My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1985

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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1985

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AI Xiaoman, standing quietly beside Shen Jimo, takes a step forward. She looked at Yin Susu and smiled shyly: "Hello, Susu. My name is AI Xiaoman. We will be classmates and roommates in the future. I'm not a native. I'm longing for and like this city very much, but I'm not familiar with it at all. In the future, there may be a lot of trouble for you. "

"Hello, classmate AI!" Maybe because of Shen Jimo, Yin Susu instinctively rejected the girl named AI Xiaoman.

AI Xiaoman was very warm to her, and Yin Susu could not ignore others. He politely said, "we are in the same department in the same school, and there are many opportunities to meet in the future. Today, let's not talk about anything else. Wang Qiming and I will take you to the dormitory first." Shen Jimo asked Wang Qiming to contract the luggage of the two girls with him and let the two girls settle down first.

AI Xiaoman followed him closely: "Jimo brother, these bags are not light, you let me carry some, don't be tired."

Later, Wang Qiming was dissatisfied and said, "with such a little luggage, he is a big man and will not die tired."

AI Xiaoman retorted in a low voice: "I know more about my luggage than you do. Besides, even if it's not heavy, can't I care about Jimo? "

Wang Qiming added, "care should come from the heart, not from the mouth."

AI Xiaoman's nose and hair are sour because of Wang Qiming's words. His tears are twinkling in his eyes.

Shen Jimo sees the situation and stares at Wang Qiming coldly: "Wang Qiming, no one thinks you are mute if you don't speak."

Wang Qiming shut up.

Yin Susu, who is several steps behind them, looks at the picture just now. Shen Jimo protects AI Xiaoman everywhere. It seems that he is a good man, but he is already famous for his grass.

Yin Susu looks away, takes a deep breath quietly, slows down again and opens the distance with them.

Some people, do not belong to their own, should not have ideas about him.

She shook her head, trying to shake something out of her mind that shouldn't be there.

But before she shakes off, she suddenly bumps into a "meat wall". The fresh smell of the meat wall penetrates into her nose.

She looked up and saw that Shen Jimo, who had just come far ahead of her, stood in front of her like a mountain.

Yin Susu was so surprised that he didn't know what to say. He stared at him stupidly. He took a small piece of luggage in her hand and said, "let me help you."

Not only does a man look good, have a good figure, have a good academic record, but also has a pleasant voice. Such a man is attractive. What's more, he looks at her with such gentle eyes at this moment.

Once again, the heart in Yin Susu's chest was like a deer bumping into each other. It was like jumping out of her throat. It was not controlled by her at all.

Damn it!

What kind of man she didn't see? How could she be fascinated by the man she just met.

"Both of them are far away. Let's go, too." Shen Jimo's voice rings again on Yin Susu's head. She just slows down and follows him with a stiff step.

Shen Jimo is willing to slow down and cooperate with Yin Susu: "in fact, I already know you, Su Su classmate."

"Ah?" Yin Susu looked up at him, not sure he would know her. "How do you know me?"

"It's hard to know you in our school." Shen Jimo has a head higher than her. At this time, he looks down at her slightly, and his lips are slightly raised. "I often hear people talk about you."

"Is it?" The man's eyes seemed to have electric current. When he saw it, Yin Susu felt numb all over. She had to quickly avoid his eyes and avoid looking at him.

"Why don't you ask who I often hear of you?"

"Who is it?"

"Chang Yu Feng, Chang professor."

"It's uncle Chang. He has a good relationship with our family. I am like his child. Everyone thinks their children are the best, so don't believe all the words he praises me. "

The Chang family and Yin family are close friends. They have a good relationship. Professor Chang Yufeng and Yin Susu's father grew up together and went to school together. They are real iron brothers.

Yin Susu is Chang Yufeng's child. This time, old man Yin insisted that Yin Susu come to this university to study. It has something to do with Chang Yufeng.

Because Chang Yufeng always said that Yin Susu, such an excellent talent, can't be robbed by other schools.

Shen Jimo said, "you are so sure that he will praise you?"

The pride in his bones made Yin Susu immediately retort: "if he doesn't praise me for my excellence, what else can he tell you about me?"

"Is it?"

"Isn't it?"

"Yes, you are excellent, so he praises you in front of me every day with different patterns."

"Why does he always praise me in front of you?"

"Because I'll tell you why later. " Shen Jimo deliberately left half of his words, which caused Yin Susu a big white eye, "a man from a family, who only said half of his words, is not a gentleman."

"It's not good for girls to roll their eyes."

"How can a boy say that a girl is not good-looking?"

"Hahaha..." Shen Jimo suddenly burst out laughing. Yin Susu didn't understand what he said that made him laugh.

At that time, Shen Jimo was so sunny and warm that he could see his smile and hear his laughter at any time.

Yin Susu has forgotten when it started. It has become a luxury to listen to Shen Jimo, let alone to see his smile.

It should be from that incident. After that incident, she never saw his smile again, even the fake smile against her heart.

Thinking about it, Yin Susu felt that her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. In a short time, she leaned on the seat and went to sleep.

She didn't have a good rest for a few days. She was really tired. She closed her eyes and went to see Duke Zhou soon. Naturally, she couldn't see Shen Jimo's complicated and profound eyes on her.

She would not know that Shen Jimo moved quietly to her side, so that her head could lean on his shoulder.

Yin Susu's head leaned on his shoulder. He closed his eyes lightly. When his eyes could not see, he felt more sensitive. He could smell the peculiar perfume on her body and feel her steady breathing.

This woman, when sleeping, looks so lovely and simple, but the heart is so hypocritical that he never wants to hear a truth from her mouth.

Yes, she is a hypocritical and hateful woman!

What is more hateful is that he clearly knows what kind of person she is, but still can't let go.

It's like

Thinking of some past events, Shen Jimo felt that his heart was hurting too much to breathe. He held his fist tightly, and it took him a while to slow down. He pressed the barrier and told the driver in front: "go to the old place."

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