These descendants had extremely thin bloodlines, and though they could not compare to the true Locustmoth Race, they still had various strange abilities.

Some descendants were capable of devouring metal and easily overturning a complex of buildings. Others could swallow ice or fire, some were incredibly sturdy, others so tiny that they were almost invisible to the naked eye, and some of them could devour souls. These descendants were called “Moth Larvae,” and they formed the terrifying insect sea army.

There was definitely one member of the Locustmoth Race inside this sea of insects – the legendary Locustmoth Mother.


The uncountable Moth Larvae surged toward the Giant God Race members in vast waves. These small insects were all pitch-black, their shells were covered in bizarre patterns, and their mouths were round and circled with countless teeth. They seemed repulsive and dreadful.

“Let’s go! The Locustmoth Race shows extreme hostility to all other races!” Ancient God Resplendence immediately said.

There was a rumor in the Chixing Zone that a God Lord, when exploring some ruins, had unintentionally offended the Locustmoth Race. Afterward, a sea of insects had chased that God Lord for a thousand years before finally devouring them.

Everyone immediately prepared to retreat. Just as expected, when the sea of insects saw the group, it immediately began to exude enormous killing intent.

Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, a soul ripple pulsed out from the center of the insect sea. A moment later, the insect sea divided in two. One part continued forward while the other part chased after the Giant God Race team.

“Not good! We’ve caught their attention!” Ancient God Sundermount was flabbergasted.


The dense and dreadful sea of insects, seething with killing intent, charged at the Giant God Race team. “Annihilating Flower Palm!” Ancient God Resplendence thrust out a palm.


A palm of Wind energy sliced into the sea of insects but quickly vanished.

“An individual insect doesn’t have a very high level of cultivation, but when they’re joined together, they have the strange ability to decay and rot!” Zhao Feng had observed the scene just now through his left eye.

The majority of these insects ranged from Rank One to Rank Four, but they were able to block an attack from someone many ranks above their own, a Rank Nine Ancient God. This was because the insects had formidable defenses and small sizes, so each of them individually took less damage.

Ancient God Resplendence’s palm was shared between several million insects, causing it to be blocked. Even if there were losses, they would be insignificant for this insect sea.

The top ten ancient races really aren’t simple! Zhao Feng internally sighed.


At this moment, the little thieving cat emerged from the interspatial dimension and meowed at the insect sea. At this moment, its aura changed from a complicated mixture of energies to a single one.

If one sensed carefully, one would find that the bloodline energy exuded by the little thieving cat was extremely similar to the energy exuded by the insect sea.


The insect sea attacking the Giant God Race team instantly stopped in confusion. The part of the insect sea that was heading off into the distance also stopped. Not long afterward, a slightly larger insect with violet-gold patterns on its back emerged from the countless insects.

When this insect emerged, even the Giant God Race members felt their blood tremble as they sensed that immense and boundless pressure. It was as if this small mother insect was a vast and ancient mountain.

Zhao Feng also sensed a ripple from the Origin of his God’s Spiritual Eye, and he was rather astounded.

“The mother insect!” The Giant God Race members were all surprised.

Only this insect with violet-gold patterns was a true member of the Locustmoth Race. The rest of the insects were its descendants and slaves.


The little thieving cat began to communicate with the mother insect. The little thieving cat was explaining that they were not enemies and meant no harm. In addition, it asked why the mother insect was in such a hurry.

When the insect sea discovered Zhao Feng and the others, it should have attacked with the entire swarm, but it divided into two, with the mother insect leading one batch away. There had to be a reason for this.


The mother insect let out a sharp buzz. The insect sea that was pursuing Zhao Feng and the others immediately withdrew. Soon after, that dreadful insect sea flew away.

“This… Brother Cat, what did you do just now that made the insect sea stop attacking us?” Ancient God Sundermount had an amazed look on his face, and he was filled with admiration for the little thieving cat


The little thieving cat began to gesture, conveying that this insect sea was headed toward a major treasure ground of this dimension.

This explanation had everyone shocked. With the power of that insect sea, even two half-step God Lords would only be able to flee. And how could any sort of treasure ground that tempted this insect sea contain anything ordinary?

But those insects were clearly still rather hostile to them. If they followed, they might provoke the insect sea. Moreover, if they followed, they would essentially be competing for treasure with the insect sea, and making an enemy of this dreadful insect sea was an extremely irrational decision. Afterward, they would be endlessly pursued by it.


