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Locustmoth Race

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The two half-step God Lords had extremely unsightly expressions at this time. They never would’ve expected that all the members of the Giant God Race would experience such a significant leap in cultivation. There were also other reasons, like the Sensory Tower and Ancient God Ice Jade being injured.

At this moment, even though the two half-step God Lords were working together, they were still being held down by the Giant God Race team. If this continued, Ancient Soul Hall would be the one that was defeated.

Suddenly, however, the two half-step God Lords simultaneously received a message; “We’re coming.”

The sender was none other than Yu Heng.

Although Yu Heng was only a Rank Nine Ancient God, he had created a mysterious and unfathomable impression in the minds of the Ancient Soul Hall members. The cultivation, talent, and methods Yu Heng had attained at his young age made it almost a certainty that he would become a God Lord in the future. For this reason, all the members of Ancient Soul Hall treated Yu Heng with great caution.

Ancient God Ice Jade and Ancient God Jailsea showed no change in expression upon hearing this news.

Yu Heng’s team could be said to be the strongest of the three teams. Once Yu Heng and Ancient God Destruction Flow arrived, not even Xin Wuheng borrowing God Lord power would be able to do anything against the power of three half-step God Lords.

But what the two of them did not know was that Zhao Feng and the Giant God Race members were already aware of the situation. They even knew just how far away Yu Heng’s team was.

“Flee immediately, or else we’ll all be captured,” Zhao Feng messaged.

However, successfully escaping was not so simple. Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng began to discuss their plans.

“Okay! I’ll push them back momentarily!” Xin Wuheng firmly declared.


He began to exert the full power of his bloodline energy, and his massive body began to exude a dazzling white light, making it appear supreme and divine. Immense worldly energy began to gather around him, accompanied with a domineering aura.

“Not good! Xin Wuheng is fully activating his bloodline! He must be prepared to use some forbidden secret art!” Ancient God Jailsea immediately became wary.

“Relax. No matter what he does, when Yu Heng and Ancient God Destruction Flow arrive, everything will be over!” Though this was what Ancient God Ice Jade said, she still warily retreated a certain distance.

“Giant God Heavenfall Palm!” Xin Wuheng loudly called out as he gathered up all the energy over his head.

Gradually, a massive hand appeared in the sky, blocking out the light and casting the world into shadow.

“So strong…” Ancient God Jailsea immediately felt an enormous weight.

If he was struck by this palm, he would be heavily injured once more, and his foundation would also be severely damaged. Brrrooom!

The massive crystalline white palm plunged down from high in the sky. Furious storms erupted as a dreadful pressure appeared beneath the palm.

The moment this palm began to descend, the Giant God Race group and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon began to retreat.

“Retreat for now. They’re doomed anyway!” Ancient God Ice Jade immediately messaged.

The two of them retreated some distance.

At this moment, the massive white crystal palm crashed down.


The earth instantly shattered as frightening high-level energy exploded in every direction.

Meanwhile, at the top floor of the Sensory Tower, a square hole appeared.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat immediately shot out The entire team began to flee the area.

“Not good! They’re running!” Ancient God Ice Jade called out in alarm.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Jailsea was dumbstruck.

Logically speaking, since the Giant God Race had the advantage, they shouldn’t have suddenly decided to retreat “After them!” Ancient God Ice Jade called out

The two of them were half-step God Lords, so when it came to speed, they were much faster than members of the Giant God Race.

At this moment, Ancient God Destruction Flow and Yu Heng arrived on the scene.

“They actually ran?” Ancient God Destruction Flow had a chilly face as he prepared to pursue.

Suddenly, Yu Heng’s face turned grave, and he roared, “Don’t pursue! Retreat!”

Yu Heng seemed rather agitated. This was the first time the members of Ancient Soul Hall had seen Yu Heng show such emotion.

“This…” Ancient God Jailsea didn’t know what to do.

Although Xin Wuheng’s team had escaped, he would definitely be able to catch up. This was an excellent opportunity to make up for his mistakes, but now, Yu Heng was telling them to not pursue?

Although they didn’t know why, they suddenly felt an extreme danger. At the same time, they also did not want to defy Yu Heng’s orders.

Thwish! Thwish!

Ancient God Ice Jade and Ancient God Jailsea immediately began to fly toward Yu Heng’s location.

As they retreated, the Sensory Tower suddenly began to thrum with extremely powerful ripples of energy.

“Oh no!” The two of them grimaced, the sense of danger intensifying, and they began to fly even faster.


The Sensory Tower exploded, vanishing in boundless destructive and divine light. This forbidden energy was capable of even turning a Rank Nine Ancient God into ash.

The area where the Sensory Tower once stood was now a massive crater.


Ancient God Ice Jade had started her escape a little later, so she was struck by some of the aftershocks and vomited blood midair.

“So, that’s why…” Ancient God Jailsea’s heart thumped in fear.

If not for Yu Heng’s prompt warning, the two of them would have been thoroughly slain.

At this moment, Ancient God Mu Yu returned, an embarrassed look on his face. A moment ago, he was forced to flee by the assault of two members of the Giant God Race.

“As expected of the Heaven’s Legacy Cat….” Yu Heng softly said.

The more important buildings of the Heaven’s Legacy Race would all have self-destruction sequences. This was to prevent secret information and intelligence from falling into enemy hands.

