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Ancestral Artifact Fragment

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In front of the gray fortress, hundreds of millions of Moth Larvae soldiers had taken the shape of a pitch-black round hive. Kabooom!

With incredible density and unimaginable weight, this hive gathered up immense amounts of energy and began to charge at the Time energy produced by the mysterious fragment The insect sea ball, despite the vast sea of Time energy opposing it, actually managed to advance a little.

On the other side of the fortress, Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng were using their own methods to observe this scene, and they both couldn’t help but be shocked. Any insect in the insect sea army would be an ant before an Ancient God, exterminated in a single flick of the finger, but hundreds of millions of these Moth Larvae arranged in this strange formation could produce a terrifying power. This power might even be above a half-step God Lord.

“Still able to forcefully advance in the face of Level Nine Time Intent….” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh in wonder. If it were him or Xin Wuheng, they would have been incapable of opposing the Time energy produced by this fragment

“What’s the situation?” Ancient God Sundermount and Ancient God Resplendence had become somewhat impatient.

There was a vast number of precious resources around this crumbling fortress, particularly Time resources. If they were able to obtain all these resources, they would be able to nurture a large batch of experts for the Giant God Race. However, the two of them were restricted by their cultivation and did not dare to use their Divine Sense to observe, as they were worried that they would attract the notice of the Locustmoth Mother. Even Xin Wuheng, who was a peak Rank Nine, a God Lord in his past life, and possessed powerful Soul Intent, had to be careful while observing.

“What does Brother Zhao think?” Xin Wuheng sought Zhao Feng’s opinion.

The two of them were both observing the battle between the mysterious fragment and the Moth Larvae army, but Xin Wuheng had a feeling that Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could observe more than he could.

Ancient God Sundermount and Ancient God Resplendence also looked to Zhao Feng. Ever since they had entered the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, Zhao Feng had again and again put on a dazzling performance, winning their trust.

“I’m sure that, as long as we make any strange movements, we’ll alarm that mysterious fragment,” Zhao Feng slowly said.

His left eye had been observing the mysterious fragment this entire time.

Ever since his God’s Spiritual Eye had reached the Quasi God Eye level, it rarely encountered something it could not see through, but this fragment was extremely hard to judge.

“How did you reach that conclusion?” Xin Wuheng was shocked.

He had no desire to provoke the mysterious fragment Time energy was the energy of one of the most incomprehensible of laws. It was currently understood that there was basically no effective method to counter Time energy. On the contrary, all the energies in the world were suppressed by Time energy.

“This fragment is the pivot of this entire fortress. All the Time energy defending this ancient fortress is under its control,” Zhao Feng flatly said.

The three members of the Giant God Race all froze at these words.

Simply put, any strange movement on their part would cause them to be attacked by the Time energy. But there was a vast sea of precious resources around the ancient fortress, with even treasures like the Moonlight Sky Bamboo a common sight. It would be no exaggeration to say that, if they could gather up the resources of only one sector of this fortress, they would obtain ten times more than all they had gathered before.

“What do we do? If we don’t act now, the Ancient Soul Hall members will catch up….” Ancient God Sundermount and Ancient God Resplendence were all extremely unwilling.

As he gazed at Zhao Feng’s calm and handsome face, Xin Wuheng suddenly smiled. “Brother Zhao, you probably have a plan.”

The two had known each other for a very long time, so he had a deep understanding of Zhao Feng. If there was truly no opportunity, Zhao Feng would have retreated long ago and would not have continued to waste time.

“Only wait” Zhao Feng spat out two words and said no more.

He quietly noted to himself that success depended on whether or not the Locustmoth Race could live up to its reputation. Bzzzz!

In front of the fortress, the insect sea ball was beginning to swell as it began to push toward the mysterious fragment. From the situation, it appeared that the insect sea had the upper hand.

“Heh, little insects, you’ve gotten stronger once again, but it’s useless.” An ancient Spacetime-infused voice came from the ball of light

It barely finished speaking when…


An even more powerful surge of Time energy erupted from the fortress, circling around the fragment and causing the white light to soar into the heavens. A moment later, a ring of Time energy swept out over the surrounding several hundred li.

Wherever this ring of Time energy passed, the world would fall silent as if all objects and beings had been frozen.


Zhao Feng and the three members of the Giant God Race also felt this wave of undefiable power. A few aftershocks from the battle had reached them.

Suddenly, the four of them felt the blood in their bodies and even their thoughts freeze for a moment. The wind froze, as did their breathing and their hearts.

Time Stop? This was the only thought on Zhao Feng’s mind.

A Time Law? Just where did that fragment come from…? Xin Wuheng was also mentally stunned.

In his past life, he had reached the God Lord level and comprehended a Law, so he naturally knew how terrifying they were. And among the Laws, the Time Laws reigned supreme! At this moment, this small fragment was able to use the forbidden energy of the Time Law – Time Stop!

If time itself came to a stop, one would not be able to do anything, no matter how wondrous their techniques were.

Bang! Crack!

Countless cracks suddenly appeared on the dense and orderly insect sea ball. A few moments later, countless insect shells dropped to the ground, creating a miserable sea of insect corpses numbering in the millions.