The little thieving cat began to gesture again. Its meaning was that this mother insect did not have a very high cultivation level. It was roughly around peak Rank Nine. With Xin Wuheng’s cultivation and the farsight ability of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye, they could follow the insect sea and still not be discovered. When the time came, they could act according to the situation.

After relaying this message, the little thieving cat messaged Zhao Feng, saying that if Zhao Feng didn’t go, he would regret it

“Then let’s go and take a look. If it’s too dangerous, we’ll just immediately retreat,” Zhao Feng suggested.

After some more discussion, the members of the Giant God Race agreed. They wanted to see for themselves what sort of treasure ground could attract such high regard from this vast army of Moth Larvae.


The group began to follow the insect sea’s trail. A few moments later, they spotted the insect sea once more. They all kept a set distance between them and the insect sea, so they remained undiscovered.

“The Time Intent suppression has suddenly gotten extremely strong!” Ancient God Sundermount suddenly said.

The others had also noticed this and nodded. This sudden change in environment confirmed that there was a secret up ahead.

Not long after…

“They’ve stopped,” Zhao Feng said.

At present, Zhao Feng could at most see the insect sea, but not what was in front of it

“Let’s shift positions. This way, we can be close to the treasure ground while still not being discovered by the insect sea,” Zhao Feng suggested to the group.

The group began to fly to the left while slowly creeping forward. It wasn’t long before a massive ruined building appeared before them.

This was an ancient gray fortress, covered in mysterious patterns. The timeworn fortress exuded Time Intent energy from every surface.

“That isn’t a building of the Heaven’s Legacy Race!” Everyone was taken aback.

Almost all the buildings they had seen previously belonged to the Heaven’s Legacy Race. This was the first intact building they had seen in this style, so they found it abnormally strange. However, now that they thought about it, they had encountered many ruins of buildings on their journey that weren’t in the style of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, and they were rather similar to this gray fortress.

“This ancient fortress might not be a Heaven’s Legacy Race building, but it’s still extremely unusual. It seems to be the building of another powerful race!” Xin Wuheng sternly said.

In the Ancient Era, many abnormal powerful races had developed their own cultures and building styles.

Upon taking another few steps forward, the group realized that there were countless resources around this gray fortress, and most of them were primarily Time Intent resources.

The resources growing on the gray fortress were rather valuable and extremely old. They had already spotted three stalks of Moonlight Sky Bamboo. Besides that, they had also spotted several more treasures on the same level as Moonlight Sky Bamboo.

“So many precious natural treasures!”

The eyes of Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount were practically shining with desire. The value of the resources here added together was far more than everything else they had obtained.

“Such a treasure ground can’t not be occupied already,” Zhao Feng sternly said.

In this dimension, any place with abundant Yuan Qi or resources would be occupied by extremely powerful Yao Gods. The master of that strange ancient fortress was definitely an existence that even the insect sea viewed with great apprehension.

When he thought of this, Zhao Feng became extremely curious to know what was inside. The others were equally curious.


The insect sea outside the damaged fortress suddenly began to drone, and then it surged into the fortress. Bzzzz!

At this moment, white ripples of light swept out from the fortress. Everything in the world instantly began to move extremely slowly. Even the attacks of the insect sea slowed.

Zhao Feng and the others could also sense an extremely powerful Time Intent

“Just who is emitting this Time energy?” Ancient God Resplendence grunted. He couldn’t even determine what level this Time Intent was.

“Around Level Nine!” Zhao Feng called out

Time Intent was one of the most difficult to cultivate of all Intents, but this Time Intent was at Level Nine!

At this moment, several white rays of light shot out from the ancient fortress.


One of the lights broke away from the rest. Everyone, including the innumerable insects, stared at this mysterious ball of light

Zhao Feng immediately used his God’s Spiritual Eye’s see-through ability to see what was inside the ball of light.

“That’s… a fragment?” Zhao Feng’s expression froze. He had thought it would be some powerful race or some ancient Yao God, but he had never expected it to be a fragment – a fragment of a mirror.

But this fragment put the entire insect sea on guard. Just where could this fragment have come from?

“Haha, you’ve come again! But this time, you will still go back empty-handed!” an elderly Spacetime-infused voice came from the fragment.


The insect sea let out a dreadful drone.

The insects instantly received the order of their mother and began to take up formation. In just a few short moments, they had taken the form of a round hive.

Buzz! Bzzz!

All the insects united their strength to resist the Time energy exuded by the fragment

The hive suddenly began to roll forward, moving two times faster than before, and it seemed like it was on the verge of reaching the gray fortress.

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