Yu Heng led his team of three up to Ancient God Ice Jade and Ancient God Jailsea and then yelled, “Let’s go!”

“But, their trail…” Ancient God Jailsea was hesitant.

Xin Wuheng’s obstruction and the self-destruction of the Sensory Tower had allowed Zhao Feng and the others to escape the range of the crystal ball.

“Since I’ve already seen them, I can roughly estimate their trail,” Yu Heng indifferently said.

These words caused everyone to relax.

And now, all three teams had gathered! Three half-step God Lords, two Rank Nine Ancient Gods in Ancient God Mu Yu and Yu Heng, and one peak Rank Eight

If they found Xin Wuheng’s team again, would they still be able to escape? Even Ancient God Jailsea, who had failed twice already, would still say that this was impossible.

“Ancient God Jailsea, you’ve lost again!” Ancient God Destruction Flow couldn’t help but jeer.

In this situation, Ancient God Jailsea could only brush it off.


The Ancient Soul Hall members began to move according to Yu Heng’s orders.

“Tell me what happened during the battle,” Yu Heng indifferently said.

His projection was destroyed back there, so he had no idea how the battle went.

“It’s like this….” Ancient God Jailsea began to explain.

After leaving the Sensory Tower, Zhao Feng’s party began to rapidly escape.

“Brother Cat, you truly are formidable!” Ancient God Sundermount heartily laughed.

“I just wonder if the members of Ancient Soul Hall were killed in the explosion.” Ancient God Resplendence chuckled. Even they found it difficult to determine if this was the case.

“Even if we killed one or two of them, they still won’t let us go. The urgent task at hand is to get away from this place as quickly as possible,” Zhao Feng suggested. The Ancient Soul Hall members had a tool that could sense their location, so it would be hard to escape.

After flying for three days in a row, they finally began to slow down. On a certain day, the group decided to head underground to take a break.

As they recovered from their injuries and exhaustion, they chatted.

“What should we do next?” Ancient God Sundermount asked.

“Let’s look for Ancient God Cheng Yun and see where he is now. If we can, we’ll take him with us. Perhaps we can find a way to expel that Thought Body from his mind,” Xin Wuheng said after some thinking.

Ancient God Cheng Yun was still a member of the Giant God Race, and his strength was not to be underestimated. If they could bring him back, a God Lord expert might be able to restore Ancient God Cheng Yun’s mind.

This idea immediately gained the approval of the others.

Xin Wuheng took out a message token, sent a message, and then sensed the direction the message had gone.

“This way!”

The group altered their course and continued on their journey.

After traveling for some distance:

“The number of Heaven’s Legacy Race buildings is decreasing,” Ancient God Resplendence suddenly said.

The others had also noticed this.

“The Time Intent suppression has increased,” Zhao Feng immediately said.

The Time Intent suppression increased very steadily and gradually, so an ordinary person would find it very difficult to notice. Zhao Feng had the highest level of Time Intent in the group at Level Six, so he was the first to realize.

“That’s true!” Ancient God Sundermount was slightly alarmed.

The Time Intent suppression truly was stronger here than it was around the Sensory Tower.

After traveling farther, the group rarely saw any more Heaven’s Legacy Race buildings. The most they saw were some ruins. Suddenly, they spotted a hazy white light coming from one of the ruins up ahead, pulsing with strange ripples.

“Eh? That is…?”

They couldn’t help but approach. The closer they got, the stronger the Time Intent suppression was.

It was only when they were extremely close to that hazy white light that they finally saw what it was. It was a massive gray- white stone slab, upon which a word in a language that no one recognized had been written. This word flashed with hazy white light and pulsed with Time Intent.

“Just a single word possesses such powerful Time Intent!?” Ancient God Resplendence was shocked.

From this stone slab and the other damaged objects around it, they could conclude that this wasn’t a Heaven’s Legacy Race building.

Xin Wuheng took this stone slab into his interspatial dimension, and the group continued on its way.

After traveling a little longer, the ground suddenly became desolate and barren, with barely even a blade of grass to be seen. The Time Intent suppression was also continuing to get stronger.

“What’s going on? I can still sense vitality up ahead, so why is this place so barren?” Ancient God Sundermount curiously asked.


At this moment, everyone heard a soft and rapid sound in the distance. Everyone warily turned to look.

A few moments later, a massive black fog began to rush over, and that numbing sound became even clearer.

“No, that’s not a black fog….” Zhao Feng’s face suddenly froze in shock.

This was no black fog, but a cloud of black insects with the same appearance. Each insect was about the size of an infant’s fist, and they were so densely packed that they numbered in the hundreds of millions. Wherever they passed, they would drain the area of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and vitality.

“What? Insects!?” The Giant God Race members were alarmed.

As the black “fog” approached, everyone finally got a clear view.

“So many!” Zhao Feng was shocked once more.

This was an uncountable number of insects – a sea of insects. Almost all the insects had reached the True God level.

True Gods were essentially ants in the eyes of Ancient Gods, but when there were enough ants, even an elephant could be toppled.

“Could this be the race ranked 10th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races…?” Ancient God Sundermount’s face went slack.

“The Locustmoth Race!?” Xin Wuheng’s face twisted.

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