Upon seeing this sight, both Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng trembled. At this point, all of them had experienced the callous and tyrannical power of Time.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Millions of dead insects were falling to the ground at every moment, thickly carpeting the ground.

Chirp! Keee!

A sharp chirp came from the center of the insect sea ball, cold and resentful.

“That’s the Locustmoth Mother!” Xin Wuheng called out

Zhao Feng chuckled. “The mother insect is about the counterattack.”

Suddenly, black-gray fog began to rise from the surface of the insect sea ball. This fog was astounding, as the Time energy actually caused it to explosively expand.

One hundred feet… one thousand feet… ten thousand feet… one hundred thousand feet!

Ten seconds later, a heaven-supporting hive had appeared in the middle of the black-gray fog. As this enormous hive took shape within the fading fog, it exuded a boundless ancient aura.

When Zhao Feng and the Giant God Race members saw this hive, they all mentally trembled, and they inexplicably wanted to get down on their knees and worship it. It was as if this massive hive that seemed to hold up the heavens was the source of everything.

“Mm?” Zhao Feng discovered that the Origin energy in his God’s Spiritual Eye once more rippled as it sensed this energy. Hwoooo!

A black wind emerged from the massive hive and began to sweep the nearly one hundred million insect corpses back into the hive. The insides of the hive then began to shift and wriggle.

“Collecting for reuse?” Zhao Feng had a strange expression on his face.

Xin Wuheng couldn’t help but sigh. “As expected of the mythical 10th ranked ancient race. It’s even capable of fighting back somewhat against the Time Laws.”

At this moment, the light around the fragment began to dim. Just now, in using the forbidden power of Time Stop for around ten seconds, it consumed an immense amount of energy.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye noticed that the Time energy guarding the fortress apparently also slightly dimmed.

“Your plan is…?” Xin Wuheng suddenly seemed to understand.

Zhao Feng was probably planning to use the Moth Larvae army to exhaust the fragment, which was the same as weakening the Time energy protecting the entirety of the ancient fortress. The Time Stop in particular was extremely taxing on the shard.

At this moment, tens of thousands of holes appeared in the massive hive, and they could vaguely make out a viscous liquid within them.

Bzzz! Bzzz!

Silver-white insects, their bodies half-transparent, appeared. They opened their wings, which shone with a faint luster.

“Eh!?” Zhao Feng was rather surprised. He could sense faint ripples of Time energy from these insects.

Thwish! Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!

These millions of Time Insects gathered into a sea of light and charged at the fortress.

This time, the Locustmoth Mother’s target was seemingly no longer the mysterious fragment

And it was still not over; the holes in the massive hive sent out countless armored insects with sharp limbs.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

These armored insects burrowed into the ground, dividing into ten-some groups that attacked the fortress from underground.

“The mother insect has changed strategies.”

Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng exchanged glances.

The Locustmoth Mother apparently knew that the mysterious fragment was difficult to deal with, so it changed its target to the fortress. The ancient fortress was massive, offering many places to attack.

“Crafty bug, your Moth Larvae Mother Hive is actually able to produce a new kind of insect that is resistant to Time energy?” The mysterious fragment finally showed some reaction.

In the sky, those glowing insects, pulsing with Time energy, divided into several seas of light and began to attack the fortress. Meanwhile, the armored insects used their formidable defense and burrowing skills to attack from underground.

They shared the same target of the ancient fortress. The mysterious fragment would expend even more power in order to maintain the defensive system of the ancient fortress.

As for what followed, there was a long and exhausting battle. Above and below the ground, insects were constantly being turned into corpses, but that enormous hive would quickly produce more insects to provide an endless stream of reinforcements.

Both sides snapped at each other, neither willing to admit defeat Two days later:

“It’s about time. We can move out.”

Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng glanced at each other and nodded.

At this moment, more than half of the mysterious fragment’s strength was taken up with restraining the Moth Larvae army. Now was the perfect time to make some profit.

At the same time, several powerful energies appeared elsewhere near the ancient fortress.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Several figures stood there, staring at the distant fortress and that enormous hive that loomed over it This grandiose battle made all of them tremble in shock.

“That hive is…!” Ancient God Destruction Flow’s face was stricken with shock.

“A Moth Larvae Mother Hive.” Only Yu Heng remained indifferent and calm. “From the scale, the mother insect is at least peak Rank Nine.”

The three half-step God Lords and Yu Heng used their Divine Senses to observe. They all observed the mysterious fragment in the ball of light.

“What’s that?” Ancient God Jailsea and Ancient God Ice Jade were both rather interested.

“Ancestral Artifact fragment!” For the first time, the unperturbed Yu Heng showed a hint of agitation and excitement

Ancestral Artifact fragment? The three half-step God Lords were all dumbfounded. They had apparently heard the legends regarding this object

“Starting now, our primary objective is the Ancestral Artifact fragment,” Yu Heng firmly declared.

“Then, the Ancient God Seal…?” Ancient God Jailsea weakly said.

“If we can obtain this Ancestral Artifact fragment containing Time energy, we can easily set aside the Ancient God Seal for the time being.”

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